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Scary Story Contest!

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Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce this month's event, the Scary Story Contest!

Good luck to all the participants and we hope you enjoy!



❦ Each player is to make a scary story.

❦ The story must feature one Pokemon.

❦ The story must be at least 350 words and 750 words at maximum.

❦ The three best stories will be chosen by staff and will be rewarded!

❦ The event will end on October 26th, 2018, 00:00 GMT!


❦ You may only enter once per player.

❦ You can not enter from multiple accounts.

❦ Any off-topic responses will be deleted.

❦ Any inappropriate content will be deleted and punished accordingly.

❦ Your work must be original. Any form of plagiarism is not allowed.


Players who fail to comply with these rules will be DISQUALIFIED.


❦ Please indicate your In-Game Name, Discord Tag and Server in your submissions!

❦ Example!

IGN: Fluffles

Discord Tag: Cie#0996

Server: Gold


Once Upon a time.... The End!


First Place: Reroll Ticket, Choice of Item from Halloween Mystery Box, 120 PvE Coins

Second Place: 2 Coin Capsule, Halloween Mystery Box, 100 PvE Coins

Third Place: 1 Coin Capsule, Halloween Mystery Box, 80 PvE Coins


Q: How will I know if I am a winner?

A: An announcement on our PRO Official Discord will be made once the winners have been decided.

You will be contacted on Discord and on the forums if you are chosen.


Q: Are the winners chosen per server?

A: No, the winners will be chosen from both servers.


Q: What are the items from the Halloween Mystery Box?

A: You can find a list of the items on our Clothing and Mount Showcase.


Q: Can my story be about more than one pokemon?

A: Yes, as long as you focus on at least one of them!


Q: Does the title count as part of the word count?

A: No, just the story itself.

Edited by Fluffles
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General Support PRO Reporting Punishment Policy Discipline Appeals


Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can then be of use to others.

Unsolicited messages will be sent to the Black Forest, never to be seen again.

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Maximum length example: The Woods, by Marrill



You think mom will notice we’re gone?” Tyler asked, kicking through a pile of fallen leaves as we walked.

Giant, our Dalmatian, raced on and off the path, circling trees like mad.

“Maybe,” I said doubtfully, looking up into the massive red-orange trees around us. Chances were, mom was either talking to the police or having a heart attack. Or both. We were supposed to be home a while ago.

I hated to admit it, but after thirteen years of living in the woods, I was lost.

I looked around for some sign – any, really – but there wasn’t anything.

I sighed. If only I hadn’t needed to watch Tyler – I would probably be home right now, little brother-less and-

I was interrupted when Giant took my jacket sleeve in his big mouth, trying to tug me off the path.

“Not now, Gi,” I said. “Go away.”

“Tristan…” Tyler called my name. I turned in surprise. He was a few feet behind me, still as a statue. He was looking into the woods, completely still. Being six, he was never this still. Ever.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, worried.

“Do you hear that?”

I frowned and walked over to him, listening.

“Tyler-” I stopped. Faintly, in the distance, I heard a clacking sound like dropping drumsticks on each other.

I glanced at Tyler, who was slightly afraid. He took my hand. The sound stopped, and the forest went back to being quiet. Except, almost unnaturally quiet.

“I’m sure…its fine,” I said, reassuring him as much as myself. “Come on, I think I found the way back. When we get home, we can tell mom what an adventure we’ve had.” Complete lie. But my nerves were making me jumpy, and I just wanted to leave the woods

He calmed a bit. “Giant!” I called.

No rustle of leaves, or crack of branches. Silence.

Frowning, I noticed something about the right side of the path.

All the trees to my right had a big scratch in them, but when I looked to the left, they didn’t. I was pondering why this would be, when Tyler let out a little shriek.

I turned to tell him to stop freaking me out, when I noticed what he was looking at. On the right side of the forest, a light was shining between the trees. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

“Let’s go,” Said Tyler. “Let’s get Giant and go.”

“Giant probably went to that light,” I said, making a decision. “We should go too.”

