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  1. How about posting small updates here on the forum or on discord about how the new maps/regions are going? It will be very good for anyone who wants to know the progress.
  2. the back of this skin is wrong
  3. If there is nothing to be done, we can stop here, I understand that it must be something that takes a lot of work, and this bug will not affect me much. i have almost all the legends that need evos, if not, that would be a problem, but I understand the situation. Thank's for your time.
  4. Got it, but is there any way to reverse it? because I checked Gold, and it only has 13 evos, and I have 311, and before this bug I had more than 350 evos
  5. I have eevee evos for a long time. and more, not only eevees, I had a lot more than 311 evos, and owned data
  6. My pokedex data is still lost
  7. I accidentally released my Tornadus Server: Silver Nickname: Lukoz
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