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  1. Today I'm selling my godly Meditite Start Price : 10m Duration : 3 days after first bid (the 15min rule applies) Insta : 30m Min. Raise : 500k Accepted Payment(s): Cash only. Good luck everyone !
  2. It worth around 25m I think (even if not fully trained). Make an auction on this forum with start offer 20m, no insta, duration 72h if you want to sell it. For your next price check, post directly on the price check sub forum.
  3. Rharomy is my main (IGN). The cash is on this account.
  4. It's a bit too expensive for armaldo. I can take baltoy alone 800k ?
  5. you would accept 2m for armaldo + baltoy bro ? or this aweomse IV baltoy alone 800k if you prefer ?
  6. I will take spiritomb pls Is it possible to meet online in around 7 hours ?
  7. In every community, there are problematic people who tarnish by themselves the reputation of the whole community. The PRO staff member community is not an exception of this rule. In my opinion, 99% of the staff members are making a really good job, taking the good decisions, are reactive and really cool with players. This is very important to say, most of you guy are really making a geat job. BUT the 1% left drag down the staff reputation with their really contestable actions. And when I say 1%, I personnally have one person in mind. To not target toward a specific staffmember, I will not give names but let's use a nickname and call him "Mister P.". Mister P. is hated by a large majority of PRO players. Power abusing, insulting, condescending comments against players etc... always playing with the limits. A lot of people are complaining about him. The bad behavior of Mister P. impacts the reputation of staff members. So my question is simple : Why Mister P. is not fired yet ? Suggestion : If you have many complains about one specific staff member, make a democratic poll and let the PRO players take the decision.
  8. Tell me when you can trade. Gold server, the cash is on my main account : Rharomy
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