I walked in, dragging Tyler along behind me. As we got closer I noticed it had suddenly gone chilly. I shivered, pushing through the last of the branches and arriving in a clearing where a little cottage stood. Hanging from the corner of the house was a little metal lantern – the source of the light we saw.

Looking a little to the left, I noticed a couple carved wooden chimes. So that was the sound.

But…where was Giant?

“Ugh! More people!” I jumped a foot in the air as the front door of the cottage burst open and out came a very disgruntled looking woman. She was Asian, maybe in her twenties, with black hair pulled into a bun, a bikers’ jacket and jeans. “I just put up a barrier for this sort of thing! All I want is privacy! Is that too much to ask?”

“Um,” I said. “Sorry, we’re looking for…”

“Yes, yes,” she said. She whistled, and Giant came bounding around the house. He ran past us and circled the woman, barking loudly.

“On second thought,” she muttered. “It’ll be easier if you’re not here.” She snapped her fingers and Giant disappeared. My mouth fell open, and I took a step back.

“You’re a witch!” Shouted Tyler with more glee than I thought necessary. “Can you turn a pumpkin into a carriage?”

She rolled her eyes. “Why would I do that when I can just call a cab?”

“W-Wait!” I shouted. She turned to me. “Where’s Giant?”

“Oh, he’s back at your house.” she dismissed, and started to push us back towards the path. “Now – leave! I need quiet.”

I was about to ask her another question when she gave one final push, sending us sprawling on the wet ground.

When I looked back, she was gone. And so were the trees with the marks on them.

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IGN: fetxiz

Discord Tag:fetxiz-valentin#9547

Server: Gold


Once Upon has time a trainer named fetxiz, who at the age of 10 years saw his mother and father killed by a ghost. A few years later at the age of 12, the teacher called him to choose his first pokemon and had the choice between minidraco, magikarp, abra or fantominus. Fetxiz chose fantominus to learn more about this pokemon, so he started his adventure and captured a lot of pokemon to complete his pokedex. He met many trainers like brock, misty, surge, erika, janine, sabrina, blaine and giovanni during his trip to the conquest of badges and pokemon, fetxiz discover that the ghost who had killed the trainer's parents was exploited, forced to do his for an organization called the rocket team

Fetxiz fought this organization and left to fight the league to become the best trainer in The End!

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IGN: Jetxky

Discord Tag: Quake#0132

Server: Gold



Pokemon has been my favorite game of all time. There was this one time where I've caught myself a Female, Level 15 Clefable, which is my favorite pokemon, and named her Lysapiras. I began training her at a Haunted Mansion and have encountered a level 13 Pichu.


I thought, hey why not, this is a good exp for Lysapiras. I was surprised that the Pichu went first, and used Thunder Wave. Lysapiras got fully paralyzed and my Pound got cancelled. I used a Paralyze Heal to remove it but the Pichu used another Thunder Wave, which causes my Lysapiras to get paralyzed again. This started to go on and on until I got so annoyed that I had to Flee/Run. I was like, screw this!


Without hesitation, I pressed "Run".


"You have run away from the wild pokemon"


Before going into another battle, I made sure that I used another Paralyze Heal on Lysapiras. As I began to run across the mansion, I encountered another Pichu with the same level earlier. I pressed "Run" again as I did not want to waste alot of resources and time with the Paralysis nonsense.

Unfortunately, "Run" failed as the text box popped up saying..


"You can't escape!"


I was like..


"Oh great, now it doesn't want me to run away!"


I decided to continue the fight instead and bring him the pain. But as the fight kept going on and on, the Thunder Wave kep hitting and not even once did it failed. Until I ran out of Paralyze Heals.. The text boxes popped up saying..


"Lysapiras is paralyzed! It may be unablle to move!"


"Lysapiras is fully paralyzed!"


"The wild Pichu used Thunder Wave!"


"Lysapiras is already paralyzed!"


The non stop boxes kept on popping up because I was unable to cast any move or cure my Paralysis. I began to wonder if this is like a bug or something. I kept on pressing Run, but the text box kept on repeating..


"You can't escape!"


Until finally.. "The wild Pichu fled!"


So relieved on finally escaping that nonsense, I immediately used an Escape rope to jump to the nearest Pokecenter..


