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How to level up any pokemon quickly and easy for newbies: The Guide!


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Welcome to the leveling guide made for newbies!


Are you tired of reading forum guides that tell you "bro you only need a Toxic Orb Pokemon with a False Swiper" yet you can't obtain it because you're still stuck against Giovanni, Sabrina or still struggling to survive against the Elite Four?


You can't afford buying one because you're poor and the Pokemon they ask you to use IS A HOENN POKEMON? Or they ask you to buy half a million Focus Sashes, get Cerulean Cave access or impossible requirements for you poor fella who is still stuck in Kanto?



Pro Newbie having a rage attack after being oneshot by Giovanni's Mewtwo for the 20th consecutive time (circa 2018, colorised)


Are you headbutting your head against the wall (without the happiness requirement) because you have no idea how to find a False Swipe pokemon, you just started playing the game two days ago because that buddy told you HEY DUDE PLAY THIS GAME IT'S SO BIG AND FUN AND IT'S HARD but you actually now hate your friend because Sabrina keeps oneshotting your pokemon with Alakazam?


I'm going to try and put some humour into an ACTUALLY EASY AND RELIABLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE GUIDE that ACTUALLY gives you FACTUAL information and DETAIL on how to REALISTICALLY level up your pokemon if you're a newbie and you have LITERALLY NO RESOURCES to start with.


It doesn't matter if you're poor or just began playing 4 hours ago. You can start this method as soon as HAVING BEATEN THE 2ND KANTO BADGE. Yes, you heard me right, you can start it JUST WITH TWO BADGES.


But Bhimoso, why are you making this guide? Well, I'm making this guide because a lot of guides are either half made or incomplete and tell you methods of leveling up your pokemon, but they have absurdly hard requirements for a newbie or literally put NO effort into teaching you how to level up your pokemon. I am going to treat you like children in this guide, so you can follow this better.




This guide will aim to teach you MANY, MANY methods of leveling up ANY pokemon (attackers, tanks, utility pokemon, pokemon that cannot fight by themselves (Metapod, Ditto, me after eating too many pizzas), and other nearly useless pokemon you struggle with leveling up. I will try to indicate which minimum requirements you need for each method to be performed and why and when should you do it.


Generally, the idea is to level up your pokemon using ANY of these methods below until it can fight by itself in high level areas. The idea is to bring it to around level 60 to 70, then let it level by itself. This, however, is not always possible. Newbies might be unable to level up Fire Types until they unlock more regions because Kanto is VERY restrictive in regards to Fire Type leveling spots.


The main idea is to NOT evolve your pokemon so as to level them up incredibly faster for anything you might want to use them. With the methods we will use, you shouldn't take even one hour to level up something from level 10 to level 80. If you evolved your pokemon because you wanted to have fun in PRO blasting everything with your Charizard, you will still be able to follow this guide and enjoy the game.



This guide will be updated constantly, because there are MANY methods we will use and more that we can add in. However, I will keep this Kanto obtainable pokemon only for now, because I want to help out newbies specifically. If I make an exception, I'll notify it.


Recommended mechanics that will help you out!






Guilds give you an inherent EXP bonus JUST FOR BEING IN THEM. Depending on the size of the guild, this bonus goes from 2.5% to 10%. While at first this bonus may seem minimal, keep in mind 10% means that, one every ten fights you will basically get an extra fight worth of experience. Every ten fights, you will basically have fought eleven instead. It QUICKLY adds up while you faint hundreds of pokemon.


If you join a LADDER Guild (a Guild that in the last season ended in the Top 10 spots in the Guild Ranked Ladder), you will additionally gain a 25% bonus EXP. Thus, this bonus can reach a 35% EXP bonus. Now you realise that, once every three fights, you've gained enough EXP for a fourth fight. That's an amazing amount of  experience. Thus, if you're a newbie, no matter if your Guild is filled with newbies, JOIN A GUILD! There are NO penalties for joining and leaving one.


Membership and EXP Potions




If you want to go the Premium way and support this amazing game, there's also another extra help you can take. You can always donate to purchase a Coin Capsule, and then you have two amazing options.


