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  1. Hello @Ldrago0310j, I am locking your auction thread as it doesn't follow our auction rules on the forum. Linked below are our general trade rules and auction trade rules. Please review them before posting your auction again. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/29538-forums-and-in-game-general-trade-rules/ https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/119709-forums-and-in-game-auction-rules/ Sincerely, Polteageist.
  2. Hello @Ramzijhonny1, I have given you the 800k and removed the pokemon. @leonardosenpai You have had 800k removed from your account but you need to contact me in order to pick up your pokemon. It is safe on my account for the time being. Regards, Polteageist
  3. Hello, Correction of your end time if you hover over your first bid placed it will end at 8:26pm GMT+7 17/09/21. Good luck with your auction. Sincerely, Polteageist
  4. Hello @TrainerLeo, I have locked your thread as an invalid auction. You are missing important components to this auction. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/119709-forums-and-in-game-auction-rules/ . Please read the linked auction rules and correct your post asap. Then you may request this thread unlocked or may start a new auction thread. Sincerely, Polteageist.
  5. In the future read the rules of auction threads there is a template https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/119709-forums-and-in-game-auction-rules/ in them for you to use. Post evidence of your winner. You did very well posting your proof of bids in the forum. In the future Make sure you add it to your initial post! Sincerely, Polteageist.
  6. Hello @VexDark, You need to correct your title and put the auction information in the post with the snivy picture as soon as possible! Also your thread has been moved to the proper subform shiny and special subforum. Sincerely, Polteageist
  7. I am now locking this thread as the pokemon is sold. @Supermann004. Read up on our auction thread rules asap. Your auction must be placed in the post with the pokemon and all proof of bids must be show. Sincerely, Polteageist.
  8. hello @PokesquadNoah, Please add the information from your title to your auction. Otherwise this thread will be locked and you will have to create a new one. Sincerely, Polteageist.
  9. @Cyver37, You are only changing your title you need to apply it to your post with the kadabra picture. I am locking this thread you can repost your thread appropriately in the proper subforum while following the template. These must all be in the post with the pokemon. Pokemon: Start price: Min bid: Insta: If you wish Accepted tender: Sincerely, Polteageist
  10. Hello @Cyver37, You need to correct this auction. You need to put all the details of start price minimum bid and accepted tender in the post with your Kadabra. Also I have now moved it to the correct section for you of Selling shiny pokemon. Please correct the rest of the post asap. Sincerely, Polteageist.
  11. Hello @PokesquadNoah, According to our Forum rules Linked here for your convenience https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/88-trade-zone/ at the top of trade zone. The very first rule states 1. Do not excessively bump your posts: be bumped a maximum of once every 24 hours, including after the post has been created. Repeated infractions will lead to harsher punishment on your account. Sincerely, Polteageist
  12. Hello, Thank you both for confirming. I am now locking this thread as the auction is completed. Sincerely, Polteageist
  13. @KFsethThank you for confirming. I am forcing the trade now can you confirm the aerodactyl is in your pc and the money removed @vinsmoke07 Please confirm the 2.1 mil is added to your account. Sincerely, Polteageist.
  14. You need to transfer to gold so the trade may be forced. Sincerely, Polteageist.
  15. Hello, @vinsmoke07 The proper winner of this auction is @KFseth for his bid of 2.1 million. You can't start the auction from "acknowledgement of first bid" That isn't a valid time. The trade will be forced to Kfseth. Apologies to all the other bidders in this auction for the mishandled bids. Sincerely, Polteageist.
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