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  1. I think you got my post misconstrued, I could give a rats-[butt] about any bans. That post was literally meant to troll the community who were complaining about Staff or using the post for just open ban appeals. Literally made it for pure satire ._. lol. I was ok with the gren ban lol. I just did that out of pure satire of the situation of everyone complaining. Sorry for wasting your time with a response my dude.
  2. If my last reply didn't get to you, I also said, Have a great one, btw I'm not staff I just see inconsiderate comparisons being made which shouldn't. Which means I probably took it the wrong way, also yes we can agree to disagree and come to a common ground. I don't hate nor hold an opinion against you or another person. Just all the nonsensical bashing is getting old in the thread. And i too can come off like a jack [butt]. And all I was trying to get across is, everyone is human. They made this game out of their love for the game. Somethings can get misconstrued. They aren't a game company. So focusing on those subjects is wrong and I do agree that "respect is a 2 way street." And I can come to a conclusion within a civil manor
  3. You can say what you want, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one but you don't need to show it around 24/7 and looking at this, just makes me think your opinion as I said doesn't matter to me. As I said I could care less for it didn't reply or ask for it. Me and the other person can agree to disagree stop tagging me have a great one.
  4. See I guess we can agree on some things but, we can disagree on others. These are not paid professionals they run a server for fun and to pay for server costs that's what donations are for. To compare others like that is also wrong. Have a great one, btw I'm not staff I just see inconsiderate comparisons being made which shouldn't
  5. You're literally commenting to me when I'm not even staff, I'm acting this way because you retards are acting entitled to a 3rd party private server. Developed by hobists Go ask for justice to someone else. You dont like my opinion go ask someone else who cares. I'm surprised they even tried to make a thread to appeal to you people. Also I could care less if the server died. I don't play that much anymore anyways its called I have a life and go out side. Ans yes he did slander and say negative stuff about staff if you actually read the full comment I replied too. He compared them to Trump which I stated in my 2nd comment back to him as being just as bad.
  6. You're literally comparing them to Trump and that alone is slander enough. You claim them to be a game company which they literally announced their not. YES THEY HAVE A DONATION SYS. You know who else does? Every Garry's Mod server every 3rd party fan made server for every game. It's not to mock a game company standard. It's to help support and pay for a server. Do you know the costs to host a server? Or to host a private server with an 1800 player cap. You literally start with comparing them to Trump because you're mad someone typed negatively to you on the internet. Guess what if wally or who ever decided to pull the plug on the server it's gone. That's how it works there is nothing you can do about it because Nintendo owns the pokemon Ip not wally not you not q8. They are hosting a 3rd party server for our enjoyment so they can code and have fun with their hobby. Now pipe down and shut up, Fall in line bow down? No not at all this is supposed to be a discussion on player staff relations. I'm sticking up a bit because all it's been is bashing them with insults for almost no reason. It started because the spawn change. And derailed into a new thread like this after the constant spam and harassment in multiple guild discords of propaganda and hate threads.
  7. That's where you're wrong though, Pro Staff and developers literally say in their rules and front page *This is a game developed out of our hobbies and love for pokemon a fan made game* none of them are professional developers or a game company this is a 3rd party pokemon game ran by hobbists that the community doesn't realize. There is no fuckkng democracy here its rather get over it and leave or stfu. I'm tired of people acting high and mighty when it's literally on their front page. If you support them through donations cool but none of them claimed to be professional game developers or not. Don't compare them to Trump, they literally made the game out of enjoyment of the game. Not to be harassed by people like you. And I say this with respect to the pro staff.
  8. Some people's punishments that they received via battle Chat is way too harsh for the crime.
  9. Based take for everyone thinking to respond or this might get deleted before you read it, this is a fan made pokemon game not a democracy. Your vote doesn't matter and your opinion doesn't either. You can't change someone's online presence by complaining or reacting negatively. I get its 2021 but that's your based take from me.