You can purchase the Membership Medallion, there is the 15 day, 30 day and 60 day version. Having a Membership active gives you a 50% exp bonus, which is the one we're interested in. No matter the duration, the bonuses are the same, but it lasts longer the bigger the Medallion is.


A 50% EXP boost is INSANE. Once every 2 fights you get an extra fight worth of EXP. Not only that, did you know that an entire MONTH (yes, MONTH) of Membership is only FIVE euros? It's so cheap it's not even a joke. Instead of getting a pizza one night, you just go and donate the five euros you would've spent. For the ENTIRE month, you get 50% extra EXP, 100% bonus money (this is the best part, do you know that money you get from fights?


Well, NOW YOU GET DOUBLE THE MONEY), access to exclusive very rare pokemon, rare bosses AND rare Membership Only areas. Memberships are incredible and I ALWAYS recommend dumping FIVE dollars a month. If you are unable to donate, there's no issue! Coin Capsules and MS Medallions are tradable, so you can purchase them with Pokedollars from other players (or trade other in-game items for them). 


EXP Potions are also another option. If you are going to train many, MANY pokemon, you can purchase an EXP potion that gives you a 25% EXP bonus for 72 hours. This is a very good option if you are a Service Provider and train pokemon for Pokedollars. I only suggest purchasing these if you are stacking the Guild Boost, an Active Membership and you must train 10 or more pokemon for someone (or for yourself). 


Held Items and Consumables




Held items are a very, VERY important of Pokemon. Held items range from Berries that activate under specific conditions (a move runs out of PP, your health goes below 50% HP, etc etc and so on), PvP items that boost a stat but enable a secondary condition (Assault Vest boosts your SPDEF by 50% but does not let you use status moves), PvP/PvE (in reality they are PVP, however, these are more suited for PvE too) items that do something similar (Choice Items), type enhancing items (Miracle Seed, Hard Stone and so on, the Type Tables), and other items. Some of these items are consumable and some are not! Some are very recommended while others are only recommended in specific circumstances.


I will list the types of items that are normally used in EXP training that you should (OR SHOULDN'T) use while leveling up. They will be classified in different sections.






Berries are so overlooked that I'm even surprised people don't use them. Berries are obtainable ANYWHERE. You can farm them up extremely quickly, pick them up and equip them onto your pokemon. What I often recommend with your berry usage is that you equip Leppa Berry onto your pokemon if your pokemon is strong enough to fight constantly without stopping so that, when one of its moves reaches 0 PP, Leppa Berry will automatically restore 10 PP. This makes menuing faster in long periods. Additionally, you can also equip berries such as Lum Berry or other status berries (Persim, for example) to heal up any status you may find.


While these are situational, Lum and Cheri berries are nice to have in Cerulean Cave if you keep fighting Electrode and Raichu, for example. In Stark Mountain, you want anti-Burn berries and anti-Poison berries too. Sitrus berries can also be an okay option to heal up some of your pokemon's HP if it goes down slowly fight by fight. Do not be afraid to use berries since they respawn!


Healing Items


When you get further into the game you'll realise you'll be stocking up on hundreds of Potions, Leppa Berries, Super Potions and other healing items you'll barely use in the Endgame because you just travel to the Pokecenter every time you train pokemon. Don't be afraid to use these items if your healing point is far away from where you are leveling up your pokemon. 


Choice Items


The Choice Items are often overlooked at how good they are at leveling up in PvP. These items, more often than not restricted to PvPing as they provide great bonuses but leave you locked into a single move, are amazing features in PvE. Are you at level 30 fighting a level 50 and you're a bit slower than them but if you hit them you would oneshot them? Equip a Choice Scarf, now you outspeed, oneshot and faint the wild pokemon! You're now able to level up in high level zones. Choice Band will help your ATK increase a LOT and Choice Specs will also power up your SPATK moves. These are great items you can have your pokemon hold while leveling up. The 50% boost is massive as you'll be able to faint way higher level pokemon you normally would be unable to. Keep in mind these items will lock you into a single move unable to switch until the fight is over or until you switch to another pokemon. These items are easily obtainable in the Item Recycler.


