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  1. CapriFame

    Sample Teams

    does that mean you will get more than 1 rating this season? owo
  2. What's your IGN? CapriFame Please post a picture of your trainer card! attached it What is your discord ID? Paddie#5240 How far are you in story? Done How active are you in PRO? (How often do you play?) Daily Are you a PvP or PvE player? Or do you enjoy both? Prefer PvE, can add Rating if needed. Have you ever been banned in game and why? no :) Why do you want to join Calamity guild? I have lost the fun in this game because my guild went hard on PvP and it drained my motivation, i want to play in a more friendly and casual enviroment to enjoy the game again.
  3. Hey, I am one of the few who do celadon hunting quest every now and then, and it would help to have a total IV counter on the preview / when u look at a pokemon to finish this quest faster. Its a super quality of life change, and id probably make it toggleable in the options menu. but it would be super helpfull doing these hunts (and also for the legendary birds quest and other questlines) cheers CapriFame/Paddie
  4. just a bump, also shop updated, added a tons of electrikes
  5. swinub and 1 joltik sold. forwarded this, I dont know who it belongs to rn, but we will figure it out. Also someone thinks its sold, i am sorry if that is true :< will update you!
  6. hey please /pm CapriFame ingame or /friend ingame (or just come online) to pick up your pokemon :3 u can also friend me on discord if i am not online! Paddie#5240
  7. The Kommo-o is sold, it was auctioned right before the forum went down, we didnt have a chance to update yet! The deino for 100k is also sold! Shop will be updated as soon as xdagz is online to do so!
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