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  1. everything? yes ok exaggerate... I never said that and I don't know why you distort the facts. but well, your opinion. have a nice day
  2. well, if a random player is banned, what does that do for the seller? exactly, nothing. And I have been told many times to just repeat the auction. I would not write it, if it had not happened many times
  3. Hello, Why are actually fake offer at auctions not punished with fines? Every time you start an auction, then comes a fake offer or someone "misread" and all you get is "just do it again from the beginning". That costs a lot of work and time. I think fake offer should pay at least 10-20% of the purchase price as a penalty, but there is also a maximum so that it is not too excessive and someone goes totally broke.
  4. Hello, im sellin my hp fire serp startbid will be 5k c.o 300k by Tejkkapadia123 minimum bid + 15k auction goes 96h after the first bid good luck
  5. Hello, would be cool if it would be possible to introduce a timeline where guild leader and officer can see who joined the guild when and who left when. So it's easier to keep the guild list always up to date now that reborn bot doesn't provide anything anymore. Also, is there an option to check individual pvp ratings of guild members? Also, it would be cool to see who was last online when, since now that reborn also no longer offers this. Thanks a lot
  6. U started the auction friday 12:38 pm... + 80hours is in 5hours and 6 minutes
  7. Hello, are these requirements still the same? Cause I cant battle Xylos although im Kanto champ. Thanks for the help
  8. Startbid: 150k c.o 310k by Alexhsor insta: 800k minimum bid: +20k auction goes 80hours after first bid.
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