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List of Pokemon not to be used in ranked battle


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I would like the users who do ranked battle to give us an input of which Pokemon should not be in used in a ranked battle. I will start with the basic list you keep suggesting the others such as moves and the Pokemon and please explain why they should not be used in ranked battle. Example; Pokemon X shouldn't be used in ranked battle because Items Y are missing to counter it. This is due to complaint from users where staff is using certain legends and where users are overusing broken Pokemon due to lack of essential items and abilities. Please note that the tier system was bought up already as well as missing abilities and items. I personally believe it's about time to make ranked battle system more fair for all users. We are well aware that it is well of balance but those issues about missing items, abilities and moves were already brought up. Will there be an update regarding this from our developer is something I can't say for sure due to his schedule.



Banned Pokemon:


Spawned Megas

Unobtainable Pokemon



















Speed Boost Blaziken

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As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be.

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I'd suggest any Pokes with regenerator ability,

the reason simply because lack of item such lifeorb, choice band, and choice specs, not enough fire power to take them down with 1 or 2 hit



most notable regenerator combo Slowbro + Blissey because they cover each other, if your team doesn't have any physical dark type who can buff up pretty sure the game will be very slow and can be last over an hour.

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193268 actually its kinda hard to counter a lot of pokemons because the lack of orbs, and choise items...

Can you please name some? Thanks

As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be.

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probably not in the game yet but for the future....

Soul Dew item because it's just flat broken.

For abilities maybe shadow tag (Maybe)

For Pokemon Shaymin Sky mainly because 60% crit chance air slash due to its ability and there are few ways to kill because of its super high speed


that's what I can think of at the top of my head...

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I'm going to have to go for Sableye.

Its main threat is Fairies, especially Clefable with Magic Guard.

WIth magic guard not working, switching in Clefable is a hard choice becuase it will still be inflicted by will o wisp or confuse ray.

Another good counter for Sableye is Magic Bounce. However, magic bounce is also not working.

For teams without offensive fire types, sableye remains a huge threat with those two ability not coded

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is difficult to say exactly one specific poke, the real problem is by the lack of itens like lifeorb, choice band, and choice specs, most of players make stall teams, since itens are missing and moves like substitute, encore, but if I have to say a example:


tangrowth/amongus + slowking the common regenerator combo.


blissey + snorlax(curselax): (if your fight poke is dead will be really difficult to kill they).


arcanaine (tanknaine): since most of the offensives spatk pokes need itens to be strong (I know that have good ones but I'm talking in %) most of players use ofensive atk pokes, this make arcanaine really powerful, I know that have healbell/aromateraphy but the most commons users are tanks, and this go back to the begin of stall teams.


garchomp/dragonite: i dont know if outrage is stilll bugged, however if still bugged this 2 will be really broken.


Alomomola: If someone already have this little devil, even if not epic, who knows this poke will understand me (even without protect).


I will edit more if when I remeber more right now I'm a little tired =/

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