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How to level up any pokemon quickly and easy for newbies: The Guide!


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10 minutes ago, Whatisthis said:

Does the Toxic/Flash/Flash/Leech/Memento not work any longer? Pokemon no longer are near death/die when I memento in a low level. Is this due to the new patch, me finishing the story, or something else? I've tried a dozen times now. 

As far as I know, this has not changed recently, so it kinda weirds me out that this does not work. 

I alternatively do Toxic/Flash three times to four times (depending on the opponent's max HP) /Memento, and hope I don't get bad luck. I will go ingame and test it myself.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxydK7CUEwL47Ym7hIkMbSA <- Youtube channel with guides!

https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/13-game-guide/ <- Check my game guides (and other's guides) here!

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2 hours ago, Bhimoso said:

As far as I know, this has not changed recently, so it kinda weirds me out that this does not work. 

I alternatively do Toxic/Flash three times to four times (depending on the opponent's max HP) /Memento, and hope I don't get bad luck. I will go ingame and test it myself.


Yeah, what is weird is I'm doing it in the cave before the Kanto E4. The same place I was doing it when I hadn't finished Kanto/Johto. However, now that I have finished the entire story it seems to no longer be working as well as it did previously. I didn't see anything change in the changelogs, but that doesn't mean something didn't slip by or was forgotten. Please, let me know if you are having issues as well.

For reference: I am using level 100 Jumpluff. Toxic, flash, flash, leech seed, memento and swap in low level pokemon. I make sure toxic and leech seed hit. For example, currently, the level 50-53 Ursaring has enough hp to last another turn or two. 

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On 2/18/2021 at 7:45 PM, Whatisthis said:

Does the Toxic/Flash/Flash/Leech/Memento not work any longer? Pokemon no longer are near death/die when I memento in a low level. Is this due to the new patch, me finishing the story, or something else? I've tried a dozen times now. 

Same thing happening to me, used this a week ago with no problem, I tried it today and wild Pokemons are nowhere near death, almost 40% hp I'd say...

Any idea ? Badly poisonned got nerfed ?

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On 2/20/2021 at 11:07 AM, Mumuce said:


Same thing happening to me, used this a week ago with no problem, I tried it today and wild Pokemons are nowhere near death, almost 40% hp I'd say...

Any idea ? Badly poisonned got nerfed ?

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Damn rip, no more easy level grinding. 

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@Whatisthis @MumuceI've now checked and yes, after enough testing, Toxic + Leech Seed is now impossible to perform. I've updated the guide now. Sad to see the combo disappear 😞 but I've fixed it with a 90-80% success rate method just abusing Toxic + Flash.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxydK7CUEwL47Ym7hIkMbSA <- Youtube channel with guides!

https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/13-game-guide/ <- Check my game guides (and other's guides) here!

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On 5/31/2020 at 5:42 PM, Bhimoso said:

Are you tired of reading forum guides that tell you "bro you only need a toxic orb pokemon with a false swiper" yet you can't obtain it because you're still stuck against Giovanni, Sabrina or still struggling to survive against the Elite Four, you can't afford buying one because you're poor and the pokemon they ask you to use IS A HOENN POKEMON? Or they ask you to buy half a million focus sashes, get Cerulean Cave access or impossible requirements for you poor fella who is still stuck in Kanto?



Pro Newbie having a rage attack after being oneshot by Giovanni's Mewtwo for the 20th consecutive time (circa 2018, colorised)


Are you headbutting your head against the wall (without the happiness requirement) because you have no idea how to find a False Swipe pokemon, you just started two days ago because that buddy told you HEY DUDE PLAY THIS GAME IT'S SO BIG AND FUN AND IT'S HARD but you actually now hate your friend because Sabrina keeps oneshotting your pokemon with Alakazam and you can't get any Dark type pokemon to a high level because it just keeps fainting in Seafoam?


Well fear not PLAYER because I'm going to try and put some humour into an ACTUALLY EASY AND RELIABLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE GUIDE that ACTUALLY gives you FACTUAL information and DETAIL on how to REALISTICALLY level up your pokemon if you're a newbie and you have LITERALLY NO RESOURCES to start with. It doesn't matter if you're poor. You can start this method as soon as HAVING BEATEN THE 2ND KANTO BADGE. Yes, you heard me right, you can start it JUST WITH TWO BADGES.


