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  1. Hello guys it's togepoke, today i'm here with GDarch a very good player to talk about pvp. We think we should allow heatran to learn eruption in PRO with the Researcher Alan just like other event moves, and add a NPC for worry seed since celebi cannot learn it otherwise. Eruption is an event move and Heatran must have a Quiet nature to be legit. Quiet Heatran is outspeed by a lot of stuff (even with max speed and a Choice Scarf you're outspeed by +speed 106 base speed pokemon and anything faster like Infernape with Close Combat or Weavile Choice Band with Low Kick). Plus Eruption generally depends on your Pokémon not taking a hit before it can pull off the Eruption, that's why Heatran might only be helpful on Trick Room teams. In official games, legendary event moves force pokemon with a specific nature (Entei Extreme Speed with Adamant Nature) but PRO didn't put any restriction (surely because they are not that used on PVP). Adding eruption event move to heatran might need some restriction however, because how broken scarf heatran with eruption could be. Thanks for watching, i hope u can do something about it.
  2. Hello guys ! I think you guy dont undestand the interest of this topic, I was trying to show how having 8 characters in this game is op. If u read my first message, you will undestand that all of my suggestions are made to nerf the multi-account thing not to nerf the quest or anything like this. I understood that staffmember will not do anything about this subject, so like you guys i will abuse the multi-account thing. If a staff member shows himself here, he can close this thread. Thanks for helping me out, even if most of ur comments were useless and not honest.
  3. Hello gamers, I hope you are fine. Let's get straight to the point : In my opinion being able to do the REPORTER QUEST on 8 accounts ( 4 characters on each serveur ) every week makes accessibility to the reroll ticket much too easy. Remind that you have 1/3 chance of having a reroll ticket per week, and this possibility can be multiplied by 8. And that's where the problem is, This created and continues to amplify an imbalance between the players with 1/2 accounts and those with 8 characters who on top of that have a strong impact on the economy and equity in the game. MY SUGGESTIONS: 1- The reroll obtained on the reporter should be a non-exchangeable reroll. 2- Find a solution to authorize only 1 account by ip to make REPORTER QUEST. 3- Increase the prerequisites (number of hours, dex entry ...). 4- Lower the price of the reroll ticket obtainable with the PVE / PVP coins. WHY IM DOING THIS TOPIC: i noticed lots of players had AFK accounts in Solaceon town pokecenter, which in 5min per day earns millions a week ( with reroll tickets and other rewards ). Meanwhile some players spend a lot of time at PVP ranked to hope for the chance to finish in the top 25 in order to earn 4/5 rerolls tickets per month. thanks for taking the time to read this topic, I hope you find my solutions suitable, feel free to express your opinion in comment or with the vote available above. I hope to see constructive opinions from you and that you will respect those of others.
  4. hello everyone I would like to give you my opinion about usable staff rewards in PvP. First of all, i'd like to say that i totally agree on people working for the game development being rewarded. I think that any work deserves salary and rewarding staff members only increases their motivation, which greatly impact on the quality of the game development. However, i notice that generated and usable pokemon are more frequent in ranked, because of that, it greatly impact players win conditions. Indeed, having a 30+ legendary with a hidden power of your choice makes match most of the time unfair. I think that staff members should be rewarded but not given an advantage unlike offered rewards to a winner of a tournament. Everyone has access to tournaments, staff included, which makes legit the tournament reward usage in ranked. To rebalance rankeds i think of nerfing characteristics or banning pokemon considered as staff reward would be a good solution to consider. Finally, i'd like to know everyone's opinion about rebalancing the staff reward usage in ranked.
  5. I pvp for the last time last season on the server gold. I have been in the top25 5 times I would say this year. My rating record must be 460.
  6. What's your IGN?-- Togepoke How old are you?-- 20 What is Your Discord ID?-- Togepoke#9829 What's your goal in PRO?-- PVP What is your favorite aspect of PRO?-- PVP
  7. SERVER TRANSFER Username: Togepoke Server to charge the money from: gold Main Server to transfer: change my account from gold to silver
  8. I think this update is needed, it will bring more player to pvp
  9. Yes, it say go check in eterna forest.. if i remember well, i fight Palkia a long Time before i start the quest maybe that's the probleme.
  10. Yo, i already done all Requirements for azelf quest, dialga palkia.. everything but Dawn keep saying how are your investigation going? I already logout, i got + 500h all evo 90 native sinnoh poke... please help me to find a solution
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