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  1. pls add an item to make the first mone fint & die directly without going on the wild to make it faint in case we want to repel trick or hunt for a mone (especialy if the pokemon is on high level its a pain to make him faint ) for example this pic
  2. Hi, I'd like to suggest to add a NPC who can raise happiness of pokemon level 100 only, for money of course. I find it hard to raise happiness to pokemon level 100 already. No other solution except to hold soothe bell and fight low levels pokemon. Or using ev reducing berries, but that means to train again the reduced stats... Maybe like in Sinnoh, or any advanced map? I've played a game where you could get a massage for pokemon, that raise directly to max happiness. So maybe not raise full happiness at once, but maybe paying per happi
  3. Hey , I'd like to suggest to add a option when we use escape rope. e.g - Are you sure you want to use escape rope ? It directly sends user to pokemon-centre , so its annoying if it was a misclick.
  4. Not sure if this has been suggested in the past but can we allow the use of mounts in New Mauville please. It would make things alot eaiser when going to the Lt. Surge boss. As well as making Blitzle World Quests easier for players. Just for that extra movement speed. You might counter argue that its indoors etc. However the usage of mounts was allowed in Cinnabar Mansion so why not this?
  5. Hello, Can skill description have adjustment like side to pop or so, i'm playing on super low res (800x600) and having issues to read skills descriptions since its swallowed outside game window:
  6. I've been trying to enjoy the different map themes while playing but seems impossible since battle theme interrupts on every encounter, so, i'd like to suggest the creation of an option to mute battle music so the map theme keeps playing on the background of the battle.
  7. Hi , id like to suggest making porygon from silver discs have good or at least usable natures upon (same with the pikachu trade change that was recently made , which makes the pikachu traded for electrode at cinnabar lab usually have a good nature) The reasons for that is: 1- There is no effective way to hunt and actually synch porygon , the only sources are a few bosses which porygon can be a third win reward and excavation in wonderous site which is tier 9. 2- There arent that many ways to obtain silver discs , the main method is usually getting it at the 7th day of helping the news repo
  8. I wanted to suggest this because I get tired of bringing one pokemon in my team every time that lets me climb waterfalls, if there are locations more related to diving and waterfalls in the new regions you should create a "scuba dive kit" for diving and a "water jetpack" or "water boots" for climbing those. For example an annoying thing that led to this suggestion, is the boss Terminator, I can't bring my full boss team to counter him because I need a pokemon for climbing the waterfall, this is just an example but for the future regions, this problem should be kept in mind. Another alte
  9. Most of the times during pvp battle we forget that our pokemon is holding choice item and we chose a different move which result in system automatically using the previously used moved and thats why we loose an important part of team! So why not make it like when using a move with pp is fully used then the system says no pp use different move so we either use a different move or switch to other pokemon. It is my suggestion hope to be approved.
  10. Hi, I would suggest adding a shortcut to the dig spots on Mt. Coronet Summit or increasing the rewards at those dig spots. At the moment the way is hardly worth it, if you use repel, the costs for the repel for the way are higher than what you get there. I would prefer the shortcut. I hope that it is possible and that other players also find it helpful. Thank You. Possible place for the shortcut:
  12. Dear Pro Staff Members, PvP nowadays is rewarding in no way for the players except for the ones who actually aim/hit ladder. This makes pvp more competitive but at the same time more punishing for the new trainers hoping to prevail on pvp. My idea of bringing more people on PvP , except for guild leader constant spamming to their members to hit Top 3 in guild ladder as it happens in most cases, is to add PvP quests. Not something extravagant but something small like PvP 5-10 times daily quest or win 3-5 PvP daily quest again. You could add as reward either some more PvP coins or even item t
  13. Presumably this cooldow is like every other cooldown in PRO,and starts when the boss is interacted with. The old cooldown of 12 days was for weekend warriors, so you could do your bosses at any point over two days, and the.two weeks later irrelevant of when you did them prior you could do them over the weekend again. A cooldown of 7 days removes all this flexibility. Now if I do bosses at 18;30 on Sunday, then next week I can't start till after that time, and if I start this week at 19:00 suddenly I'm even further restricted. Having 6 or 6.5days means that I can boss every Sunday wit
  14. Hi guys, i believe then you could disable the game coin rewardin journal quest, because in this moment it is useless. Tks
  15. i need surrender command for pvp incase theyre stalling dont wanna waste time the only way to surrender alr is to discconect. like why disconnecting bans u for 10min for pvp it makes the opponent can pvp again faster and urself can too
  16. You heart me right, wouldn't it be cool to have a poliweird mask... thats all
  17. Can we revert it to how it was previously? It would be suuuuuper annoying now to have 30-40 sync Pokémon in your Pc just for the repel trick... I mean, does everything has to be 100% like in the originals? ._.
  18. please add a digway on Route 211 to lead in Mt. Coronet summit as well because we have some difuculty to go there so please make this short cut
  19. Ever since the graveyard been added i wonder why do we not do this but i believe the pumpkin king would be great in there. Fits with the whole Undead graveyard theme. Maybe put him in the middle of the graveyard to act as a centerpiece tying the map together. unless your actually going to do something with the table.
  20. I would like to suggest to add a Field loaded with Leppa Berries, just like there is one of Lum Berries at Rage Lake, i would like to suggest to add another one but with Leppas Berries, since this one is really important for hunting :) Thx
  21. In the lastest update, dev changed balls position pokeball have the least pior on bag after all kind of other balls which totally make no sense. I aslo asked my friend to see how they feel about the change. 50% of them said it's really annoying and keep missclick into another balls, 50% said they don't care about pokeball position. I just want to said that there are 0% in all kind of human knowledge said they want to have master ball in first place over pokeball. So please change it back, My brain got hurt while thinking why dev would make these change, it's even more hurt when thinking
  22. i have an idea to add a button in option to hide player (name and bodies) to see the map and object (eg= dig area/item ...) which were hided by players
  23. Their should be a time limit that you must be in a guild for a certain amount of time for your rating to be put into the total guild rating.(like 5-10 days) Alot if guilds at the end of the season try to buy players and get other guilds to join them to get to top. It should only count the true members that actually stay in the guild for some time which will make it more fair in my opinion.
  24. Hello, I would like to inform myself and suggest the possibility of adding the TM or TM tutor of the move curse, which was in the game in gen 2. Due to several pokemons could only learn by TM (Can be found on smogon and SD), an example that i believe to be the main one is Hitmonlee, since that now the unburden ability has been re-worked (great work with that i must say) which made it possible to use new pokemons in pvp ranked. The point is, one of hitmonlee's builds is to use curse + mental herb, making it gain speed for ability and boost for move, providing a good niche for increased poke
  25. I've found out that you can now buy small and big train tickets in department stores as stock items like MS or CCs. Also, via some in-game features you can receive them as rewards. How do you guys think of making em tradable, so that players can use them more fluently?
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