But Bhimoso, why are you making this guide? Well, I'm making this guide because a lot of guides are either half made or incomplete and tell you methods of leveling up your pokemon, but they have absurdly hard requirements for a newbie or literally put NO effort into teaching you how to level up your pokemon. I am going to treat you like children in this guide, so you can follow this better.






REQUIREMENTS: You only need to get to the THIRD BADGE (but NOT beaten it, it's not a requirement) to pull this method off. It is also heavily suggested that you obtain a Smoke Ball by using Thief or Covet onto wild Koffing and Weezing in Cinnabar Mansion or in Celadon City from Grimer and Koffing...

You can also equip leftovers onto some of your pokemon (Memento users). It is also good that your pokemon have a priority move (Quick Attack, Aqua Jet, Sucker Punch, Extremespeed... etc) or that you have the Sturdy ability (hello Geodude). It is also recommended that the pokemon you capture have a decent nature, but even borderline garbage pokemon can be used for this.




The idea is to NOT evolve your pokemon so as to level them up incredibly faster for anything you might want to use them. With the methods we will use, you shouldn't take even one hour to level up something from level 10 to level 80. If you evolved your pokemon because you wanted to have fun in PRO blasting everything with your Charizard (ha! having fun in a videogame? is this reality?), it's going to suck JUST A LITTLE BIT. We will handle it! (As much as we can).


To exploit leveling faster, we will PURPOSEDLY FAINT the pokemon we are going to use as SLAVES. There's not just one pokemon that is useful for this strategy. There are MANY, MANY methods, but I will try to explain as many as possible and teach you how to exploit them properly. This guide will be updated constantly, because there are MANY methods we will use and more that we can add in. However, I will keep this Kanto obtainable pokemon only for now, because I want to help out newbies specifically.


Some of the pokemon we will be using:


This list will be a bit long, but I will showcase a LOT of methods. As much as possible. This might take me a lot of hours to write. We ideally want to have five of the same pokemon to make this process absurdly fast.


Magnemite: MUST HAVE STURDY ABILITY. (To level itself faster, but also to help out better). OBTAINABLE BEFORE 2ND GYM. ROUTE 6 ALL DAY. Recommended Modest/Rash/Mild nature


Cubone: Ability does not matter. Obtainable in Rock Tunnel, all day. After 3rd gym, it's a bit hard to find (not really). Recommended Ada/Brave nature


Farfetch'd: (Yes, this is not a joke). Catchable in route 13, same way as Hoppip. Any ability works. Inner focus is nice to avoid flinches though. Recommended Ada/Naughty/Lonely nature


Hoppip: Ability does not matter. THIS IS THE SUBSTITUTE FOR WHIMSICOTT. After 4th gym, we will get them in Route 13, morning and day time.


ANY GRASS/WATER TYPE. Recommended Bold/Calm nature.


ANY FIGHTING/ICE/STEEL/GROUND TYPE (however, these can be worse and harder to use). Nature depends on pokemon.


Yes, that includes anything that falls under these types.


There are many, many other options we can use. I'll list them!


Abusing Sturdy!


When you read this you'll be like "oh cool, we're going to use Sturdy ability somehow, right?"




We will abuse this method in caves such as Rock Tunnel or Victory Road. This one is simple and straightforward. In later stages of the game, we could also use Mount Silver (an absurd amount of pokemon there seem to have Sturdy) and Cerulean Cave.


We are trying to level up something that is SO useless it's unbearable to handle (yes, MAGIKARP, I AM LOOKING AT YOU). We just... can't... he can only Tackle. And Splash. And Bounce. His attack is BEYOND PATHETIC. How can we level this up?


We will go to any cave where Sturdy pokemon spawn (this also works at the beggining, if we are trying to train to fight Misty, and we want to use Mt Moon). We will use five grass types (or water types). They must have ANY move that will normally faint a Rock/Ground pokemon in any hit. For example, we will use a Tentacool with surf. We will have five Tentacools with Surf in our team and we will have our Magikarp in the last spot of our team.


I will go into more specific details, however: What if our pokemon is so slow that we know they will defeat it before it can attack? If this happens, we will modify this slightly. Our pokemon must be capable of learning a move to defeat any Ground/Rock type pokemon in a single hit AND learn either the move Flash, a Paralysation move (thus, a move that can inflict paralysis) or a move that will decrease the opponent's accuracy.