  10. Event Form: Halloween Event Time Investment: 8 Hours Possibly interest to join staff either as Pixel Artist or Coin Shop icon creator: No Graphic (Metabots Heracross / mega heracross)
  11. Event form: Hula Victini (Summer) Time investment: like 40 minutes Possibly interest to join staff either as Pixel Artist or Coin Shop icon creator: No Graphic (Hula Victini (Summer) Event form: Christmas Time investment: 2 hours Possibly interest to join staff either as Pixel Artist or Coin Shop icon creator: No Graphic (Ornament Staryu, Christmas tree Topper Starmie)
  12. I personally don't think you understand how economy works, The current system hurts the economy. You're giving money from one player to another for an item to delete said item. The money never leaves the economy building inflation (prime example someone hitting 1b poke dollars last year or multiple people over 100-200m). The current system for rerolls is terrible for the economy, if you look how the item is traded and used it should have never been a tradeable item it should have been put on an npc to delete money from the game at a set regulated price by the GM. (There are no current good money sink's in pro.) (saying good legendary's = economy is also falsified by it doesn't delete money from the game.) The problem now is its too far late for that type of system, because peoples incentive to pvp is pvp coins for rr to sell same with pve. looking at current statistics lets say after all legendary's are added *59* in total not counting ultra beasts which puts the number at 70, lets say the current price of rerolls are 750k each current price that's 52.5m in poke dollars to roll them once. Not counting trying to get the viable 10-15 or counting the uber tier banned mons, at 10-50m+ depending on your luck with the right Nature/Hidden power. This is not counting if its a new player coming into the game. The current sys for legendary's are bad as well but that's another thread, because pro is not new player friendly at all with its current systems. Saying don't use legendary's in pvp is also another problem I'm bringing up with your post, playing with out legendary's in pokemon pvp is actually not only crutching your self but playing at the highest level gl. Also Saying just choose it from ladder tour, you're not aloud to choose legendries there is a list of mons you choose from and if someone requests a certain mon it that mon cant be chosen for over a month after. The only tourney you can choose a legendary is summer tour (BTW NEVER GOT RAN LAST YEAR) even on the selected dates KEKW. This thread is a +1 from me as someone who has purchased CC's and traded them for rerolls seeing the current statistics and actual numbers for the chances, even reading Evilprotag's post on it being like a predatory gacha system. The current system is terrible for not only inflation but the economy.
  14. The fact that you both result in just insulting is wrong, no other mega stone is locked behind a time gate like this. Also most pvper's wont go out of the way to spend 1k+ points for 2 mega stones that are for UU/RU mons. The fact that certain battle items like "mental herbs" an item that is used to dodge taunts ect, the only spot in the game to get them are exca points. Which are essential to running teams like Trick room instead, lets buy the stone and waste a month of time to get them which essentially is a 1month break for people who play Trick room. To get a mega that under performs. This is a suggestion thread giving not only criticism but a way to actually design the quest not just bash them. Or lets use the fact that you need it for Vitamins (Prime example PPUPS) LITERALLY essential for pvp or Berries (damage reduction berries Shuca ect) , or tms / hms. Lets use other megas for an example. Bennette a mon that's unusable because its signature move doesn't work correctly has a proper quest. Giving proper criticism to game devs and coders is proper for development for a game. Not everyone has time to put 100% into the game or finds excavations fun they have been a complaint by a lot of people for a while not just me or people in this thread. I'm not insulting anyone I'm giving criticism and suggesting another way to do it. 1000 is too much for mons that see less than 1% of gameplay they might actually see use if it was changed. Not only that they are disabled right now which makes it impossible for people to get.
  15. Like, Can we please get a new location for those stones like even a side quest with brock for the Steelix quest? Like them being locked behind excavations is bad their UU stones, time gated behind a long time gate. Here's some questions to ask, When was the last time you've seen either of them in pvp? or used in general because of their location? Like you have to choose behind pvp items / Vitamins and other good consumables or choose their stone 99.9% of the players are choosing pvp items / Consumables because their stones just aren't worth the prices. Can we get them changed to like a proper quest like all the other mega's please. 1000pts isn't worth the cost. The current location of theses stones just seems like lazy design by the cs who put it into the game. Ps, Literally the mega Steelix quest writes its self, Start of the quest talk to brock in pewter, Help brock find out whats wrong with the colony of onix, realize the crystal onix went missing, help brock and his family beat team rocket to save the crystal Onix brock awards the Steelix stone after you beat the rocket leader.
  16. Auction is over Kboww won 11-17-2020 11:01 PM GMT -6, auction has ended at 2m Time ran out
  17. 28 Hours left, Current offer still Kboww at 2m Ends 11-17-2020 11:01 PM GMT -6
  18. Started by Kboww on Gold, At 11:01PM GMT-6, The auction Ends 11-17-2020, at 11:01 PM GMT-6
  19. 2m Start Minimum bid 200k Insta 8m IV rerolls 720k, CC's 420k End date is 48 hours after first bid
  20. it actually should have ended at 12:20 it was started in another thread, on silvers forums as well. Because the auctioneer made the forum post on both servers. So either way it should have been sold for 3.6m https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/160356-jolly-metagross-31spd/
  21. Hey since we can see the pokeballs that the mons are caught in now, thrown and in battle. Is there anyway we can get vendors for the different types of pokeballs, so we can mess around with them like cosmetics or even have an option to pay an npc to switch the ball the mon is in to another one that we own??
  22. i can collect it from you when ever, i sent you a message on discord.
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