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  1. Hello everyone, Arkos/Enoch/Sieg/Macr7 here xD. I hope you are having a good time! Before I begin, please make sure you read the disclaimer below. :P [spoiler=Disclaimer] [spoiler=Disclaimer]- This post is not a place to discuss previous appeals, reports, complaints, staff applications, and bans, from the time I had a PRO Staff title. So, I wanted to make this post since a year ago - shortly after I left Staff - but never found the time to do it. Since we are humans we are not impeccable or flawless, I might have been rude to some of you in topics related to the stuff I mentioned in
  2. Aw, as I said in discord even though I'm not in the team anymore but it feels like something is missing there now that you have left :( Keep in touch and don't be a stranger, thanks for the kind words and I feel the same towards you! Wish you best of luck in your life endeavors. Thanks for everything. EDIT: :Knife:
  3. Noob, I thought this was your farewell post xD
  4. I also choose Raikou and got a fail xD Anyway, take care!
  5. Take care buddy. Thanks for the great times and fun we had together and thanks for being an awesome guild leader man
  6. Farewell Strat, thanks alot for helping me out in the past.
  7. Take care and wish you luck finding your purpose in life.
  8. Hello fellow Pokemon trainers! Since the alternative accounts in ladder vote ended up with majority in favor of allowing it with a slight difference, we have decided to allow alternative accounts as a test for this season and we will give more info after its end. Only one account is allowed per user on Top 25 at the end of the season. If two or more accounts are found on Top 25 at the end of the season all accounts ratings will be reset. All this does not mean illegitimate boosting is allowed. Have fun everyone.
  9. Enoch

    About npc

    Not possible to add and will never be implemented. Locked.
  10. This topic is now closed, thanks everyone for participating.
  11. Take care Muffin, was nice knowing you.
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