Assault Vest and Rocky Helmet


The Assault Vest is one of the best items to powerlevel slow but tanky pokemon such as Tangela. This will power up your SPDEF stat by 1.5 stages while as a restriction it will not allow you to use status moves. This item can easily be used by offensive slow tanks that can benefit from Drain Punch or Giga Drain or Leech Life or other life draining and recovering moves while they level up. While it's way more restrictive than Choice Items, they allow you to switch between moves!


The Rocky Helmet will deal a 12.5% of the opponent's max HP on every physical hit you are hit by if it makes contact.

Contact: Tackle

Not contact: Earthquake.

The move MUST HAVE PHYSICAL CONTACT for this item to work. This item is heavily recommended for tanks like Ferroseed who can combo Iron Barbs + Leech Seed + this item + Giga Drain to level up. 




Possibly one of the most broken items introduced in Gen 5 (if not the most), this item multiplies your DEF and SPDEF by 50% if your pokemon is not fully evolved. Thus, any slow or tanky pokemon that has not fully evolved into its final stage can equip this item to be disgustingly powerful. The prime example is Chansey, who abuses this to reach absurd extents. However, ANY unevolved form can use this item, so you can stick into ANY pokemon!


Leftovers/Black Sludge


Leftovers is probably the best PvE item in the game. This item heals a bit every single turn (as long as you don't get fainted, of course) while you are in battle. It's very easy to find in Dig Spots, wild Munchlax and Snorlax and it's a stick-to-anything item. Healing nonstop without restrictions? Why wouldn't you want this? Stick this onto any pokemon!

And yeah, Black Sludge does the same but damages non-Poison Types and only heals Poison Types. A bit restrictive but eh, you can also try it!


Wise Glasses and Muscle Band


Probably some of the worst, most memeable items ever, Wise Glasses and Muscle Band power up... a 10%. Yes, only a 10%. Wise Glasses powers up any SPATK move by 10%, Muscle Band any ATK move by 10%. There is quite literally no reason to use this over Choice Band and Specs massive 50%, even if they restrict you into a single move, because you will normally avoid fighting any wild pokemon you can't beat anyway.


Type Enhancing Items + Expert Belt


Type enhancing items are REALLY easy to find. These items are the Plates of each type + held items such as Sharp Beak, Hard Stone or Soft Sand. These are easily found in Dig Spots and held by wild pokemon. I REALLY recommend you use them as a newbie because they are an easy to obtain 20% boost to the specific type's attack. Expert Belt also powers up any move by 20%, but it's not restricted to a specific type, but it must be a supereffective attack (for example, Water against Rock).




This item provides you an extra 10% evasion boost. You can use this item as a gimmick 10% chance to dodge a hit. Imagine your opponent is a level 60 Gyarados with 1 HP left and your Caterpie is at level 3 with Brightpowder equipped. If you get lucky you'll dodge the hit, Tackle it and level up over 30 levels in a single fight.  This is a gimmick we will often combine with Hoppip!


King's Rock/Razor Fang


Mostly pure gimmick items, these give you a 10% chance to flinch on most attacking moves. This can be easily abused with Skill Link pokemon or pokemon that use multi-hit moves such as Bullet Seed, Arm Thrust, Pin Missile, Bone Rush and so on, as the chance to flinch applies to every single hit. There's more moves: Fury Attack, Double Slap, Tail Slap (?), Rock Blast and more.


Razor Claw/Scope Lens


Another gimmick item, these two items increase your chances to critically strike opponents. These are mostly combined with abilities such as Super Luck or Sniper + Focus Energy or high critical chance moves such as Karate Shop, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Slash and more.


Quick Claw


A fun gimmick item, this can be your solution to level up pokemon at extremely low levels after you have false swiped an opponent to 1 HP. Equip it to your pokemon and pray that you get lucky and manage to attack. You will get many levels in a single fight. This can be done until you think the pokemon can level up by itself!


