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  1. Re: Articuno's Gift (Wings Of Destiny & Fate Giveaway) <r><QUOTE author="Allira"><s> </e></QUOTE> Of course im gonna participate! After my break in PRO WoD collected all my missed and beloved old guild members and u gave them a new home! Thx for this!<br/> And even more u guys accepted me to be part of this aweseome community after i found my way back! :)<br/> So i had the luck to find all the old faces collected in one place and u guys made me feel welcome very fast! <E>:Heart:</E> <br/> <br/> Even when there is a battlesome Kitty around!<br/> Jk <E>:Angel:</E> <br/> <br/> On Discord there is always someone there to talk and chat to and u guys have so many Events etc, its what i really like about WoD. ;)<br/> I really dont need a gift or smth but since its part of your event and i just wanna know at least what i will find behind this hidden door, heres my number:<br/> <br/> 33<br/> <br/> (who would have know huehue) xd<br/> <br/> Oh yeah and one more thing to add:<br/> <br/> I want more Pokeeeemooooooooonnnnnnnsssssssssssss *flipsthetable*<br/> <br/> <E>:Shy:</E></r>
  2. More competitive u mean. :Cool: What i would like since u reduce one of the many random factors in Pokemon battles. I would totally like to see a TeamPreview cause u can build a strategy and dont have to play Whirlwind/Roar-Stall Comp to scout the team. xd But i understand that ppl gonna miss the suprise-effect and that this is a difference to Pokemon BattleSpot or Showdown.
  3. Woaw there are still ppl starting on Blue? O_o Welcome to best server! :Heart:
  4. If i had to guess: This! xd
  5. It's the order in which things happened is screwed up. And it is not supposed to take Iron Barbs damage is what I was getting at mostly. Idk I just felt like 2 videos would better support my claim xD. ah i thought you were implying that the hjk was bugged too Yes, if HJK fails cause of random miss (90%acc) or it fails cause the opponent uses Protect/Detect, u eat the damage of missing the kick for 50% of your HP. But u wont get iron barb/rought skin/flare blitz etc recoil damage. This is bugged.^^ Not that big of a deal, but easily abusable if u keep using protect every 2nd turn on a poke which has rough skin/iron barbs. So u get damage of for free. Well its a known issue. Maybe its not that high on the list. In worst case its not codeable. xd So in PRO these moves arent as favorable as in Showdown etc. I wouldnt go for VoltTurn-Core cause u would need to predict your opponents switch to get an advantage.^^ Letz hope they`ll find time to fix this. ;)
  6. i guess i m at the kindergarden , first of all for some reason you guys tent to give importance on what you shouldnt , aside that you just speak about the opinions of a whole community like you are god or something know everything , i m suggesting to devs not plebs and i just state what i see as i saw them , aside from all matters i ll just mute every kid i cross with because its litterly pointless to reply to every god exist in this comminity. as i told to your friend , grow up Chill^^ Its ok to give your opinion and help to make the game better. U also suggested smth to make the game feel less "lame" as u stated. But u have to accept that not everyone agrees with your suggestions as u might have noticed. I wont go to deep in this cause we are getting a bit off topic. I agree that they have to fix/add some stuff, but as others already mentioned this takes some time cause of manpower/fanmade game in their free time. What u mostly dislike is that u get banned for using banned moves/abilites/pokes. But u have to read the rules before playing PvP. I mean...u dont have to but if u gain a temporary ban u have to deal with it and read it afterwards or in your "banned" time. Its necessary to ban ppl abusing stuff to keep the PvP, "as lame as it is" in your opinion, as healthy as possible. ;) Its much more faster to ban moves than to fix them. Cause to fix them u have to find the issue. And for most coding stuff just Shane has access to the code. So it might take some time until it gets fixed. So just banning the move is fast and healthy. And i personally dont like the idea to change moves/abilities like giving a sleep-move 30% acc instead of 70% like it should be in the originals. Thats like adding non-existing invented pokemons in my opinion. Just to add: I dont wanna attack u, im just discussing. ;) Im not doing that much PvP atm but the biggest problem is the ladder-system/matchmaking. In Pokemon u can easily beat a better player just by unvaforite Team-building for this specific match + hex. And stall or stall-heavier teams help u out if you are trying to stay in the Top 25. U playing around the "luck-factor".^^ Cause if u at 500 points and get matched with a 0 ladder player (which doesnt mean that this player is bad) u lose like 30-40 points. And by winning in another match vs a like 0 points player u get 3 or 4 points. Thats not motivating to play with a aggressive team-comp. Also we dont have the possibility for team-preview and with stall and more whirlwinds/Roars or switches in general u have the opportunity to scout without losing a pokemon. Thats why and i totally understand this, players tend to run stall. Change the ladder-system and u change the meta.;) But Shane already did good work as i noticed in last weeks and added a few abilities/moves and a Life-Orb. I dont know how that affected the Meta. I heard its still stall-heavy.