Option 1: We use five grass types to powerlevel our useless Magikarp. We go to Victory Road B3F. We find a wild Graveler. In our first turn, we will Mega Drain it and leave Graveler with one HP, as it survived Sturdy. If it didn't survive Sturdy: this is still great, as you got some extra levels for your trainers! If it survived sturdy, he will have used Earthquake against your pokemon. Now, use Stun Spore or Flash. You can also first paralise it (if your pokemon has access to the move) and then spam Flash like a madman until our pokemon is fainted.


Then, we switch in the pokemon we want to train and we hit it once. And watch how he gets an absurd amount of levels and experience! If we use Flash six times, the enemy should NOT be able to hit you (unless your luck is horrendous). If he is paralysed, he will be slower AND have a chance to stay paralised that turn. The easiest Grass type to use for this method is ODDISH. By FAR. He's the easiest to access.


Option 2: We use five water types to powerlevel (the easiest here is to use TENTACOOL.) We will teach them any water type move (I mean, just use surf lol, but if you are still in Rock Tunnel just use anything after having obtained the Old Rod in Vermillion) and face off against Rock/Ground Sturdy pokemon. We will use our water type attack and leave our opponent with 1 hp. Then, he will Earthquake us.


If our pokemon is Tentacool this process will be fast, since he will almost always instantly faint us. Then, we just switch in our second pokemon and attack it once to grab all the experience! Remember he can use Flash if we survive!


Option 3: This might be a bit harder. We are going to use Magnemite or any Steel type with Sturdy against these Rock/Ground types. We will use Flash Cannon to lower their hp to 1, and if we survive the hit, we will spam Flash until we faint. Then, we will revenge kill with our pokemon that needs the experience. If we don't survive, we do the same method!


Option 4: The last resort is by using any other pokemon that has one of the advantageous types mentioned before. We're going to hit the Sturdy pokemon as hard as we can and we will then spam any non-damaging move until we faint. This can be done with Sandshrew, who is catchable in Mt Moon, just after the first badge, by spamming Sand Attack.


Option 5: If we want to level up a Sturdy pokemon, we will do all these methods mentioned above. Any of these will work. However, there's a nice advantage: When we switch in our Sturdy pokemon, he will 100% win the fight even if he moves after the wild pokemon attacks, since he is guaranteed to survive a single hit. This would only not happen if the opponent had an ability which ignored our Sturdy (Mold Breaker), used a multi-hit move (don't worry, they won't, I made sure of it before I started this guide), you were paralised/asleep/frozen, or you missed your move.


False Swipe Method


For this method, we could ask a friend to buy False Swipe TMs from Johto Safari and then sending them to us via Mailbox (ha, imagine having friends.) But what if you don't have any friends or anyone to help you out?



Bhimoso in 2015 realising he had started this game without any friends so he couldn't ask anyone for help. Actually this can be applicable to anyone playing PRO without friends lol.


We are going to hunt for Cubone in Rock Tunnel. Cubone is accessible before the fourth badge and can be found all day in Rock Tunnel. He is an AMAZING CHAD of a pokemon who has ALL the tools to help us out, is INCREDIBLY easy to level up, and if you manage to find one with Thick Club, it will basically be a god of destruction.


Cubone learns False Swipe at level 27 and is extremely easy to use. We will use a Cubone with the attacks False Swipe, Boneomerang (quick explanation: Ground types easily defeat Rock types. Rock types have Sturdy, however. However, Boneomerang hits twice. If the pokemon survives the first hit with Sturdy, he will be defeated by the second hit.


We will use this move to level him a lot if we need it), and any two filler moves we might deem necessary. It is HEAVILY recommended we use a single attack ground type move like Earthquake and any filler move to hit hard like Headbutt to any non-Sturdy pokemon).


We can bring Cubone anywhere, and for this example, we'll assume you're hardstuck in Sabrina trying to defeat her but you simply have no idea how to defeat her. We've discovered thanks to Bhimoso that Diglett can oneshot Sabrina's pokemon by spamming Sucker Punch, a priority move that hits really hard, is super effective on Psychic Types and will ALWAYS land as long as the opponent tries to use an attacking move. We will go to Seafoam B4F and visit the woman that will heal us up everytime we pay a bit.


We will find a wild battle. We will preferably dodge Water types in order to ensure Cubone does not get Thanos clapped into oblivion before we cannot do anything (thus, try to find GOLBATS or any pokemon that will not wipe him out too quickly).


Cubone will first attack with any move to lower the opponent's HP and then you will spam False Swipe until Cubone faints. False Swipe is a move that deals damage but WILL NOT FAINT YOUR OPPONENT, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY. After we have fainted Cubone, we will now switch in the pokemon we want to train and revenge kill for the experience.