"Hello! Welcome to the Pokemon Centre. We restore your Pokémon to full health. Would you like to rest your Pokémon?"



"Okay, we'll take your Pokémon for a few seconds."


"Oh? Your Lysapiras..."


Huh? This wasn't part of the normal script...


"She has been permanently damaged."


"WHAT?! What do you mean, she's been 'damaged?' Give me some more information, lady!"


"Thank you for waiting. We've restored the rest of your Pokémon to full health."


Yeah, yeah, I bow back to you, and I don't hope to see you again because that means my Pokémon have been hurt. God, what does it take to get good help around here...?


I opened up my party and, to my shock, Lysapiras was still paralyzed. I felt anger fill me. Can't a stupid virtual nurse do her job properly?! Grumbling, I went over the Pokemart and replaced all of my lost Parlyze Heals. I immediately went to use one on Lysapiras.

"It won't have any effect."


WHAT THE?! Now that Pichu got some weird bugs going on. I tried different scenarios to try and remove Lysapiras' Paralysis Condition, but all of them failed. Pissed by what happened, I continued to work on my Lysapiras even though she has the Paralysis and move to another leveling spot. I've encountered a level 13 Scyther this time, so I was so sure that I'll be able to outspeed this one even though I have Paralysis. After using Fake Out...


"Lysapiras is paralyzed! It will never move again!"


Now that text box seemed different this time. Having creeped out a little bit by what's happening.. I proceeded on trying to kill the Scyther.


"Lysapiras is paralyzed! It is in extereme pain!"


"The wild Scyther used False Swipe!"


"Lysapiras is paralyzed! It is grimacing and crying.."


"The wild Scyther used False Swipe!"


"Lysapiras is paralyzed! Stop this torture!"


OK. Very creepy! I immediately turned off my console and decided to go to sleep.


And just as I was already asleep for 15 minutes, I suddenly woke up feeling paralyzed! As I began to hear whispers coming from my feet, I heard the words..


"Kill me"


I tried so hard to look at what's across my feet and was frightened to see.. IT looking at me with mean intentions and beside him is my Lysapiras crying for help.



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IGN: Samm

Discordia Etiqueta: ! Saam#9572

Server : Silver






Esta es una historia basada en hechos reales por mí ya que desde pequeño he sido acosado por brujas….


Vivido por Saam


Interpretada por el joven Totodile


* Maldición Familiar *


Desde muy pequeño a una edad de 10 años cada vez el joven Totodile se levantaba de su cama sentía ciertos problemas de dolores en el cuerpo y pesadeces que él no entendía y era muy recurrentes día tras día noche tras noche


Ya al cumplir los 8 años de edad tenía ya problemas serios de salud en los riñones y el por el miedo a lo que sentía jamás hablaba de sus problemas y cada año él se sentía peor ya que no entendí que era lo que lo molestaba por las noches en cada uno de sus sueños era perseguido por una bruja con la cabeza grande si lo ponemos en términos reales era su cabeza del tamaño del cuerpo de “Gengar” en un cuerpo de persona normal de gran tamaño era horripilante lo peor que todos los sueños que ella aparecía frente a él todos se quedaban dormido de manera que nadie se podía despertar y el tono de voz era más débil en el sueño de manera que para él era imposible gritar ya dentro del sueño ella lo perseguía sin descanso toda la noche para poder atraparlo y solo podía correr por su vida ya que no tenía forma de escapar y ya que nadie se levantaba de su cama.


El joven Totodile vivía con sus 2 hermanos uno era menor que él y tenía 9 años de edad Cyndaquil siempre era imperativo y no sabía el porqué de la actitud de su hermano mayor Totodile de 8 años también tenían una hermana mayor llamada Chikorita ella tenía 12 años de edad y era muy inteligente para su edad ya que siempre salía bien en todo y era muy dedicada en sus estudios pero tampoco entendía por que su hermano menor tenía tanto problemas de salud ya que Vivian muy bien y se alimentaba de buena forma no tenía por qué sufrir problemas de salud de esa manera.


