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  1. Hello LadyLilith, sadly the art team can't do much about the jumping mounts due to how the template for mounts is designed. We will have to wait for developers to provide a new template to have new animations for mounts.
  2. Hello. We are aware that some mega sprites are different, not only lopunny. We plan to update them to make the sprites consistent and better looking. Thanks for suggesting it.
  3. Hi BugCatcherPeter. We can't expect to have all the pokémon with big overworld sprites due to the amount of work it takes for just making a single one of them. But don't worry, more and more overworld sprites are going to be added in future updates. Greetings.
  4. Hi Bambina. More hairstyles are planned to be added in the future, there will be an announcement once they are released. More clothes will be added in next updates as well.
  5. Hello Paulouras. Thanks for making us aware of this issue, it already has been fixed and a corrected version of the Ghost Cloak will be added in the next client update. Don't hesitate to make more reports in case you find more errors, this helps us a lot. Regards.
  6. We considered other series like the anime, where it seems to be more natural that Blastoise keeps it's cannons inside the shell when is not battling. But as said before, this is something that could be added later.
  7. Hello Aminnation. First of all, thanks for sharing your opinion about the new sprites, constructive criticism is always welcome. These new follower sprites are not a final version, they can still be improved in future updates, so any kind of feedback can help the artists to make them look better. As for the guns, cannonicaly Blastoise don't use them outside of battle, that's why we decided to let them out. Although, if community don't agree we will consider put the cannons again. Regards.
  8. What ìs the role of an Artist? Pokemon Revolution Online Artists are in charge of the graphic aspect of the game. This is done through the use of pixel-art to create to things like outfits, mounts, special event Pokémon forms, environment tiles, etc. Requirements At least 50 hours of in-game playtime. 18 years or older Be able to speak English at an understandable level. (Mandatory) Understanding Pixelart at a decent level. (Mandatory) Portfolio containing Pixel Art Work. (Mandatory) What if I've never done pixelart before or don't have any pixel art in my Portfolio? I can't properly distinguish your level without any sort of work to measure by. Which makes it harder for me to figure out what kind of training you may need to be viably recruited. I'll gladly train up people of any skill level. My general lookout point is for people who are dedicated and willing to learn. Do not apply to this position with content that isn't your own. It will be discovered. And may affect your possibility of admission to staff in the future. Where to start when you've never done Pixelart before Interested but uncertain where to start? We got a big tread of tutorials with basics: Click Here to Open it! We got some blank sprite sets as well for people who want to train making pixelart costumes. Click Here to Open it! Application form Contact To apply, please make a thread here Pixel-Art Application SubForum
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