However, we sometimes have trouble because the pokemon is actually faster and manages to defeat us before we can revenge kill with false swipe. Man, how can we avoid this? FEAR NOT, WE HAVE THE MIGHTY FARFETCH'D IN OUR HANDS! how have I ended up finding out Farfetch'd was actually a GOD all this time lol


We will catch five Farfetch'd in Route 13 and level them up there as much as we need (there's a lot of grass and bug type pokemon there that we can wipe out of existence to power it up as much as we need). It might seem funny, but Farfetch'd moveset is actually kind of insane. We will go to the Move Relearner in Cerulean to relearn Sand-Attack yes, we're going to spend 2k for that garbage.


We will also purchase Poison Jab (optionally), Brave Bird, and level him up until 45 so he learns False Swipe. We can also learn any good moves, we just need Sand-Attack and False Swipe. We will repeat the same method as Cubone, but we will spam Sand-Attack once the wild pokemon is at 1 hp.


I will now list some False Swiper alternatives that are incredibly useful:

: If you are later in the game, you should catch any Shroomish you see and train them. Whenever you feel like you are ready to use it to False Swipe, evolve it into Breloom (preferably above 90 or 95). Make it learn False Swipe thanks to the TM - False Swipe, which is sold in Johto's Safari entrance. False Swipe any pokemon until you faint! Then, you only have to revengekill the wild pokemon with any move. Breloom has access to Spore, which will let you make a wild pokemon fall asleep if things get out of hand.


Shedinja: If you reached Hoenn, capture ANY Nincada you see. You can train it or evolve it straight to Shedinja. Shedinja is a pokemon which can only be damaged by Status Moves, Entry Hazards, special status moves like Leech Seed or by its weaknesses (Ghost, Dark, Fire, Flying and Rock). Thus, It's immune to any attack it receives. You can teach Shedinja False Swipe and it will be able to False Swipe Water type pokemon as Water Types do not deal any damage thanks to Wonder Guard. Equip False Swipe, equip a Toxic Orb (easily obtainable in Bug Catching Contest), and False Swipe a wild high level pokemon until you faint. Then, you only need to revengekill.


The best but very complicated and quick option: Gallade.  If you are a lategame player, this is the BEST option by far. If you're a Kanto player, you can also obtain a Gallade, but this process will be extremely long and complicated. If you're willing to go through it though, this is the best PRO False Swiper. 


Capture a wild MALE Ralts. Train it up to 90+, and evolve it into Kirlia. Now, use a DAWN STONE onto it. It will become a Gallade. Teach Gallade these moves:
-Trick Room (TM purchasable in Mossdeep City Space Center)

-Memento (Egg Move)

-False Swipe (TM purchasable in Johto Safari).

You can hunt Ralts in Kanto in Love Island as long as you have unlocked it.

Fight a wild pokemon. Use False Swipe until they have 1 HP.
Now, use Trick Room. This will make it so that the slowest pokemon attacks first, and the fastest pokemon attacks last.

Next turn, use Memento. Switch into your low level pokemon.

With its extremely low speed, it will now be able to attack the opponent's pokemon first, no matter the level difference, as long as your pokemon is slower. Congratulations! You're leveling up quickly!


Abusing Immunities, Priority and Sturdy/Focus Sash


This is going to be a harder and more niche section, but this is some things I have seen throughout all these months of experience. This is going to be a shorter section.

You can abuse your pokemon's immunities or resistances to level up some of your pokemon way faster than intended. Before you reach the fourth gym (which is the Grass gym, by the way), you get access to Diglett Tunnel. This would seem unrelated until you realise Flying types are strong against Grass types, and are IMMUNE TO GROUND TYPES.


If you get ANY NORMAL/FLYING TYPE (dual type, Pidgey, Hoothoot, Doduo, Spearow, Taillow... you get the point) and face ANY Diglett BELOW level 22 or ANY Dugtrio in levels 26 and ABOVE, you will be immune to all attacks. Thus, you can level up a level 2 Pidgey by just spamming moves nonstop against any of these, because they can't attack you. They simply can't hurt you. You can powerlevel ANY of these nice flying types for the 4th gym and for Giovanni in Celadon if you need to.


