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  1. Foreground Photo: should be Ivysaur Background Photo: maybe a cool landscape if possible? Design Type: Fjabio is the signature ^^ I dont know if it fits but an avatar with a brown teint and a green hoodie and black jeans :D Design Size: 500x250 Main Text: Eternities Guild leader (maybe with a link to our guild thread) Sub Text: not needed Font: Stingray Font Color: Black Font Outline: Green Border Around Image: not needed Border Around Foreground Character: not needed Theme: light and airy Extra: no thank you
  2. Hello I wtb iv and nature rerolls or trade it with other things. Just comment here. Also sell focus sash for 4k each have more than 600.
  3. Welcome :) feel free to pm me for help ^^
  4. Yeah thats a good idea
  5. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/88917-url Hey check out our guild ^^ we are looking for new member
  6. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/88917-url Check out our guild thread :)
  7. Hello, So the rules said when someone timestall the only way to report him is to record the match. but when u dont have any possibilities to record the match u instant loose the game. there should be any way to record the match like in pokemon showdown or when u check the local time it should be at least reporteble. cause one guy do this all the time I faced 4 times this season and he always wins because of time stall. and I dont think everyone on pro has a camcorder to record the game or just play on the phone.
  8. But both has 1000+ so both are quite active atm
  9. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/88917-url Hey wir sind zwar keine reine deutsche gilde aber haben einige deutsche bei uns in den Reihen. Check mal unsere Seite aus :)
  10. so u mean that life orb toxic orb etc. isnt included in ur suggestion?
  11. Welcome Ayana :) have fun and good luck for ur journey
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