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  1. Total time spend in PokeCenter Cerulean please
  2. Hello PRO-Players, We all know that feeling, especially now during easter event, you have a party line up like this: To hunt with every Synch avaible and trace ur encounters. You eventually run out of PP on False Swipe/Spore or, especially during easter event cause Brushes exist, Thief PP on your Gardevoir. You go to the nearest Pokecenter and, to prevent all your Synchronise Pokemon from reviving, box all of them and heal ur Trace + Swiper, then take out all your Synchs again. This is where the game could be improved, sometimes you dont want to heal a Pokemon from your party and it is very annoying to use the PC to prevent this from happening. A held Item that you could give to a Pokemon and that would prevent it from being healed (at all or just in a PC) would imo be a big Quality of Life change. While it is not necessary me and I think many other would appreciate an item like this being added to the game, if its not too much effort to code and implement. Maybe someone can come up with a name for the Item too, cause I cant figure one out rn. Cheers CapriFame
  3. -1 Competetive should be about trying to be the best and playing with what is in your opinion the strongest team. I think its wrong to "punish" players who are competetive and "reward" players who dont aim for a high ranking. Also what this will end up doing is that people play bad teams at the start of the season and then ladder late season with a Meta team anyways. It seems super abuseable and I dont like it, sorry.
  4. Banning Baton Pass isnt an option as there is other Strategies and also Mons that can setup on their own (for example volcarona or any dragon dance pokemon + Mega slowbro if you enjoy spending extra time on each boss @Bhimoso). The team will be the same and just replace the baton pass with more utility and use a sweeper that fits the boss. The actual diversity gain you strike for will be rather small as the team core will remain the same and just the sweeper will be replaced from boss to boss depending on what type coverage you need. There will always be "the best team". Banning Baton Pass will just add a bit more grind to building the new "best team" and Beginners will have a harder time grinding specific pokemon for bosses. I hope you can understand that its not a solition, cheese strats will always exist. And banning the current ones will just spawn new, but slower, ones.
  5. You can still sell it, the pokemon will have a lock icon and the buyer will know it cant be used in PvP again this season. If you want to sell it like that or wait till the end of month to sell it unlocked is up to you. This is whats bothering me and shouldnt be in an MMO imo. PvP is the latest lategame feature of PRO with the best rewards. A nd people being able to hop into it with 0 efforts shouldnt be possible. Correct, but if they wanted to give perfect Mons for ladder tour they would just let them use the Megatest Map again where you can created perfect mons. Thanks for your comment People who only want to PvP can do this on showdown, an MMO isnt the right place for it imo. It is good that PvP is connected to a lot of grinding and should be pushed further as the thing you work for with all the PvE content avaible. Even the best player will not outspeed a 31 Speed Pokemon with a 30 Speed Pokemon. When they are very good they will find a way with the Ressources they have avaible, just look at Frozen laddering with stuff I would trash when i caught it.
  6. Hello everyone, Before you type your -1 to this idea, hear me out: The idea is to lock a Pokemon from being used in Ranked play on any other account after it has been used for the first time in a Season. The reason why I think this is necessary is - Sniping - Ghosting - Moving Ladder Tour to PRO To give a short explaination on all 3 reasons for my suggestion: Sniping Sniping refers to using your second account to match up against other players you compete for a spot on the ladder with. Due to your alt accounts low rating, the rating loss for the Player will be very high, while he still has to play vs a top ladder team and opponent. This is the main reason people dont play at the end of the month and instead all hop onto their alt accounts. It is just more efficient to be on low rating during the final part of the season and try to steal rating from the people that try to push past you on ladder. If Pokemon were locked to the Main Account Players are no longer able to just run the same team (looking at HO and Rain which are very present right now and dont require much legendary support) on their alt account and will have to either run a different team/playstyle on their accounts or buy duplicates, which makes sniping people a lot harder. Ghosting Ghosting refers to helping someone to gain rating by calling the moves he should use on voice chat and/or lending him a team thats able to perform well in the current Meta. Ghosting is very popular and would probably fall under Ranked Boosting if it was possible to gain any evidence. While my suggestion cant stop ghosting, at least the players will have to use their own teams. The player doing the "helping" will have to adapt to it and play with a team he might not be familiar with. Playing a different team or maybe just a bit less optimal mons can already have a huge impact on the success rate of ghosting. Moving Ladder Tour to PRO Now this is a big one, I would like to quote Walross' announcement: Basicly what I see here is "The people who reached ladder will ask their guild to lend them the best Pokemon they have avaible so they can use them in Ladder Tour" It would be necessary to make sure the Pokemon used in the Tour arent just the best Pokemon the Guild has avaible, but the best ones the players have avaible. This is an MMO and a lot of the Top Ranked Players only see the competetive aspect and refuse to spend time into farming and doing PvE since they can just lend every godly version of a Pokemon from others. Compare this aspect to other MMOs please, imagine that in WoW, you just lend the Gear from your Guild and share it during the whole PvP season. It is just not a thing in any other MMOs and I think it is necessary to implement this into PRO aswell. Summary: This feature will lock Pokemon to an account after they have been used for the first time in ranked pvp in a season. They will be unlocked after every Season. The Pokemon should receive a "Lock" Icon that can be seen when it is linked in chat to prevent players buying a locked pokemon they want to use right now. The Pokemon are still tradeable but cant be used in ranked pvp on another account. Adding this feature will attack some annoying Strategies in competetive play: It will make it harder to: - Gain Rating with 2 Accs - Attempt Snipes at season end - do ghosting - bring perfect Mons into ladder tour Pokemon will also gain more value on the market as there is now a reason to buy it for yourself when you can no longer share your perfect IV Lopunny with your whole guild. I am looking forward to a lot of feedback from you all, please dont hate me Capri
  7. Agree, please add fennekin. edit: The spawns in backyard are fine, getting eevee + clef + slowpoke + shuckle is insane. All are useable in PVP and PVE, a spawn cant have 8 insane Pokemon to hunt with 1 synch, oh wait thats frontyard.. alright, every spawn that isnt frontyard cant. edit2: Fennekin is based on a fennek, which is almost a Fox, and Foxes LOVE to live in a backyard. Just saying.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I would appreciate if it will be added one day
  9. I'd support offering the service for any pokemon that was caught before the Pokeball feature was added, everything that was caught after should not be editable.
  10. It does affect me as i spend my time to catch Rare Forms and Shinys in special balls, while others will get it without effort with this feature, which is why I vote -1
  11. Hey, Imo rerolling Legendaries is the biggest money sink in the game and should not be touched. Rerolling only 1 stat will make it VERY VERY easy to get good Legendary pokemon, its way more overpowered than IV Locked Rerolls which are already only given out with caution, you basicly have to see it from the other side: instead of locking 1 IVs u may lock all 5, even if it is only 4 good ones its still way too good. It also cant be a money sink when this ONE Reroll does something you would need 10+ Rerolls for. Dont forget there is a lot of people who have spend hundrets! of Rerolls already for their PvP Legends, it would be unfair to add this way easier method. sorry, -1
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