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  1. Re: New Boss! <t>Lord of Dankest</t>
  2. this post full of joker :Smile: :Smile:
  3. never got any problem with crawdaunt, not hard to counter if your team cant counter doesnt mean its OP ^^
  4. STILL LOOKING, the artist abandoned the job PM ME IF U INTEREST
  5. there is no such thing as imposible
  6. as i mentioned on teh subject :thanks:
  7. PM me in game or link the starmie pic here so i can see it
  8. futz

    Ban Crawdaunt

    can't agree more :y: :y:
  9. u can easily finish 1 region in 8 hours, there is nothing to complain
  10. [glow=silver]LOOKING FOR THESE POKEMON, PM ME YOUR POKEMON PICTURE AND INSTA PRICE[/glow] I Accept Any Level :y: [Mold Breaker] Jolly [Defiant] Adamant [Natural Cure] Bold / Timid [Marvel Scale] Adamant / Modest / Mild / Rash [Any Ability] Timid / Adamant [Rough Skin] Jolly / Impish / Carefull
  11. Re: Futz's Corner Store (BICK UPDATE) <t>HIGH QUALITY STUFF</t>
  12. Re: Doax NPC hates me.. <r><QUOTE author="BashFick" post_id="459293" time="1509022369" user_id="574393"><s> </e></QUOTE> Thats how it works sometimes ._. Its realy frustrating. Its like everyone knows there is someone who needs help but noone want to help. Thats how it looks for me, maybe they try to work on it in background, who knowes <EMOJI seq="1f937">:shrug:</EMOJI> <e> </e></QUOTE> i have no idea,, still nothing from staff</r>
  13. Re: Doax NPC hates me.. <t>its almost 3 weeks, and still not solve yet...</t>
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