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  1. Hello @CosaNostra I understand your dissatisfaction here, but I want you to keep your calm since you have been warned several times about your behaviour. RNG is unfortunately a part of Pokemon, and you have to deal with it. I reviewed the game, and there isn't any bug regarding what you reported here. You can't blame a game because of RNG, unfortunately as I said it's a part of the game. I wish you good luck anyway for the ladder if you keep trying. Have a good evening. Naha.
  2. Hello @Vasif As long as you did not q intentionally to meet your guild mate, you can do the battle. But battling a lot of your guild mates can also lead to ban. We’ll investigate if you were doing Illegitimate Rank Boosting or not. If you don’t want to do the battle you can indeed /draw during the battle, and it won’t count as a real battle. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. Kind regards, Naha.
  3. Hello again @AFThunder It was a pleasure to help you. Have fun in PRO, and contact us if you get any more problems. I wish you to have a nice day. Kind regards, King Naha
  4. Bonjour @Rimechot Tout d'abord je souhaitais te remercier d'avoir émis une suggestion afin d'améliorer le jeu. Je peux tout à faire comprendre ton point de vue ainsi que le point de vue des autres joueurs français qui souhaitent avoir une traduction du jeu en français. Il est vrai que beaucoup de joueurs au sein de Pokemon Revolution Online ne parlent pas anglais couramment, et ça nous le comprenons parfaitement. Mais il serait dans un premier temps pas juste de faire une traduction seulement pour les joueurs français (qui ne sont actuellement pas la plus grosse communauté (hors anglo-sa
  5. Welcome to PRO, have fun around
  6. Welcome back @Piixie I hope you'll enjoy the game
  7. Welcome back ! I hope you'll enjoy the new features
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