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  1. So basically this is my OT Pika and I can't teach it surf. Im assuming this would be due to the fact the the "W" is capitalized in the second part of my name? Just a guess but if someone could change this, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Lets end it as usual. No need to delay~
  3. Your assuming the quest would be easy... whatever the case may be, im sure the staff would see fit on the best balanced way to obtain them. Also quest would be a logical way to go about it since it would make for more content in which the game is lacking heavily at the moment. Putting them in the pvp/pve coin shops would be depressing to be honest lol. Imagine a game changing item that could change the meta tremendously just to be obtained with mere pvp/pve coins.
  4. Umm sir, this doesnt make sense at all. Literally wouldnt matter about the amount of megastones having a quest because, oh lets see, more quests = more content lol. Also making this a p2w scenario would disappoint players more. Btw all mega stones will not be released all at once which means if they were to implement for example quests for them, it would be easy lol. Putting them in the coin shop idea is nonetheless a horrible idea~
  5. Can't lie, this thread made my day bro LOL. But yeaaaa no sorry. -1
  6. Username: LtWave Server: Silver Country: US (GMT-4)
  7. So after gaining number 1 on the guild ladder, our guild was so hyped to check out the new spawns on the guild island only to be disappointed. When you hear rain team pokemon you instantly think about the swift swimmers such as Kingdra, Kabutops, Omastar, Ludicolo, etc. Well half of this was implemented while the other half was ignored. Kabutops is a great rain team abuser and Omastar is not bad as well, yet these two do not have a spawn and it doesn't make sense. Yes i'm well aware these two are fossil pokemon but these 2 also have a spawn diving in Hoenn. Also I want you to think about this.
  8. I'm going to be completely honest. This idea won't work due to the fact that the guild island will not be exclusive anymore. Guild island is for those who have contributed their hard work (lucky rng/dc's/etc.) By including the fee of 1 mil+ as the list goes down, this makes the island non exclusive as you can see. Yea the top guild can get in for free but still obtaining money to get into the island knowing you wouldn't make #1 before the season ends would in my opinion be fairly easy and wrong. So to conclude this argument, no i don't think this particular idea is a great one. However an alte
  9. Yeaaaa no. Speed Boost Blaziken is banned for obvious reasons. -1
  10. This is in my opinion and I’m going to try and be as nice as possible about this, a pointless pole. Shouldn’t even be considered in my opinion.
  11. Gonna be honest here, in my opinion this idea won't last. I see the cons outweighing the pros heavily for this particular idea. Drama, can't come to an conclusion, playerbase mad at the council for their decisions, etc. Therefor resulting in nothing but a bickering back and forth battle with no real balanced outcome. For the sake of the pvp community, I hope i'm wrong~
  12. NAME CHANGE Username: Raintakeshi New Username: Kohaku Server to charge the money from: Silver
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