But this is not the only place. Sometimes, wild pokemon will not understand you have Levitate and will spam Ground type moves against you. Thus, pokemon such as Bronzor with Levitate can be extremely powerleveled in caves since the enemy AI just thinks: "helo im smort ground beatz steel thus take all this SAND" and does not realise you're immune.


You can level up ANY pokemon with Levitate in caves super easily. Aside from that, Pokemon that resist Poison or are immune to it can be powerleveled in Pokemon Mansion in Cinnabar, or in the lategame, against Arboks in Cerulean Cave, since they can deal NO damage against you. Beware of Grimer and Muk in Cinnabar though, they sometimes have dark type moves and ground type moves.


For example, Cerulean Cave has four different pokemon available to fight when surfing: Psyduck, Golduck, Slowpoke and Slowbro.

Psyduck and Golduck only know Hydro Pump as an attacking move. If your pokemon are immune to Water or resistant to Water, you can equip a Smoke Ball and avoid any other fights. This way, you will only fight Psyduck and Golduck, who will not deal any damage to you. Free and easy experience!


On the other hand, Slowpoke and Slowbro only know Psychic type attacks. Thus, you can train any Dark type pokemon against them, as they literally cannot damage you, as you are immune to them. You can level up a level 5 pokemon against them, and they would still not defeat you when they are level 64. You can teach your pokemon Toxic and abuse immunities at low levels to be untouchable against really high level pokemon.


Thus, you can also powerlevel Ground types in Electric type places, Ghost types in Normal type pokemon battles, and the list goes on. Be sure to abuse Pokemon resistances in order to powerlevel your pokemon. Fire types are a pain to train in most places since the best places are caves, where ground, rock and water types inhabit!


As an extra note: Sturdy pokemon will ALWAYS SURVIVE A SINGLE HIT. Thus, using the methods mentioned above, any Sturdy pokemon can level up ANYWHERE, no matter if he is 60 levels below the wild pokemon's level. When the wild pokemon is just one hit away from fainting, we can let our bait pokemon faint and then we will revenge kill with our Sturdy one.


Even if our pokemon takes a hit, he will survive and defeat the opponent. ALWAYS. (Unless you get flinched, which may happen in Cerulean Cave). Thus, we can defeat level 50+ pokemon in Victory Road or level 50+ in Cinnabar Mansion using this method, with any pokemon with a lower level.


Priority moves can also do the same job: once our bait pokemon has been defeated, we can finally throw in our training pokemon and use a priority move to defeat it and gain an absurd amount of levels with this.


The BEST Method: Toxic - Flash - Flash - Flash - Flash - Memento


This is actually by far, in my opinion, the BEST method you could EVER use. However, I only use this method if the pokemon is so useless, SO USELESS, that it cannot simply do ANYTHING by itself. ANYTHING. When the pokemon is SO BAD that it makes you want to rip your hair out and cry or shave and become balder than me. that's impossible though, at the rate I'm losing my hair.

Quick note: A bug was fixed where Toxic would deal double the normal damage on the first turn. Thus, I've had to update the guide.
Toxic + Leech Seed NO LONGER WORKS. PRESS F. 2015-2021 RIP 😞


Normally, we would use other pokemon for this method such as Whimsicott, who is an amazing pokemon with an amazing ability with an amazing moveset with an amazing set. However, we're poor. We're so poor that we had to sell the pet Magikarp we were scammed by in Mt Moon. We're going... to use... Hoppip... oh god why.


We will first capture five Hoppip in Route 13. These are EXTREMELY EASY TO LEVEL UP (thank god because this pokemon is trash) thanks to the fact that we can go to ANY CAVE or ANY WATER ZONE and just spam Mega Drain. We will level this guy as much as we can, because he will eventually become a monster. At level 49, we will make it learn Memento, as this is the KEY to our SUCCESS.


Afterwards, once it's fully leveled up (to whichever level we decide), we will purchase a Toxic TM in Fuchsia Gym, we will make it relearn Memento and we will make it learn Flash with our HM. Its final moveset will be: Flash, Memento, Synthesis, Toxic. Remember these 4, BECAUSE THEY ARE OBLIGATORY. If we ever need to level him up more, remove Synthesis for Giga Drain, and level him up as much as needed. (Remember you can relearn Synthesis in any Move Relearner for 2k whenever you feel like).


Now, listen carefully. If we can dig up some Leftovers in Dig spots, we will equip one to each Hoppip, because their defense is TRASH. Literally. We will now go to ANY place we want to level up.


