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  1. I also have all datas
  2. Hello, are these requirements still the same? Cause I cant battle Xylos although im Kanto champ. Thanks for the help
  3. Startbid: 150k c.o 310k by Alexhsor insta: 800k minimum bid: +20k auction goes 80hours after first bid.
  4. Add me on discord: Pitroipa#6079
  5. +1 very important for most of the guilds.
  6. Hello, Since reborn bot Is offline, so how do we check our members in the guild now (last online, pvp rating etc.) this information is also important for upcoming events in my guild and if ever need to make room for new members, inactive need to be kicked. thanks in advance
  7. I saw this suggestion around 50 times on forum and it was always denied. So I dont think staff changed their mind. -1
  8. Bump for the best guild on pro!
  9. Hello, my name is pitroipa and i have been playing pro since 2017 and have held many auctions ingame and on the forum over all these years. Now I combine all the auctions and put them in one store. Rules: * All pokemon are available for a total of 72 hours after the first bid, then the highest bid wins. * minimum bid is +10k * once you set an offer you can't withdraw it. * if you bid on a poke, pls add the name of the poke. for example: I offer xxpokedollar for (name of the poke Other services/currencies: You want me to sell a pokemon for you in my store? No problem. Write me ingame or on discord. my price is 5% of the profit, just tell me your starting bid and insta I also accept: CC(380k), rc(7k), IV reroll(750k), nature reroll (375k) Good luck and have fun bidding. Startbid: 200k Insta: 500k current best offer: 200k by Agate Startbid: 250k Insta: 600k current best offer: Startbid: 80k Insta: 200k current best offer: Startbid: 300k Insta: 700k current best offer: Startbid: 70k Insta: 200k current best offer: Startbid: 150k Insta: 400k current best offer: 180k by lonelyforuonly Startbid: 150k Insta: 300k current best offer: Startbid: 400k Insta: 900k current best offer:
  10. if ur interested in joining a guild check eternity on silver server https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/159435-eternity-guild/
  11. add me on discord: Pitroipa#6079
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