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  1. CobraMK


    I totally agree with you for that game progress a lot and I'm happy about this thanks for every staff ingame But there my points was : why not ask about help (not former dev cuz he is (sorry for word I just say truth)idiot) Walross and Cames are good dev and added so many new things and they can do better in the future. But I know Cames a bit since he is a former mate and still at this day, he is trying to do everything by himself. Getting some help is fine too we will not judge (I know its hard cuz you need to believe in a people who can do bad things.) Thanks for answer btw game is cool now and we really like this Have a Nice day/night.
  2. CobraMK


    It like compare a boss with your power abuse in discord.
  3. We need a Poliwrath Valentine form as compensation of server crash.
  4. CobraMK


    Let be honest PRO started to became famous again and walross is pretty happy. But this give less motivation the last PRO hype peaks was in 2016 back in the day where Shane was staff and crash rarely happens. We need to fix this we are a pokemon game with active players each day lets continue. We know walross/Cames trying them best and it cost a lot of Energy for them. But we can not do things by yourself only ask some help is recommanded. Thanks for thread.
  5. This event was cool for legendary addition (maybe a bit in advance) The boss was annoying, adding a boss each year is pretty bad and not accessible to everyone (like newbie) The xmas % is always bad since 2017. The thing about "talk to Nikola for better rewards" was pretty bad and we are not getting noticied. Except the forest maze which was random, nothing change and event pretty easy. So much mega pokemon (I know it is 2020 addition but you dont need to spam it) During 2nd Pikachu wq, the crash was annoying so paying to enter event island was trash and i doesnt like this (dont say, stay in event island since we have so many things to do outside of event (excavation,digs,solaceon quest,bosses etc...) gen7 pokemon this event was useless (pvp environment) and i think we can get better (Dhelmise and the fish how coming is bad and will not be useful in bosses. I didnt like this event and that the most hyped event with halloween. Summer or easter event was better tbh. Hope we are getting a better event future year. Have a nice day. CobraMK
  6. CobraMK

    PVP Council

    Still the best suggestion in forum, we need some news.
  7. Bisharp is the best counter tbh, if you protect with your Shield you are getting a free Boost and you can literally kill him with Sticky top cuz of defiant. The careful Gliscor is better Imo than Impish one. We Should wait for the resultat but for me it is not op. Mega Gyarados is already in first wave so pretty good for Aeri.
  8. Give him the chance to be in OU Iike in gen8, dont ban him like in 6g/7g. Or just do a suspect test for the time after mega.
  9. Since mega is coming, I will back to PRO More (still playing another game, not only Pokemon) I'm looking for a PvP guild, Am I a shit in pvp now dw. Thanks for reading. My discord is : Fay.#1206
  10. Tu farm a quelle endroit ?
  11. Maybe you seen me in Chronos guild ahah!
  12. Welcome back, pleased to see some 2016 players come back to game!
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