Keep in mind this WILL NOT WORK against a pokemon that is IMMUNE to Poison or cannot be poisoned, and against ANY grass types. However, there are a lot of pokemon and places where we can powerlevel easily without these restrictions (Seafoam, Victory Road, Dragon's Den, Mt Silver, Cerulean Cave). I suggest you evolve it after 75-80, as it will be able to tank the needed turns to pull of this strategy.


We will enter battle with a Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff.


This is the order where you must do the move combination:


Turn 1 - Toxic (until you manage to poison the opponent, as it has a chance to miss)

Turn 2 - Flash

Turn 3 - Flash
Turn 4 - Flash

Turn 5 - Flash

Turn 6 - Memento

Turn 7 - You can now either:

A: Pray that you don't get hit, or use Protect (TM Purchasable in Sinnoh, Veilstone Department Store), Detect, Fly (HM obtainable after Subway Quest), Dig (TM Purchasable in Celadon Department Store), Dive (HM in Hoenn), Bounce, Endure, Fake Out.

B: Otherwise, you can try using a Priority Move such as Quick Attack, Mach Punch or Extremespeed to try and finish the opponent off if you don't want to risk it. If your pokemon is fast and you use an attacking move and you attack first, you might also be able to ensure it.
These moves will grant you an immunity in the 99% of the situations and you will gain the full experience.


Remember: Since the Leech Seed + Toxic was fixed, you now depend on a 80% chance to dodge the last hit, as there is no way now to make it a 100% chance to win with this strategy. If you dodge the last hit, the wild pokemon will faint due to Poison, and you will get the full experience, as Hoppip / its evos fainted due to Memento.

Hoppip is an incredibly easy tool to use and exploit. It's also really cheap and easy to find. This is BY FAR the easiest method and fastest, in my opinion. We can obtain this pokemon after the fourth badge, thus, making it an extremely early tool to level up fast. It is easily huntable in Route 13 together with its evolution Skiploom.


I heavily recommend this spread: Bold nature (if you fight in LAND in any cave, as the attackers will 90% be physical) or Calm nature (if you fight while SURFING in any cave, as the attackers will be 90% special). If you want to EV train it: 252 HP EV, and then if it's Bold you can train 252 DEF EV. If it's calm, 252 SPDEF EV.


After the Memento, we need to survive that Turn 7 one hit, praying that Memento's damage debuff and the reduced accuracy will make the enemies' move either miss, or not hit us for enough damage to faint us.


If we survive the turn after Memento, we'll have earned the full experience!


Small extra tips!


There are multiple ways to make leveling pokemon easier. Throughout the game, there are always small tips and methods you can use. 

It is extremely recommendable that you equip items that you would use in PvP to your pokemon, because some of them will make you practically invincible when leveling up.


For example, you can purchase an Air Balloon in the PvE Coin Shop. An Air Balloon will make you immune to ALL Ground type moves.
Quagsires in Mt Silver only know the move Earthquake. Thus, you'll be immune to all their moves as long as you have Air Balloon equipped.


If you have a Muscle Band, you can equip it to a Physical Attacker to hit way harder. Same with a Choice Band. However, Choice Band will restrict your moves and you will only be able to use the same move in battle (unless you switch out).


If your pokemon needs to be faster to level up easier, you can equip a Choice Scarf onto it to ensure it is faster than the wild pokemon.

If your pokemon is a Special Attacker, you can equip a Choice Specs.

If you have super-effective moves against the wild pokemon that spawn in your area, you can equip an Expert Belt.

Type enhancing items such as Plates (easily findable in Dig Spots) are amazing 20% bonuses to all the same type moves you use.
Equip them in battle!

Additionally, Smoke Ball is practically the best item in the game to level up a pokemon. It will allow you to escape and avoid any unwanted encounters in a Cave. Equip it into any pokemon and escape from any bad situation!

Example: in Cerulean Cave, my Oddish can easily Giga Drain some Graveler, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, and Sandslash. However, it cannot Giga Drain Arbok, Golbat or Parasect. If I equip Smoke Ball, I will always be able to escape from unwanted encounters!



I hope you have enjoyed the full guide. I plan on including more memes and maybe edit it to expand it in the future, but for now, my job is done. I did this guide in two quick hours after I went for a walk in the mountains and checked other leveling guides and found them a bit incomplete, so I decided to make mine. I hope you enjoy this and it is helpful to you all!

With the sturdy method, the gravelors/onix keep using stone edge and dying to recoil damage

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