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How to level up any pokemon quickly and easy for newbies: The Guide!


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Hi there, I'm brand new to the game and was having a little bit of trouble and was wondering if you could help. I'm trying to use the cubone method But it seems when I false swipe until I faint and then switch to my other pokemon it doesn't get any more xp than if I just killed it normally. I am also only using 1 cubone so far while I try to get more, so I'm not sure if that's the reason why, but would love some help!

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Just wanted to drop in and tell everyone, they fixed the turn-bug, for the Future Sight- and Desteny Bond- Methods your Pokemon needs to survife one round agaist the enemy.


So you need to teach the Pokomen Protect, Endure or Detect (afaik that are all moves that let you survive an Attack) or it needs Stash (as Bhimoso said, bad Idea) or Sturdy to make these Strategies work again.


Personally for me I already prefered the use of Donphans + Priority (especially since they are a lot more easy to get), but for Pokemon without priority-moves Misdreavus was my go-to so it got more expensive to use them.



On the Plus side, the Arboks in Cerulean Cave now don't have a useable attacking move (since they don't hold berrys) so they can be defeatet with anything, that can do enough damage. 

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