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  1. Hey, as for Charizard X, there are a lot of ways for your team to counter it. First off is Azumarill, Azumarill resists both of Char X's STAB Moves, be sure to watch out for Thunder Punch Variants. Next up is Zapdos, you can either cripple it with Rocky Helmet Damage and possible paralyzing it by Static or spam roost while Char X is losing health from Rocky Helmet, and lastly, Stealth Rock, it does 50% for a normal Charizard while does 25% on Charizard X, and that's a decent damage. Calculations: +1 252 Atk Charizard Thunder Punch vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Azumarill: 220-260 (64.3 - 76%) -- guaranteed 2HKO +1 252 Atk Charizard Flare Blitz vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Zapdos: 175-207 (45.5 - 53.9%) -- 2.3% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery So that's all, Hope I Helped :)
  2. Hey, Interesting Team, before I suggest some changes of the teammates, I would mention some changes in their sets first. So let's start.... First off, I would suggest to change Tangrowth's set to a defensive one, or, invest 128 defense ev's in order to avoid the possible 2HKO of an Adamant Mega Swampert after damage from Stealth Rocks. Calculations: 252+ Atk Swampert-Mega Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Tangrowth: 166-196 (41 - 48.5%) -- 74.2% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock 252+ Atk Swampert-Mega Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 128 Def Tangrowth: 148-176 (36.6 - 43.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock Next up, is the change of the moveset of Metagross, your teams lacks priority moves (even though Priorities aren't necessary, they can be useful in some situations) I would replace hammer arm/ ice punch to bullet punch, as Bullet Punch is an option to allow Mega Metagross to pick off weakened Pokemon, however, the loss of a coverage move is often not much worth it. That's all for the changes in terms of sets. Next up, is changing a teammate, which is Garchomp, I would suggest to replace Garchomp into a Wallbreaker, Honorable Mentions of that is, Azumarill. The Banded, or the Choice Band Set, any could work from one of those sets. It can also support Metagross with Dark Resist and decent bulk. Feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes. Hope I Helped
  3. +1 It's annoying when you play with the same enemy again and changes team just to counter your team, this actually happened to me sometimes.
  4. Hey, interesting team, I would change some abilities, movesets, and items in here: Volcarona: Leftovers > Choice Scarf Would be better since running Quiver Dance with Choice Scarf is basically useless, and would add longevity to Volcarona. Clefable: Thunderbolt > Thunder Wave Flamethrower > Calm Mind This is a better Calm Mind Set. Alakazam: Magic Guard > Inner Focus Life Orb > Twisted Spoon Recover/ Focus Blast > Thunder Wave Magic Guard would be better since it prevents you from taking hazard and status damage. This would also make Life Orb better, since you prevent recoil damage from it thanks to Magic Guard. Recover would be a great pair with Magic Guard to extend the longevity of Alakazam while setting up Calm Mind. And finally Focus Blast is also a choice to hit Dark Types and has a great offensive coverage. And also I noticed you don't have a mega pokemon, I think it would be better to get Mega Alakazam with the same set i've said. (Except for the Life Orb Item, since Alakazite will be your item in order to Mega Evolve) If you have further questions about the Competitve side of Pokemon, contact me on my Discord: Greninja#3353 or PM me in here. Hope It Helps
  5. +1, I want Greninja to be Unbanned, however unbanning it doesn't mean it's not dangerous, but it really is. Here are my opinions for Greninja: PROS: - Can dodge/resist super effective/dangerous moves with Protean - Hits hard with the help of stab moves - Fast and a very good suicide lead - Very wide movepool - Most of the time Unpredictable CONS: - Very fragile with -def or -spdef nature since mostly everyone uses mixed Greninja - Also I think life orb is the most popular item with it and reduces 10% hp each time it attacks and thus making it more fragile. - There are way more faster Pokemon than it, and can kill it due to its low bulk - Using a choice item? No problem, if youre a good player you can easily scout it and most of these sets are confident in front of faster pokemon than Greninja and obviously, its scarfed. If not then it maybe has a strategy to do. Also being choice locked is actually bad when youre in front of Balanced Teams or Stall Teams. And if youre having a hard time with a choice locked Greninja, you can remove that Choice Item with Knock Off and other moves that removes items. - Being an Unpredictable Pokemon can be countered when you scout moves, by switching or using protect. However, sometimes it can be useless as 4 moves can destroy an entire team. As I said these are just my opinions.
  6. I noticed on battles, that status moves such as Toxic shows "POISON Failed to have any effect" when it misses, same to other status moves. And, it also shows "POISON Failed to have any effect" when it's used to a Pokemon Immune to it such as Poison Types (except for Steel types which shows "It's completely Ineffective!") this is also the same to other status moves such as Thunder Wave to Electric Types which also shows "PARALYZE Failed to have any effect". So my suggestion is, to change their battle logs to avoid confusion, here is an example: When it's used to a Pokemon Immune to it: Before: Rotom-Wash used Will-O-Wisp (on a Fire type, which is immune to it) "BURN Failed to have any effect" After: Rotom-Wash used Will-O-Wisp (on a Fire type, which is immune to it) "It's completely Ineffective!" Before: Chansey used Toxic (on a Poison type which is immune to it) "POISON Failed to have any effect" After: Chansey used Toxic (on a Poison type which is immune to it) "It's completely Ineffective!" So basically: Immune = "It's completely Ineffective!" this actually confused me before because I thought it was missing, until I discovered it's immune to it, this will help new players to know that its immune to it. Same to other moves when its used to a Pokemon which is immune to it. When it misses: Before: Clefable used Thunder Wave (Then it misses) "PARALYZE Failed to have any effect" After: Clefable used Thunder Wave (Then it misses) "The attack misses" Before: Tangrowth used Sleep Powder (Then it misses) "SLEEP Failed to have any effect" After: Tangrowth used Sleep Powder (Then it misses) "The attack misses" So basically: When it misses = "The attack misses" same to other moves when it misses, so it can be more understandable.
  7. Hello @tahajarraf, nice guide. But where are the credits and sources? It is necessary to put them when posting a guide.
  8. (Work In Progress) Mega Evolution Guide Introduction: Hello, welcome to my first guide I'm currently working on. This guide will show you information for each of the current megas in PRO. Also feel free to suggest any changes or improvements for this guide. Contents: Table Of Contents: Generation 1: Mega Venusaur Mega Charizard Y Mega Charizard X Mega Blastoise Mega Gengar Mega Gyarados Sources:
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