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  1. Hello, I have now locked this topic. As you reported it sold. Regards, Polteageist
  2. Hello, The winner of this auction was Jumun with their 900k bid at 4/4/22 12:22pm gmt 0. Since the auction was a 48 hour auction it started 4/2/22 12:57 gmt 0. The auction ended as of 4/4/22 12:57 gmt 0. Since the trade has been completed and the evidence is showing it went to the correct winner I am now locking this thread. Regards, Polteageist
  3. Hello, I would first recommend reading our auction rules linked for convenience https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/119709-forums-and-in-game-auction-rules/ Then you go to the trade zone of our forums. I would recommend using our template provided in the rules above. Then you choose silver, or gold whichever server you play in. Cross server is for both servers but if you post there you are the one expected to transfer so read the forum rules as well before posting your auction. Happy sales, Polteageist
  4. Hello, I apologize for the delay of getting to you. @Pasokossshown below is rule 7. When you accepted the bid of 8 mil the auction was then running from the start of that bid 3/23 1017 am gmt 0 and you are not allowed to change your duration from 48 hours from start bid to 3 days from start bid. As soon as you accepted the bid the clock started running down. However to make this fair for both bidders I will run it for the three day from the start bid by precipitous on the 3/23 10:17 gmt 0. Therefore the winning bid was by @POG for 8.5 million on 3/26 at 0955 gmt 0. As the auction went on for much longer since the start 7. Starting price/point must be clearly stated. Once met, the auction has started. - In-game: › As of start point, this may be one of the following 2 options: a specified time (e.g. "day/month/year hour:minute a.m./p.m. & Timezone"), or instantly as of the trade post (e.g. "begins now"). › As of start price, specified by the seller. - Forum: › As of start point, this may be one of the following 2 options: a specified time (e.g. "day/month/year hour:minute a.m./p.m. & Timezone"), or instantly as of the trade post (e.g. "as of thread creation"). › As of start price, specified by the seller. Once you accepted the 8 mil offer the auction started rolling as of then. I have returned the 2.5 million and 1 pokedollar to pog's account. Regards, Polteageist
  5. @Simodelmaz, Consider this an official warning. I have locked all your open auction threads. You can recreate them one at a time after you read our Forum rules or you may place them all in our shop section. You can have 1 post per subforum. I have also locked all your shiny threads as well Be aware shiny/event forms can not be in the same shop as a non event form. If you continue to ignore our forum rules you will receive a harsher punishment. Regards, Polteageist
  6. Hello @KierM, Please remember that once you create your thread you can bump once 24 hours has passed from thread creation. Good luck with your auction. Regards, Polteageist
  7. Hello, The end time of the mamoswine was stated to be on 3/22/22 at 23:59. Ricky568 bid came in at 12:09 am on 3/23/22 which is after the auction ended. @Legendkaran11 is the winner of the mamoswine and @Nguyen2509 is the winner of the vulpix. Also in the future once you report an auction when it has a clear winner. The pokemon is then sold it is not yours anymore. A tmod will handle your report as soon as we are free. This does not mean you get to take it into your own hands if we don't answer right away. The pokemon have been forced to the auction winners. In the future make sure you wait until the report is handled appropriately. Please do not repeat this mistake in the future. Regards, Polteageist
  8. Hello @Tomermiz13, I am voiding this auction. You need to read up on our auction rules and repost this auction. I would highly recommend using the format shown in the auction rules. I apologize to all the bidders who have bid on this pokemon. @Biqmanii, @PandARKenciel. Also I would recommend using the forum account that your pokemon is on or make sure you mention your ingame name in your thread. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/119709-forums-and-in-game-auction-rules/ Regards, Polteageist
  9. Hello, The auction has ended the winner is @Chichaii the trade has been forced. I am now locking this thread. Regards, Polteageist
  10. @Tutur97, The offer by Tehabayniss was an invalid bid. Current valid offer is 27 million by @KimStarz. Good luck with your auction. Regards, Polteageist
  11. Hello @rapozof, I suggest you read up on our auction/trade rules before you host another auction. If you go by ends 7 days after start bid you must follow where the auction was started. Due to you having two threads this lead to alot of confusion next time use our report button to have us move it to the proper section instead of starting a new thread. I have linked you our auction and trade rules for your convenience. Repeated mishandled auctions will end in harsher punishments. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/29538-forums-and-in-game-general-trade-rules/ https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/119709-forums-and-in-game-auction-rules/ Regards, Polteageist
  12. Hello @KingLak19, Please remember next time you post an event pokemon to post it in the shiny/special pokemon subforum. Also do make sure you show trade evidence once the trade is completed. Regards, Polteageist
  13. Hello @Q25, I Have moved this to the shiny/special pokemon gold subforum for you as you had it in the selling pokemon gold subforum. Good luck with your auction. Regards, Polteageist
  14. Hello @Precipitous, I have corrected your title and removed the 27 + on your porygon and clefable as they were incorrectly labelled 27 plus. Please read our trade rules as this is rule number one I have posted that rule below for your convenience and have also linked our trade rules for you. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/29538-forums-and-in-game-general-trade-rules/ 1. When advertising, be clear and accurate about what you are buying or selling. - When stating a Pokemon is IV+ (25+, 26+, etc), all stats must be equal to, or above the advertised numbers. › Exception: Decreased ATK, SPATK or SPD stats. › e.g. A Timid Pokemon may be advertised as 25+, if all stats except Attack are above 25. Regards, Polteageist
  15. @Duglaszh, Please remember you can only bump your post once every 24 hours. I have posted the trade zone rules for your convenience. I am now locking this thread as your auction has completed. The trade forum is the central hub for buying/ selling, auctions, price checks and Pokemon rating. Do not excessively bump your posts: be bumped a maximum of once every 24 hours, including after the post has been created. Each player may only have one active thread in each sub-forum. Trades must be posted in the appropriate area of the Trade Rules Regards, Polteageist
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