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  1. Hello, Next time please provide the screenshot of the trade being completed in order to comply with the current auction rules. "- Forum: A reply on the auction thread must be made with a screenshot of the completed trade window." Locked. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  2. Hello, 7. Players can advertise their Pokemon / Items / Services at any price they would like, within reason. Do not harass users over their sales. This being said, in simple terms, the seller may choose to sell however they prefer. Please keep your opinions about the price to yourself. Respectfully, Larfleeze
  3. Hello, Please move your event pokemon listings to Shiny and Special Pokemon - Silver (https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/91-shiny-and-special-pokémon-silver/) "Pokemon Shops. - Use this forum when selling 6 or more non-variant Pokemon. › Do not sell Shiny or Special Pokemon, Coins, Items or Services here." Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  4. Hello, The auction is officially as of 15 minutes after this bid. Pulaski is the winner for this auction. Auctioneer please reach out to the winner and complete the trade. With the auction being over I will now be locking this thread. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  5. Hello, While our investigation continues we will be locking this thread until the conclusion. Rest assured, we will be dealing with this in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  6. Hello, Please remember that when an offer is made you are unable to take back that offer. I do understand you were in the Lead, but this still applies. I have since made your post the original comment that was made. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  7. To all concerned, According to your rules the auction ends at 48hours after start. By my count the auction ends in approximately 22 hours. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  8. To all concerned, The winner of the auction is Char59 with the winning bid of 1.6m according to the poster's rules. When a bid is made within the last 15 minutes of an auction then the 15min comes into play and will continue until a full 15 minutes have passed with no bidders. However, that is not the case here. So, auctioneer please finish this auction with Char59 at your earliest convience. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  9. To All Concerned, This auction ended falsely. In the Trade Rules (https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/29538-url) there is a specific template we have listed: "All auctioneers shall use the Auction Template in order to start a valid auction: If you do not list Available Payments on the start of the auction the only thing you are allowed to accept in the form of payment is Pokedollars. Correction: Since Lola has 2.1m available, the trade will be forced as it should. Lola won the auction with a 2.1m offer and this will be the trade. Please be careful in future auctions, punishment might be issued for same auction handling. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  10. Hello Lola, I would like to request for you to remove two rules in your auction (In order to avoid "sniper", any offer made in the last 10 minutes will extend the auction by another 10 minutes. - If the bid does not reach a price that seems reasonable to me, I reserve the right to remove it from the sale and keep it for personal use. ) This is due to the following Trade Rules (https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/29538-url) "If the auction receives a bid during the last 15 minutes, the ending point is delayed to +15 minutes from that bid, until someone being the c.o. for 15minutes wins. This rule applies only in forum auctions." "Auctions cannot be cancelled once started.(Starting Price was met or starting point time is on.)" Thank you for your understanding. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  11. To All Concerned, Due to the Insta being met the auction has concluded. Both accounts have received their rightful winnings. All situations are handled accordingly based on our current Punishment Policy. If you feel these actions are not harsh enough, or you have any other type of complaint in the matter you are more than welcome to make a post in the following thread: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?forums/general-complaint-area.38/ As for your comments Metalhead2309, you are more than welcome to make report threads that break the Trade Rules (https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/29538-url) or report players that have broken PRO rules (https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?forums/pro-rules.188/) in the report section of the Forums (https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?forums/report-center.39/) as long as you have the proper evidence. The thread will now be locked as the auction has concluded. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  12. To whom it may concern, The above Auction has been reverted due to changing of auction rules and other infractions. The auction will now be handled by a Trade Moderator (Myself) to be conducted. All proceeds from the winning bid will go to the owner (Metalhead2309) upon the ending of the auction, and the pokemon will be given to the rightful winner by myself. The auction will proceed until 07 September 2019 08:55am GMT -6 with EvilProtangonist's 500k start. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  13. Hello Elleaf, I am glad I was able to assist you in this matter, and I hope you have a lovely day. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  14. Hello Elleaf, The pokemon should be on your account now, may you please confirm this for me? Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
  15. Hello OriginShop, I have gone ahead and moved your thread to the proper sub-forum to comply with Forum rules (specifically "If you are selling/ auctioning 6 or more Pokemon, use this forum. ") if you do add more pokemon feel free to tag me, and I will happily move your thread back to the shop sub-forum. Very Respectfully, Larfleeze
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