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  1. SERVER TRANSFER Username: Corviknight Server to charge the money from: Gold Transfer: Gold to Silver I don't have the requirement of hours played but i made this account especially to get some items back from my other account (Kurohiku) and hoping to transfer them to silver
  2. I think she had quit because i didn’t have any answers to my request ...
  3. Ok , thanks The one i lost was the celadon one I will take the one in national park, so no need to refund me ;)
  4. Hello! I accidentally lose my soothe bell by releasing Pokemon ... i think it’s a togekiss who held the item. If someone can get it back please ^^’ Thanks for your replies !
  5. If you could improve one facet of the event, what would it be? - Easter clothes, headgear, more mount ... What was your favorite part of the event? - I really like the egg hunting, maybe put some baskets in other regions for more easter tokens . The Little Cup E4 was amazing but that would be cool if we can bring more pokemon to beat , so boring to catch and train new poke... What was your least favorite part of the event? - Easter form Pokemon, i found them ugly ( except for the kinder very funny) What can we do to make the event better for next year? - Add Easter Clothes ;)
  6. How can i saw the time i got before my membership end ?
  7. I try after completing Hoenn but same problem, i give required brushes and every time this message appeared, and danield stil demands the same thing...
  8. ● What's your Name/IGN? - Kurohiku ● How old are you? - 23 ● Are you active in Discord? - Yes, sir ! (Glenn Voidsen) ● Where are you from? -France ● What's your playtime?/How often do you play PRO? -Around 200h , Almost everyday when the server is up XD ● What's your goal in PRO? -Do everything i can do , Like exploring all area, complete dex , beat All Bosses, and maybe doing some PVP , when i get a good team for it ;) ● Why do you want to be part of Chaos? - Because Chaos Guild is Number 1 , simple ! ● What's your favorite Pokemon and why? I Really love Honchkrow
  9. So I try again with an empty Slot , and that worked Perfectly ^^ But I notice the Everstone doesn't stop evolution by trade ...
  10. Hello! When i give Spring Brush green to Artist Daniel , he says something about an error ! when i talk to him after he ask me about 2 Green Brush he lost and ask me to go find them again Thanks for your Answers !
  11. Hello ! I really Like The Rexilius one and The Mega Charmander , Very Amazing ;) Can you do a Signature for me , please ? :) My IGN : Kurohiku My Favorite PKMN: Rexilius, Charmander and HonchKrow By the way , do you have instagram, or Pinterest ?
  12. Hi ! @Shinohara My Party was Full Thank for your answers !
  13. Hello! I can’t evolve Pokemon by trade when i am the receiver That happen 2 time , First time i try to help a random boi who want to evolve his haunter . We trade but when i receive the haunter , he go directly in my Pc and didn’t evolved , but when i give the haunter back he had evolved .... The Second time, Same problem, i wanted to evolve an electabuzz, so i give my electabuzz and an electirizer to a friend , then he give the electrizer to my electabuzz and send it to me ... but the Pokemon go directly in my pc an didn’t evolve again... That very frustrating because of that b
  14. Where is The God Mode Command ? XDD Thank you
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