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  1. The Return? Hey there everybody! My name is Joltyena or LightningVector on Discord. I am an ex-Discord Mod and player of PRO back near the end of 2018, looking around and wondering to myself if I should return back to PRO now? I was considering waiting for Astrella, but with so much content and changes being added in I figured maybe I should just return now instead. I am most certainly looking forward to all the potential new friends, acquaintances, and just meeting people in general and getting in touch again with the community. I hope those, old and new, will assist in teaching me all the new tricks and details I will require to get me started back on my journey. About Me I have always been fascinated with Pokemon as I grew up, my first game ever being Pokemon Silver on the Gameboy Color with Cyndaquil being my starter. Ever since then when I traveled across the region of Johto with that little console in my hand, I could not stop myself from being sucked into Pokemon and continued to watch it on TV and keep up with the games whenever I could. I have played and still play a multitude of other games, such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Destiny 1 & 2, Runescape, Monster Hunter Rise, and more such. However, Pokemon is one that I have played throughout its generations (despite Red, Blue, and Yellow). This includes the spin-off games, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Sky is best don't @ me), Pokemon Ranger, and Pokemon Park. Pokemon will always hold a special place in my heart, which is why it has brought me here to PRO as I looked for new, fun, and enjoyable experiences. As much as I love games, this of course doesn't describe me me enough properly. I am usually a friendly sort of person, trying to help those in need while also looking to learn myself, always observing as I go. My goal is to be knowledgeable enough to help those around me that in turn have helped me, as well as help the inexperienced so they too can learn and grow. Fairness and honesty has always been my deal, so I try to be as transparent as possible and will bluntly say things from time to time. I'm happy you guys took your time to read my post and I hope to get to see you all sometime soon.
  2. So, this came to mind as I remembered there is only one time you can customize your hair choices and that is through the start of the game/with the Magic Mirror. I figured that maybe its about time PRO added a few more hairstyles, and what better place to do so than through the Barber Shop! Afaik, there hasn't been many, if any, hair changes since I have played PRO so I would definitely like to see some of this to sort of shake things up a bit besides the usual adding in of outfits and mounts! Hope this will be taken into some consideration, and hope you all have a wonderful day! -Vector the Pooch
  3. Joltyena


    Good luck with the guild!
  4. Hey there! Welcome to PRO, it's nice to have another friendly face around! We hope you have an awesome time here! If you need help, feel free to message me as I am always willing to help out others!
  5. 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? Joltyena 2. Number of hours played? 567 hours 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? As of Generation 8, Toxtricity 4. How old are you? (Optional) 18 years old
  6. They are referring to this. They mean "Unban Speed Boost Blaziken, just don't allow it to have Swords Dance with it as well."
  7. NAME CHANGE Username: LightningVector New Username: Joltyena Server to charge the money from: Silver
  8. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy all the changes and additions you missed out on!
  9. Welcome to PRO! Hope you have a wonderful time!
  10. This has been asked for many times, and I agree that PC storage needs a change. Hopefully once the battle UI and all the other stuff the staff got planned is done we can get some of these very wanted changes. +1
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