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  1. CobraMK

    PVP Council

    Still the best suggestion in forum, we need some news.
  2. Bisharp is the best counter tbh, if you protect with your Shield you are getting a free Boost and you can literally kill him with Sticky top cuz of defiant. The careful Gliscor is better Imo than Impish one. We Should wait for the resultat but for me it is not op. Mega Gyarados is already in first wave so pretty good for Aeri.
  3. Give him the chance to be in OU Iike in gen8, dont ban him like in 6g/7g. Or just do a suspect test for the time after mega.
  4. Since mega is coming, I will back to PRO More (still playing another game, not only Pokemon) I'm looking for a PvP guild, Am I a shit in pvp now dw. Thanks for reading. My discord is : Fay.#1206
  5. Tu farm a quelle endroit ?
  6. Maybe you seen me in Chronos guild ahah!
  7. Welcome back, pleased to see some 2016 players come back to game!
  8. Hello, today I do not want to be this prejudice of the toxic player that I am. I want to speak with my heart, I wanted to thank all the people who supported me during these 4 years of PRO. The guilds that I destroyed with my stupidity, my friends that I abandoned. the staff who work sick and like a child without intelligence, I have destroyed some of their free time because of my toxic behavior. you're nice, thanks to Walross, Cames and the rest.
  9. When I read that thread, I can only laugh, you guys said about economy but you destroy it, do you know what was membership and mount price in 2015/2016, It was only 90k to 180k, no more, now check ms price and another things in trade chat or forum. You talk about helping new player to buy ms/mount or shiny but you don’t ever try to help them.
  10. Welcome back to PRO, boss when like in 2016 ? :D
  11. Please add that, I'm tired to play the same Mew set because I want to change team format, add that.
  12. Nice mon, will buy one maybe!
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