Smoke Ball/Logging Out


The Smoke Ball has no effect in battle. However, it allows you to escape any unwanted fights. You can equip this item to a pokemon if you want to avoid fighting specific pokemon. For example, a Dark Type in Cerulean Cave can fight any Slowpoke or Slowbro because they only know Psychic type moves. However, it will have to put a fight against Golduck and Psyduck, who know Hydro Pump.


TMs and HMs


Fun and not so known fact: if you replace a learned HM move with another one, your PP will automatically be restored. Very useful to level up Water types that can learn Surf, Dive and Waterfall. You can teach them substituting the HM previously known without having to go back to a pokecenter to heal!
Teach your pokemon useful TMs they may use to cheese high level pokemon!


Shell Bell (not coded currently)


This item heals you for 1/4 of the HP damage dealt to your opponent. However, this item is currently not coded (it would be too easy to abuse in PvE against bosses).


Not recommended:


Focus Sashes


Before you begin reading: LET ME PERSONALLY SHOUT THAT I'M EXTREMELY AGAINST WASTING FOCUS SASHES TO LEVEL UP YOUR POKEMON. There's MANY methods you can use that avoid wasting Focus Sashes when you could instead spend them in PvP or farming Bosses. However, it is true that Focus Sashes will always give you a 100% chance to live a hit (as long as you're at FULL HP AND you don't get hit by a multi-hit move). For newbies, it is an optional choice to spend PvE coins into leveling up a few of their best elite pokemon from level 10 to level 50-60.


However, THIS IS AN EXTREME WASTE OF RESOURCES. PvE coins can be better spent buying other rare items (such as Rerolls) that can be sold in the market for way, WAY better profit. And if you're not looking at profit and just leveling up your pokemon, there's MANY ways to avoid using Focus Sashes. Please, DON'T waste PvE coins on Sashes as a newbie. Use Sashes for PvP or to cheese PvE bosses. They are expensive to find and purchase.




Gems are truly, truly, truly outrageous. But you know what else they are? Expensive and rare. These can only be obtained from Excavation Artifact Pieces and from Dig Spots, which all run on temporary cooldowns. You know what this means? You're wasting consumable items that can be rather used in PvP instead. Don't waste them to level up your pokemon, there's way better methods.


Abuse the Type Chart Immunities!




While it may look basic as hell and you only think about the type chart as "haha Geodude get surfed go brrrrrrr", the type chart has a lot of in-depth potential. What's the basic concept of abusing the Type Chart? Well, we will always try to focus on leveling our pokemon in specific areas where it may be a good idea to level up our pokemon. For example, Flying and Fire types are more often than not leveled up in Pinkan Island because it's infested by Bug and Grass types. Grass and Water types are often leveled up in caves as they are infested by Ground and Rock type pokemon. We will always abuse the type weaknesses of our opponents. However, there's more to this.


Do you also realise there's a few types that are immune to each other? This mechanic is borderline broken and can be exploited to very absurd levels. Let me explain. When you find a wild pokemon in the wild, check its Pokedex data. If it is a Quagsire at level 50, check the 4 moves it would learn before that level. At level 48 it learns Haze and Mist. At level 41 it learns Rain Dance. At level 36 it learns Earthquake. Thus, it will be its moveset, ALWAYS. So, how can we exploit this? Well, the consumable item Air Balloon gives us an immunity to Ground Type attacks. Now, let's pair this with any pokemon. Congratulations, you're now immune to everything 99% of Quagsire in the wild can attack you with. How do we make this better? Well, when you realise that the TM for Toxic is cheap, accessible in Fuchsia Gym for a low price, and can be learned by 95%+ of all pokemon in existence, which allows level 3 Rattatas and basically ANY low level pokemon to faint level 50 pokemon while being invincible... You get the point. We can exploit this by training 95% of all pokemon in PRO against specific pokemon in the wild, until they are at a high enough level to fight by themselves.


