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  1. +1 as it's "revolution",they don't have anything like "revolution",I can't wait until they update unova/gen 8,Don't update some useless things like fix bug.Add luxury ball,net ball....More legendary
  2. -1,make it more useful updates like gen 8 instead of this pokeballs I know many members want to tell this but they scared permantly ban
  3. Bump: Req: At least 90 ratings (normal ratings) 50 random ratings Nothing more,nothing less
  4. 20+offer 30/28 600k 400k hp fire offer (serious offer) 350k 550k 500k-600k negoitable 500k 80k 400k
  5. discord give me,I need to buy for many mons
  6. (IGN)? Lequangminh2212 480+ Fav poke? Nothing,... Country? Vietnamese Age? 9 server? Gold Discord ID: GoodraOP#1784 Join just for free giveaways and services,nothing much,.
  7. yeah I guess xD but pretty sure y guy won't add.I just tell it cause it's easier for vietnamese-which country hv less paypal.
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