Los años pasaron en este caso 2 años después el joven Totodile se volvió más grande y algo reprimido con la gente ya los padres estaban algo preocupados por su desinterés en seguir viviendo ya que siempre decía que no quería seguir viviendo y no podían entenderlo una noche el comento algo a su padre sobre una fea bruja que lo molestaba por las noche y su padre Feraligart le contó que de joven también le pasaban mucho esas cosas porque él era muy mujeriego y que muchas de ellas le mandaban brujas para molestarlo de día y de noche también le dijeron que si algún día tuviera hijos también serían acosados fue cuando el comprendió que por los problemas que ha sufrido



In English


This is a story based on real events by me and that since childhood has been harassed by witches ....


Lived by Saam


Performed by the young Totodile



* Family curse *



From very young to an age of 10 years each time the young Totodile rose from his bed problems of body aches and nightmares that he did not understand and was very recurring day after day night after night


By the time I was 8 years old I already had problems with kidney health problems and fear of what was not heard from anyone or anyone or anyone or anyone or me. Nobody or anyone or anyone. nights in each of his dreams was chased by a witch with a big head and we put him in real conditions was his head the body size of "Gengar" in a body of normal large person was horrifying the worst that all the dreams that she appeared in front of him everyone fell asleep so that nobody could wake up and the tone of voice was weaker in the dream in the way that it was impossible to scream and in the dream she pursued him restlessly all night to be able I can not have a way to escape and no one got up from his bed.


The young Totodile lived with his 2 brothers one was younger than him and was 9 years old Cyndaquil was always imperative and did not know why the attitude of his older brother Totodile of 8 years also has an older sister called Chikorita she was 12 years old age and age is very smart The time to be always Life and life. Life is very good What health problems that way.


The years passed in this case 2 years later the young Totodile became bigger and somewhat repressed with the people and the parents worry about the wishes of the children and the children. He commented something to his father about a witch party that was bothering him at night and his father Feraligart told him that to you young to him they grazed to you to you, it was to my very to you to you to you to you to you to you I also told him that it had happened.

Edited by Saam
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<span style="> Thanks for your attention <span style=">


My Lending Shop Demonz guild Discord My Collection of Clothes

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Ign: Lilithblack

Discord: Rukia Kuchiki#5940

Server: Silver


There was once a pokemon land I visited it's called Almia. In this land they never caught pokemon with balls but sticks that go round and round. One day there was a Darkrai I had to go round and round and round with the power of the stick trying to capture it, but I froze all of sudden he spoke to me. I'm like how did he speak it's a game but then I heard Darkrai and his voice again as my capture circle finished and Darkrai was caught. He said look at that circle that you use to capture me. Did you know every time you capture me in the past in the present in the future you fail and you have done this 700 times before. Your life is nothing more than that same spinning circle. Every pain you've ever had, every happy moment and even every thing you have ever done will just go round and round and round and you will never escape no matter how many times I tell you it is your fate. He began laughing as my eyes widened and my heart intensified. Even if you die you will just be reborn boy, and you will never find your way out. Just then a shock hit me and I was flung far till everything around me was covered in light. I had awoken in a hospital apparently I was asleep dreaming the entire time but why was I in the hospital..so I decided to simply call the doctor. The man walked in and simply said oh you've been in a coma with reoccurring nightmares for 15 years. I was speechless and the doctor said hold on I'll get someone on your case right away you must have questions. I just decided to wait and see what happened, the man was taking a while so I decided to turn on the rooms TV when I flicked it on Darkrai appeared on the screen a black void appeared around me and poof I fell back in a sleep. The doctor came back a few moments too late and as I drifted off my memory in the nightmare world was reset and round and round and round 701 times here we go again!

