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  1. Player name: Draculhao Showdown name: Draculhao Server: Gold Rank on ladder: 7
  2. You guys only apologyse! if you guys really apologyse why not giving 3reroll tickets to everyone that got banned unfair during investigation it was 5 days! 5 days its nothing? It was our fault to being under investigation whille we were banned? I could easily got +1m on that 5 days that i couldnt play.
  3. Since me and many others that are innocent and was proved in the end that we are victims of an unreliable bossting detecting system, the minium you staff members can do is to reduce the punishment to temporarily and never for a permanent ban. For instance my neighboord does a lot pvp and we decide to do pvp in same house for a better experience therefore we have same IP adress, my friend is in que for 1 minute i dont want to wait longer so i click in que and we match together and in the next 8 hours that we still are together we battled like 6times, since i im stronger i won 5-1 and it was our first time that we played in same house. So you guys have a case and before baning us, you guys should see if i won all battles vs my friend and 2nd the time that it took each single battle. After you guys seing that the score was 5-1 and the battle took almost all 5minutes,there is nothing wrong on that, and you guys just send a notification to us to have some proof and to record the battles when we are in the same house to avoid some ban in future. You cant rely with that system its very easy to do a lot fights vs guildmates since the guild doesnt have q and g rule and i battled atleast four diferente users 3/4 times in a row and it happens that one was a guildmate and i did 9 games in total vs him and me and him got banned. we both players were trying to reach TOP25 at end of the season and i always click in preview match unless he pms me and really dont want to fight vs me and still if i agree not battling therefore i always click in the button to fight. So in that case you shall see if i won all battles and i didnt won. I lost 2 or 3 and how long did it took the battles before baning us. Some players that got banned usually were always in top25 but couldnt log in game because they were banned and you stole like 600pvp coins from them. Selling reroll ticket for 550k each(600pvp coins) = 2.2m! I was banned from 28february until now, couldnt do world quest enjoy free safari and business in game and it was our fault to being banned for investigation? If not that is clearly case it would be nice of your part to atleast donate 3 reroll tickets for the players that got banned unfair!
  4. I was almost to bet than i saw it isnt in lv100.
  5. IGN: Draculhao Current Ranting: +300 Season you were on ladder: Last Season Vote: Remove the rule Reason: Only should be allowed 2 accounts in PvP, because: testing teams, to not destroy the ranting in main account when you reach your limit.
  6. Starting: 500k Insta: 2.5m Auction will end in 48hours after first bid. Starting: 280k Insta: 800k Auction will end in 24hours after first bid. picture upload
  7. Vote: yes Reason: Very easy to kill Rating: TOP25 last season
  8. Vote: No Reason: Obviously no! Would be less exciting pvp knowing already the opponent team. Weaker players wouldnt have surprise factor (unknown revealed pokes) that they would always count on it when facing stronger opponents and less chances to win for them. PLus PvP battle would be longer with PvP team exposed,they would reflect moore, the battles would take more time to end. Why we hide our pvp team in 1st place? PLayers like their secrecy around his team, and specially they dont like copycats! Current Rating: TOP 25 last season.
  9. Updated: https://prnt.sc/jy0tfr 16pokes https://prnt.sc/jxtk5t Trainer Card Good luck!
  10. https://prnt.sc/jxtjeb- 12pokes https://prnt.sc/jxtk5t- 4OT plus credit card (GMT+1) Enjoy!
  11. And then your hunger for power will hunt you until you cant resist for much longer and you will be converted to dark magic.
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