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  1. Last bump. I finished the gen1 starters. Enjoy.
  2. 17m (the cash in on gold server, main account Rharomy as usual)
  3. I bid on (the cash is on my main account Rharomy) : wooper unaware 150k ludicolo 300k shiny kricketune 75k sudowoodo 500k
  4. Let's start this 10m, the cash in on my main account Rharomy on gold server (I transfert if I win)
  5. Hi, Here is my WishList - (no matter IVs/nature/abi) : - S Charmander or charmeleon 25m - S Cyndaquil (x2) 18m - S Totodile 25m - S Treecko or evo 12m - S Torchic or evo 12m - S Mudkip or evo 15m - S Nincada or evo 7m - S Trapinch or evo 25m - S Swablu or evo 10m - S Unown 750k each - S Farfetch 100k each Pm me on forum or on discord, as you prefer.
  6. 9m Edit : To be clear, the cash is on my main account Rharomy.
  7. I confirm that all is fine on my side : the 2 poke are on my account and the cash removed. Thanks for your action.
  8. Thanks for your action, I confirm that I have the poke on my account, it's fine for me. And I didn't notice that I had to notify my main account name each time I bid but ok, I will do it from now. Let's hope that the auction house will open soon.
  9. start mawile 8,5m and delibird 250k Edit : Just to be clear, the cash is on my main account Rharomy and on gold server. I go the transfert once the auction is won.
  10. @justbillionare let me know when you can be online. I will come to silver server.
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