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IGN: Becka

Discord Tag: Becks #5260

Server: Silver



Professor’s Lab

Daddy told me to never go into his lab in the basement, but I wanted to see what was making that noise. It kinda sounded like a lillipup and I wanted to see the lillipup! Everytime I waked past the door Daddy’s words echoed through my head “Remember not to go in the lab basement honey! There’s very scary pokemon in there and they need to get their rest or they will be grumpy!” Daddy takes care of pokemon sometimes so I should leave them alone but I wanna see them too! I always just nodded my head happily at his words like I understood him but I just couldn’t see how a Lillipup could ever be scary. I just can’t stand it anymore! I wanna see a lillipup so so bad! I looked over at my Mimikyu who was peeking at me from behind the wall, it stared at me like it knew what I wanted to do. Mimikyu shook its head like it didn’t want me to go either. “Mimi, it’s ok! I will be fine, I promise!” I giggled skipping towards the lab door. I grabbed the icy cold metal handle and opened the door looking back at a worried Mimikyu I slowly closed the door behind me. Tiptoeing down the creaky steps, the lillipup noises got louder. It was so cold down there, I got goosebumps all over me... finally reaching the end of the stairs I didn’t see a lillipup. Daddy appeared behind me and yanked me out of the basement screaming at me. Daddy never yelled at me before, it made me really sad and I felt my eyes well up with tears. Mimikyu scurried over to my side and nuzzled my leg to comfort me. Daddy shook his head and smiled at me, he then reached into the cookie jar on the counter and brought me a cookie. “Never go into the basement again, ok honey?” He ruffled my short red hair and walked back into the lab. I sniffled a bit and wiped my tears on my sleeve. Looking at the cookie I smiled happily. That made me feel better, so I didn’t ask him why the trainer in the lab basement was tied up making Lillipup noises, or why he had no arms or legs...

Edited by Becka
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ING : Lawyers

Discord : Lawyers#2605

Server : Gold

The Spooky Hyena


Every week, when the moon lightens the empty dog house of the abandoned house, inhabitants from Pallet Town tremble with fright. It always starts with a terrifying howl that shrills into the dark night and never stops until the sun rises.


But this week, a team of teenagers wanted to know the truth about this phenomenon. Each of them was holding a flashlight, various weapons to respond to agressions, some food products and beverages. The closer they came towards the abandoned house, the more intense the howling was as if the unknown presence wanted to defend its territory.

A sudden scream startled everyone, but it was just their comrade which has been stroked by a tree’s leaf. She apologized for her cowardize but they all told us they felt the same.


Finally, they were arrived in front of the house’s doorway. They all took a deep breath and opened together the squeaking doorway. It was an heavy one ! When itw as finally opened, they saw shadows drawing threatening forms on the ground, trees seemed to embrace them with ferocity, the wind was strong and the floor wasn’t secure. The surrounding bushes were trimed as Ghost and Dark Pokemons, and they were well-maintained as if someone wanted to perpetrate the tradition of this creepy howl.


Suddenly, one of the flashlight turned off…but it wasn’t because of battery, the teenager yelled « WAAAAH ! ». His flashlight has been stolen from his bare hand ! A slip of saliva flowed on it. The head of the team continued to advance with his friends on the alley. Few steps later, another guy from the team had been hit by the unidentified enemy, at least they didn’t know yet… So they still were on their way towards the house.


They just reached the stairs when their friend collapsed on the ground, he was… sleeping. « There is no way he can be sleeping on his own ! » stated his girlfriend. In their band there is also a litte guy which is fond of Pokemon and is a kind of encyclopedia. He blabbered… « From what I saw… we’ve been attacked by Pokemon. And from what we endured, he knows Howl and Yawn » he was about to check his Pokedex when he was run down by the spooky Pokemon. Those who were still holding flashlights aimed them all around their position not only to look for their belligerent opponent, but also to protect their sleeping and grounded friends.


One of the flashlight holder found something and whispered to his grounded friend… « I..think… I found… untelligible words ». The PoGeek, the so-called living-encyclopedia, turned his eyes towards his friend and realized he was shaking but it wasn’t fear, he was weakend… It didn’t took long in his mind to know what Pokemon they were fighting. He told to his friends :

« Howl…Yawn…Leer…Snarl and furry… There’s no mistaking. It’s either a Poochyena or a Mightyena »


He took from his backpack some Pokemon food he always has with him, and poured some in a bowl. Then he said loudly : « Either hyena you are, Pooch or Might. We don’t want to hurt you, you must have your own reasons to defend your house. But please come to us, please eat a bit you must be hungry. »


The golden Poochyena approached, he was wounded, really thin, and had a tough dirty fur. They brought him with them, took care of him… And it’s only later that they knew the truth about this Poochyena. His master has been killed because robbers wanted to steal it from him, shiny market is something valuable in this world. The Pokemon was hidden in the false-rear of his dog house, and only hang out the next-day to discover his master’s dead body. Since that time, he cried his master’s death the day of the week he has been killed.