And this is not the only trick there exists! For example, Golett and its evo, Sandyghast and its evo are immune to all attacks Raichu has in Cerulean Cave (it only has Quick Attack, Thunderbolt and Thundershock). Even Ground types (while not immune to Quick Attack) can level up against Raichu there. Slowbro and Slowpoke in Cerulean Cave only have Psychic type attacks, so you can Toxic them with a low level Dark Type pokemon and win 1 v 1s against them, even at level 5. Golduck and Psyduck there only have Water Type attacks, so you can use a Storm Drain, Water Absorb or Dry Skin pokemon at level 5 and still win against them. Need to train a Ghost Type? Fight level 57 or above Weezing in Stark Mountain! Want to level up a Flying Type or Levitate pokemon? Fight level 52 or below Quagsire in Mt Silver! And any pokemon holding Air Balloon too. There's also abilities that will grant you extra immunities. For example, you can level up Fire Type immune pokemon with Flash Fire if you also equip them with an Air Balloon by fighting high level Magcargo in Stark Mountain!


Specific NPCs you should target, Copycat Lamsie, Trainer Refights, Elite Four, Gym Leaders


If you have paid attention, check near each Gym in each city where you can find one. You will find an NPC named Copycat Lamsie. This NPC copies the last team a player used to beat that gym. Thus, they are an amazing source of experience: most players will beat the gyms with very high leveled pokemon. This is a small fun challenge, you'll be fighting real player's teams! You might find a level 90 unevolved starter and then 5 low level pokemon, a full high level evolved team... you can find anything. The important fact is that all of these teams will bring you a lot of experience and you'll be able to beat this NPC every time someone beats the gym. Thus, fight them whenever you can! They're an amazing EXP source. 


Aside from that, normal trainer NPCs allow you to refight them every 7 days. You should always refight NPC Trainers for two main reasons: they give you pokedollars AND each time you refight them, they will be a bit stronger than before and give you a lot of EXP. I recommend you fight all NPC trainers from the 4th to the 8th badge whenever you need to level up some low level pokemon. Carry your False Swipers with you! Gym Leaders can be refought once every week and they have very high level pokemon you can easily use to level up your pokemon against them. They also reward you with Gems! (wow, such amazing reward, note the sarcasm). Go around each region and refight high level trainers whenever you want to level up something in your team!


As a small extra, remember that you can refight the Elite Four infinitely as long as you don't beat it. Thus, if you're stuck there, you might as well repeat the fights nonstop and slowly level up until you're able to beat them!


Using Synchs to our advantage!


You're now going to be like "Bhim wtf are you saying, THIS IS A LEVELING GUIDE, NOT A HUNTING ONE". Credits to DERWINS for this idea. Remember your Synch collection you use to hunt wild pokemon? Good. What does Synchronise do? It will make 50% of all wild pokemon have the same nature as your synch. Now, what happens if we use specific Synchs on purpose to make leveling easier? Let's observe some examples.

I have a Gastly at level 50. I am fighting a Slowpoke at level 65. My Gastly with Shadow Ball deals around 90-95% of the Slowpoke's max HP. Now, the Slowpoke uses Psychic and my Gastly faints. How could we have prevented this? Well, let's remember the natures in the game.

Adamant Brave Lonely Naughty

Modest Quiet Mild Rash

Jolly Timid Naive Hasty

Relaxed Impish Bold

Careful Calm Sassy.

Lax, Gentle, Hardy, Quirky, Bashful, Serious, Docile (ignore these 7).


Now, think a bit. What do these highlighted natures do? They reduce a defensive stat and increase an offensive stat. If the Slowpoke had a Naughty, Rash or Naive nature, it would've had less SPDEF. That 10% less SPDEF would've let my Gastly faint the Slowpoke in one hit. Do you understand now? If we strategically put a FAINTED Synchronise pokemon in the first slot of the party with the appropriate nature we want the wild pokemon to have, we will have an easier time when leveling up. If I want to level up a Magnemite in Cerulean Cave, I will surf there. When I surf there, only Psyduck, Golduck, Slowpoke and Slowbro spawn. These only use SPATK moves. Here I have a few options:

-Carry an Impish Synch (reduces their SPATK, which makes them less dangerous, and gives them more DEF, which is irrelevant because Magnemite attacks with SPATK moves)

-Carry a Relaxed Sync (reduces SPEED, if we want to outspeed Psyduck and Golduck, and gives them DEF, which is irrelevant).

