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  1. okay thanks for the solution, you may closed this topic
  2. i had done all the quest and in the end i am not able to get the lock iv reroll, may i know what the reason and solution?
  3. after I had fight all the quest, I go back pc with sync and the DARKRAI are missing for me to catch
  4. trade complete please close the auction with the additional 30k because of ev trained
  5. @Zyncroi had send you the invitation in discord
  6. @Hawluchaa if the person bid the auction and win but he didn't online to trade, any solution?
  7. @Zyncro you have the highest bid, and you won the auction, please online and trade
  8. Wts Good beldum s.o 200k Min bid 50k Insta 2m End in 24 hours after first bid Accept cc-380k, rr-750k
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