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  1. Startbid: 8m Insta: 13m minimum raise: 50k auction goes 72h after first bid
  2. doesnt make sense. What about the people who started the game later orade a big break.?
  3. Hello, I just want to ask if its possible to see not just top 10 guilds and top 25 pvper of the season, but also the lower ones. To see which rank lower guilds and pvper have. Thanks
  4. any news when the lending system will be back? its been a yr since the lending system is disabled.
  5. Worse than corona? horrible arguements... covid killed more than 10000 people. Real shame on you
  6. Finn on fire -1 cause finn said.
  7. @Hawluchaa he won the auction but as you know im currently trade banned can you help us out?
  8. I offer 1cc for brave Tangrowth and adamant gyarados 20+
  9. Startbid: 1m insta: 4m minimum bid: 25k Im on silver server. If you are from gold you need to switch server accept rc (10k each) rerolls (725k) and cc (420k) good luck
  10. Hello I sell my Shiny alolan Muk I accept Cc (400k), rc(10k) rerolls (730k) I'm open for trades with other shinies and poke. Feel free to offer here or pm me on discord Pitroipa#6079
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