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  1. Bump starting Weekly Giveaway and Bug Contest
  2. Current Guild Name : TheNights New Guild Name : Creator Server : Silver
  3. Current Guild Name : TheNights New Guild Name : Legends Server : Silver
  4. Hello @AgentRomel You can join Creator Share your Discord!
  5. Bump , Sorry for late response But we are back !
  6. Hello Everyone! TheNights is a PvP And PvE guild formed on 20th November 2021 and now are looking for some new players..... TheNights is a guild which help players too grow more and more . WE WELCOME EVERYONE IN THENIGHTS , JUST LOOKING FOR FAITHFUL AND POLITE PEOPLE. Requirements Active on Discord Done johto - Hoenn 10+ rating in random or normal Be Polite with others Benefits Help to Complete Journey fast Free Dex Service Help in PvP and PvE Help in Quest Weekly Giveaway and Bug Catching Contest Application Name: Ign: Age: Country: Favourite thing to do in Pro; Favourite Pokemon: Why wanna join TheNights guild? you can apply on discord also https://discord.gg/TeJb78Pu OUR GULD IS WAITING FOR YOU WITH WARM REGARDS Ninewings
  7. Hi, I got 4 badge then went to larvindar town to get flute but I can't enter the tower......... What to do? Please help I have done everything
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