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  1. The new spawns have become much more enjoyable to farm especially for rare pokémons this rework of pinkan is almost perfect in my eyes. (You see I'm not a person who doesn't like anything like you implied lol) Removing the scyther / munchlax repel is a good thing as these two pinks were way too common compared to the other rare ones it will help to balance that. (I have repel scyther over 1000 hours without having pink scyther so I do not benefit from this change) The only negative thing in my eyes about this rework are the levels of the pokémons as other people have already pointed out because it was nice to be able to level up our pokémons while farming the pink pokémons. And thanks you for my new drop: I hope to find pink ralts someday. Edit: And yeah minun and plusle have become too co common compared to before. I have the impression that they have become t1 whereas before they were t6. I had 5 pink minun/plusle since the rework whereas before I had only one plusle pink (And I've been farming for years on pinkan island).
  2. It would be good to avoid harassing players by private messages on discord and threatening to ban them if they do not respond to you within 10 minutes of your message: In my case he was a GM who is no longer in the staff now, I answered all his questions all day while being respectful but he came back to see me several hours later and it was dark at home so I was asleep I could not answer him right away, by connecting to discord I could see many notifications from him where he threatened to ban me if I did not answer him literally 10 minutes after he asked his question. from there he kept threatening to ban me if I didn't answer him within 5min. It was really a really bad experience to go through this for several days it almost made me stop playing the game. I understand that a GM has to react quickly when there is a problem but we players have a life also we cannot be at your entire disposal for several days to answer your questions immediately, especially since I answered all his messages as soon as I saw them. I don't know if this is usual with you or if it was just the person's method, but this kind of action is not pleasant for the players. Imagine being threatened with wasting your thousands of hours of farming multiple times just because you didn't immediately respond to a staff member's question via a private message on Discord that makes you lose all desire to play the game. I'm surely not the only person to have had this bad experience. Kinds regards.
  3. Bump Now we have two pokemons T1 for farming a t8 only the morning, pink ralts wil still get more expansive than the shiny.
  4. With recents spawn change you nerf this area: Now we have 2 pokemons t1 and diglett is a t2 now.
  5. Map name: Pinkan island meadow Pokemon: Ralts Reason: Being able to farm it only in the morning makes the pokemon much too difficult to obtain unlike pancham which is the same tier as him. (Morning is shorter than day or night.) Ralts is more easily farmed in all of his other spawns, making his pink form rarer than his shiny form. I suggest making ralts farmable in the morning and day or removing pancham in the morning to make ralts more pleasant to farm on Pinkan Island. Edit: I don't know if we have the right to propose several changes but it is also linked to my first request so I add it here: Map name: Pinkan Island Meadow. Pokemon: Vulpix. Reason: Remove the ms from vulpix. For some reason this is the only pokemon ms on pinkan island. He is t5 wich makes it sufficiently rare and I think nobody want use a ms only for farm this pokemon. Especially since it already asks to activate a black ms in an area not necessarily advantageous for that. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  6. Gold server shiny ot Gang: My sir Gaydevoir caught in februar 2017 after 8 month of shasse with repel. My second high tier shiny OT: caught in the first safari event when solosis have a spawn in Safari Area 2, full lucky caught without repel. My third high shiny OT caught in 2019 when i repel pink scyther after 1000h+ farming (Ironically without having caught pink scyther lmao but i caught 3 pink munchlax and the shiny one) the ada sync fail. And my last baby OT caught 3 months ago when i farm the pink one. My sir gaydevoir fail sync as always with my ralts event (I caught 8 ralts HW and 2 Ralts XMAS he synchro only one time lmao but i have a big gaydevoir army) ironically I still haven't caught a pink ralts like pink scyther lol. Sorry I can't choose only 3 shiny among the 4 here. x)
  7. +1 Ralts is T8 with so many low tier it's so hard to farm the pink only on the morning. Since the zone exists I farm it and I never found a pink one. I found a Pink Pancham and a Shiny Ralts 2 month ago (My second shiny ralts in total, the first caught on 2017 in Hoenn) Being able to farm pink only in the morning makes it much more difficult to have than shiny to the point that shiny ralts costs less than pink one. You can farm it only for a very short time in a very bad farming area (Lots of low tier pokémon in the area) being able to farm it in the morning and daytime would be a good idea or add a repel with its current spawn. (I'm at an average of one ralts a morning, so often I go whole mornings without seeing a single ralts it gets frustrating.) Especially that the repel don't ruin the rarity of the high tier pink pokemon. Both scyther and cottoonee repels have been around for a long time and it is difficult to find a pink cottonee. Scyther has been around much longer and it's still hard to find a good pink one. (I am personally almost 1000h of repel on scyther without having found a pink scyther and I know a friend who farms it much longer than me without having it but that's the RNG God x) )
  8. Bo end: 18 March at 05:45pm GMT +1 so the winner is Daniel4949 with 2m2. Contact me when you are online.
  9. AUCTION START FROM 2M AUCTION END 48H AFTER THE FIRST BID MIN BID 100K | NO INSTA Payment Metods - Pokedollars - - Coin Capsule: 400K - - Gold | Cross Server? 1 CC -
  10. This is a good idea but first of all I want to be able to obtain Heal, Love or Dream ball to catch pink pokémon with them
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