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♦ All Honey-tree locations | rewards | mechanics (7/20/18) ♦


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Disclaimer: If the images are not loading please click on the provided URLs/Links and press after you are on the imgur link, it will show the image

Just did a video guide about having Rotom in Honey-trees :

Credits: Kaminokage


Honey Trees



  • How can I obtain "Honey"?
  • How can I interact with the trees?
  • Where are all Honey trees?
  • How do I get good Pokemon/Chain mechanic explained
  • What are the rewards?

How can I obtain "Honey"?

There are four ways currently to obtain the item "Honey", the first one being the Sinnoh Headbutt-trees (click here), the second method is through the Aroma Lady Lily in Floaroma Meadow; she trades berries for Honey (Click here for example), you can also obtain Honey in the Kanto Region by talking to the PvE Coin Apprentice in Saffron City - Silph Co 1F, who sells Honey for 8 PvE Coins & the fourth and last one is through the Pokemon Combee/Vespiqueen. Combee holds Honey at a 8% rate and Vespiqueen at a 10% rate on these locations:

#Map         Area      Daytime  Rarity  MS  Level  Item
Leev Town    Land      M/D/N    Tier 4  No  20-24  Honey
Route 205    Land      M/D/N    Tier 4  No  11-14  Honey
Route 218    Land      M/D/N    Tier 4  No  28-31  Honey
#Map       Area  Daytime  Rarity  MS   Level  Item
Route 218  Land  M/D/N    Tier 6  Yes  28-31  Honey

How can interact with the trees?

If you have the item "Honey" you can simply click "space" while looking at the tree to interact with it, a window will appear and you need to spread your honey.

Click here for the gif and then press F5


All Locations

[spoiler=Route 12]Click here for image and then press F5
[spoiler=Celadon CIty]Click here for image and then press F5
[spoiler=Route 15]Click here for image and then press F5
[spoiler=Route 25(not working currently)]Click here for image and then press F5




Chain Mechanic/How to get rare Pokemon

So with the help of Leitah and experimenting myself a little bit with it, we got the general idea on how the Honeytrees work. There are four different types of Honeytrees,

Normal | Grass | Bug | Dark. Each type has 4 trees corresponding to them. The goal is to chain those types back to back, basically there is one type of each Honeytree in each region.

I did the testing myelf and down below you can see my current results.

  • Kanto
    • Viridian Forest - Bug
    • Route 12 - Dark
    • Celadon CIty - Grass
    • Route 15 - Normal


    • Route 35 - Normal
    • Route 37 - Bug
    • Route 43 - Grass
    • Route 45 - Dark


    • Route 104 - Normal
    • Route 116 - Bug
    • Route 117 - Grass
    • Route 121 - Dark


    • Route 205 - Grass
    • Route 212 North - Dark
    • Route 218 - Normal
    • Route 229 - Bug

So if you look down below at the results, you can see that there are always 4 trees of each type in a row, so how this whole thing works is that you have to look for the tree that doesn't have the backtrack message in the dialogue.

You are always looking for this dialogue (CLICK HERE), if you see this dialogue you know you are at the correct spot.

As example you get the this message at the Honeytree at Route 12, so the next 3 Honeytrees that you have to use are Route 45, Route 121 and Route 212 North.

Be careful though since the order in which you can do these trees isn't always the same, the important part here is to keep in mind that you need the dialogue that does NOT tell you anything about a previous tree. If there is not a single Honeytree that doesn't have the dialogue that I showed, you can just randomly select any of the trees and start a chain.

The corresponding trees are always the same (look above for the list)

Also be careful the DARK chain only works at night. :) So if one of your chains start with the Dark type Honeytree, wait till its night and then use it.




Celadon City (Grass)

Route 43 (Grass), Route 205(Grass), Route 117(Grass) (chained)

Route 229(Bug)

Viridan Forest (Bug), Route 37(Bug), Route 116(Bug), Route 218(Normal), Route 35(Normal), Route 104(Normal) (chained)


Route 15(Normal), Route 35(Normal, Route 104(Normal), Route 218(Normal) (chained)

Start Route 229(Bug)

Viridan Forest(Bug), Route 37(Bug), Route 116(Bug), Route 205(Grass), Celadon City(Grass), Route 43(Grass), Route 117(Grass), Route 212 North(Dark), Route 12(Dark), Route 45(Dark), Route 121 (Dark) (all chained)




  • Pokémon - Hoppip
  • Pokémon - Caterpie
  • Pokémon - Teddiursa
  • Pokémon - Ledyba
  • Pokémon - Skitty
  • Pokémon - Sunkern
  • Pokémon - Wurmple
  • Pokémon - Sentret
  • Pokémon - Zigzagoon
  • Pokémon - Combee
  • Pokémon - Pinsir
  • Pokémon - Pansage
  • Pokémon - Foongus
  • Pokémon - Shroomish
  • Pokémon - Heracross (Bug type chain)
  • Pokémon - Aipom
  • Pokémon - Budew
  • Pokémon - Cottonee
  • Pokémon - Venipede
  • Pokémon - Rotom
  • Pokémon - Haunter (@Night, Dark type chain)
  • Pokémon - Shuppet (@Night, Dark type chain)
  • Pokémon - Sableye (@Night, Dark type chain)
  • Pokémon - Buneary (Normal type chain)
  • Pokémon - Munchlax (Normal type chain)
  • Pokémon - Turtwig (Grass type chain)


Credits: Kaminokage, Belzebel, Leitah


Edited by PreHax
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Thank you so much for this guide!

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