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  1. Hey people, since paypal is gone I can no longer donate to the game to receive ccs. Its not really a problem since im rich but sometimes I like to have some coins extra for events without touching my ingame savings and also to support the game. I dont have any of the new payment methods, nor do any of them seem trustworthy to me. Never heard of them. So the only way would be a credit card which I dont have, syke. Can I ask other people to buy me coins (buy them, send them to my account and I pay them via paypal) since I am locked out of any option to donate? Or is this considered RMT? Why wasnt any method added thats actually secure, like paysavecard, i feel like this was rushed and there is a lot of room for optimisations. I'd appreciate if the RMT rules would be lifted slightly until a change has happened, or at least allow us to do these transfers (buy coins for another player) with a forum post announcing it or with screenshots that the same money has been given back etc etc You name it what u need to make this "service" a thing, but locking people out of being able to gain coins is just not the way imo. Cheers, Capri
  2. Zeskyr has confirmed on Discord that you can Ladder in both Random and OU. Dont worry Waleed, it was just confusing so I made this post. Everything is cleared up now, can be closed.
  3. I am making this post for two reasons: 1) awareness 2) confirmation from Mods 1) according to the screenshot below, having an acc both in Random and OU Ladder at the end of the season is not allowed. This IS according to the PVP-Rule. I feel like many players dont know about this rule since I see several people in Both OU and Random ladder, so please, if you know someone who is in both or is going for both, make sure to warn him/her. I dont reach a lot of communities on my own so please help spread awareness before people get punished for it at the end of the season. 2) I would like to ask if this understanding of the PVP-Rules is indeed the right one. So any sort of confirmation by a mod would be nice. also maybe a more clear discord announcement would help You are all free to bump this if it interests you aswell. Cheers and thank you all, Capri
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