  7. Im not sure how many hours u need but yeah u definitly need more hours of play-time. Sry^^
  8. Quoting to notice. Try now. It didnt work for me aswell so i accepted the quest earlier today. After your fix i can interact with the trees at least but now this happens:
  9. It depends. In most cases MS-Pokes are very rare, sometimes they are less rare.;) Your Shinx on Route 1 for example is a very rare poke. In my opinion this means u find one in 1-2h hunting.
  10. What a great guide, i have looked for such a guide since i started PvP. Good job and tyvm! :Heart:
  11. Yop sucks, i agree.^^ This can happen at any time, sometimes fights take like 30mins and u can misclick or forget that a poke is sleeping. I would never forfeit the battle tho and still fight to an end. He has every right to report me and thats ok. Its as u said part of human being. Since u arent abusing it i think the worst scenario which could happen is that u get a warning. But if u keep forgetting it or keep misclicking it its also ok if u get a bigger punishment tho. :y: So u learn it the hard way. xd Me on my part would love to see moves/items/abilities/tms added before any other new content appears. (like mounts, new region etc.) Problem here is, that PRO-staff just has stricted access to the code. And all the mappers, mount-makers ( xd, what a name invention! :Heart: ) scripters arent able to code/fix battle/item-related issues (if i understand it right during my time here in PRO), so we can just hope Shane gets some more time for stuff like this in the new year after xmas-Event. ;) And same goes for smth like "dont sleep x-poke if x-poke is already asleep". Which also would be PvP-specific, i dont even know if thats a rule in Pokemon Online battle, i just know about showdown or official tournaments (cause smogon rule, good rule tho, dont get me wrong).
  12. And here it begins! xd Just relax and enjoy the content, which is already available. ;) Sinnoh will be added for sure, when does no one know.
  13. Coop33

    1st time team

    Breloom - Spore must have (for facade), the rest is ok, u dont need rock tomb essentially, u could consider mach punch too. But without technician maybe not that good. Furthermore Breloom is pretty slow in comparison to other sweepers, so a jolly nature might be favorable in case u stay with Toxic Orb breloom. Ada is good for technician, so your mach punch hurts even more. Dont forget that just shroomish learns Spore, u cant teach it breloom. So take care before evolving. ;) Tyranitar - Crunch/Stone Edge, STAB, strong, both very nice to have. Item u asked, hard stone black glasses to boost these, even leftovers are good. ( especially if u invest many EV into HP). Since u dont have sand team u dont necessarily need smooth rock, but its ok since u have 2 other steel types in your team. A move like Superpower is better for coverage, totally agree. Im not a fan of Ice fang or EQ on him but hey why not. Would change one of the moves for superpower. I personally like a nature like relaxed (and a defensive orientated EV-Set), so u can give him FireBlast to hurt pokes like scizor, magnezone, ferrothorn, skarmory. TT has a pretty nice base spatk. Magnezone Item Magnet, pretty simpel. :) Not many options u have atm in PRO. Moveset is great. Main reason for its existence is magnet pull HP fire. Starmie - As previous ppl said, dont use recovery on timid sweeper starmie. If u use bold starmie or smth lie this with hp/def investment recovery is awesome. ;) Instead T-bolt u can also think about Ice-beam. Better vs grass type switch ins or dragons or smth like garchomp. Im personally not a fan of hydro pump if i can use scald, cause of the Acc., but thats up to u, its a hard hitting water move which might 2 HKO smth what scald cant do for u. Skarmory - BOLD? eh, no! Go impish or careful. If u run brave bird u dont want -Atk. xd I like the set, BB, Roost, Whirlwind, Spikes. you are good to go. :) Iron head is fine too, stealth rock also if u dont have other stealth rocker setter. But u have. Rocky helmet doesnt work, just go leftis. Seismitoad - The Set u wanna run is fine, but scald is spatk and knock off atk-move. So u definitly need Relaxed-nature. U can go Earth power instead of knock off for STAB ground move and dont use knock off if u want to. In general - I think your team can work well, i dont see a hugh fire weakness here like other ppl. I mean u got starmie, TT and seismitoad which all resist fire. What might be a problem is that your team is overall slow ( besides starmie) and u have no Prio-user. So a Technician mach punch breloom might do the trick for u. But u gonna find out if u have your team in practice. U can totally use it and have fun with these constellation. ;) Gl & Hf. :Heart:
  14. I think i havent seen it yet or it wasnt mentioned: What kinda of tournament-structure u gonna use? K.O.-System? Groups? Both? And is it best of 1, 3, 5? Or does it change while u get further? And is it random draw? For each round? Or u dont know yet which kinda structure u guys gonna use? ;) Regards and thx. :y:
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