A month later, they all found a letter on their mailbox : "Give us the shiny, or you'll end like his ugly fat master"

Edited by Lawyers
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ING: : Joguar

Discord: Joguar Kun (Retired)#1075

Server: Silver




Ghost Moon

Matty always had an irrational fear of the full moon. He thought he might fall on top of him, eat it raw or worse.

That Tuesday was Halloween, and Matty wanted to go out and play with his friends and dress up ... but he could not: it was a full moon!

Finally his little friends convinced him, and him. Before leaving, his mother says.

-Mother: be careful matty, today slaen to make mischief (referring to the ghost pokemons) and went with his friends.

At first I kept looking at the moon sideways, but then I calmed down, went to the doors of the houses and said "trick or treat". Receiving your sweets As the minutes passed he noticed many shadows, assuming they were naughty ghost pokemons on Halloween night, and he did not care, but suddenly it happened.


The Moon grew more and more, the eyes came out and a terrifying smile with sharp teeth. When Matty saw her, she almost had a heart attack.

He began to run towards his house, but the Moon flew after him until, WawhGengarGengarawhawhwhwhwhwhho, caught him in his hands and licked him.

Matty stammered and trembled, crying to the seas.

Gengar, surprised by Matty's huge scare, saw that maybe the joke had gotten out of hand ... Gengar relaxed his smile and released Matty. Gengar gave him a gentle push, saying goodbye with a shy smile.

Matty, wide-eyed, started walking home. And suddenly he realized one thing: "It was a pokemon"! A GENGAR who had played a joke!

The great fright that had happened had helped him realize that he would never again fear. Since then, he began to look at her every night, and so on to that wild gengar of that night.

Colorin colorado this tale of fear, it's over





Luna fantasma

Matty tenía un miedo irracional a la Luna llena, desde siempre. Pensaba que podía caérsele encima, comérselo crudo, o algo peor.

Ese martes era Halloween, y Pedrito quería salir a jugar con sus amigos, y disfrazarse… pero no podía: ¡era Luna llena!

Finalmente sus amiguitos le convencieron, y él. Antes de salir su madre le dice

-Madre: Ten cuidado matty, hoy salen a hacer muchas travesuras (refiriendose a los pokemons fantasmas) y se fue con sus amigos.

Al principio no dejaba de mirar a la Luna de reojo, pero luego se tranquilizó, llegaba a la puertas de las casas y decia ''truco o trato''. Recibiendo sus dulces. Al pasar los minutos se percataba de muchas sombras, asumiendo que eran pokemons fantasmas traviesos en la noche de halloween, y no le tomo importancia, pero de repente sucedió.


La Luna se hizo más y más grande, le salieron ojos y una sonrisa terrorífica con dientes afilados. Cuando Matty la vio casi le da un Infarto.

Empezó a correr en dirección a su casa, pero la Luna voló tras él hasta que, ¡WawhGengarGengarawhahwh!, le atrapó entre sus manos, Y lo Lamio.

Matty tartamudeaba y temblaba, llorando a mares .

Gengar, sorprendido ante el enorme susto de Matty, vio que tal vez la broma se le había ido de las manos… Gengar relajo su sonrisa y soltó a Matty. Gengar le dio un empujoncito suave, despidiéndose con una tímida sonrisa.

Matty, con los ojos como platos, empezó a caminar hacia casa. Y de pronto se dio cuenta de una cosa: '' Era un pokemon'' UN GENGAR que le había jugado una broma!

El gran susto que había pasado le había servido para darse cuenta de que no volvería a temer. Desde entonces, empezó a mirarla cada noche,y así recordando ese gengar salvaje de esa noche.

Colorin colorado este cuento de miedo, se ha terminado

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