-Carry a Naughty Sync (reduces SPDEF, makes them more vulnerable to attacks, and increases their ATK, which is irrelevant).


Now you understand how to exploit the Synchronise mechanic! Do you want to exploit it to the fullest? Do something like this: The first slot of your party is now a Naughty Sync. The slots two to six are all SPATK users. You'll now have an easier time!




I will not get tired of saying this: DO NOT SWITCH YOUR POKEMON MID BATTLE SO THAT THEY SHARE EXPERIENCE. Due to PRO's stupid formula, instead of each pokemon getting 50% of the total experience, most of the time you won't even get 10% per pokemon. Let me explain. Imagine a level 5 hoothoot and a level 5 pidgey share the experience of fainting a wild level 50 Quagsire. Individually you would gain 150000 experience. However, sharing experience would result in each pokemon only gaining 10k each. Not even a

15th of the total experience. 

How the level difference affects the experience you get.


You earn more experience the less levels you have compared to your opponent. For example, a level 5 will gain an absurd amount of experience if you fight a level 60 pokemon compared to a level 50 pokemon fighting a level 60 pokemon. The difference is so absurd that a level 5 pokemon can gain up to 50 levels if you fight a level 60 pokemon and win (the best example is Magikarp). Use this strategically and take calculated risks to level up way faster!


List of methods I recommend to level up your pokemon + requirements


Method 1: Sturdy + Revengekill (priority or not)


For this method, we will find a wild pokemon that has the ability Sturdy. We will attack it with a strong attack so we leave it with 1 HP. Then, we will spam moves until it faints. Afterwards, we will use a priority move with a low level pokemon, any attack while equipping a Focus Sash, or equip a Quick Claw and pray we are lucky! The low level pokemon will get all the experience.

Example on how this method works.

This method is possible as early as after the 1st badge, when Geodude and Graveler and Onix Spawn in Mt Moon.


Method 1b: Sturdy + Endeavor + Revengekill (priority or not)


For this method, we will use a low level Donphan, Aron or any of its evolutions with the ability Sturdy and the move Endeavor. We will fight any very high level pokemon while we use a low level Donphan or Aron. It is preferable that you do this trick against Water Type pokemon (surfing in Mt Silver, Dragon's Den or Cerulean Cave is the best idea here) because they will activate your Sturdy ability immediately. When you use Endeavor, the opponent's HP will be reduced to the same HP number you have. Thus, you will leave the opponent at 1 HP, ready to be fainted anytime.
Example on how this method works.

This method is only accessible if you have unlocked the daycare or a friend teaches your Donphan and Aron or evolutions the move Endeavor.


Method 2: False Swipe + Toxic Orb + Revengekill (priority or not)


For this method, we will find any wild pokemon while we navigate through maps with our False Swiper. We will have a Toxic Orb equipped so that Toxic Poison faints us in around five to six turns. After we have fainted we will be able to revengekill and get all the experience!

Example on how this method works.

This method is only accessible if you obtain a Toxic Orb (from PvE, PvP coins or the Bug Catching Contest prizes, also in other quests).

Note that you can actually do this method by fighting wild Weedle in Route 2, letting yourself be poisoned on purpose, then traveling to the specific place you want to pull this trick. Thus, it's available as early as after the third badge (when you can capture Cubone, who learns False Swipe at level 27, or after the fourth, with Farfetch'd at level 45).

Method 2b: False Swipe + Memento + Revengekill (priority or not)


For this method, we will False Swipe an opponent until 1 HP, then we will Memento and immediately attack with the next pokemon. We normally only do this if the pokemon has a priority move or Focus Sash, Brightpowder, Focus Band or Quick Claw.
Example on how this method works.


Method 2c: False Swipe + Trick Room + Memento + Revengekill (priority or not)

For this method, we will False Swipe an enemy pokemon until they are at 1 HP. then, we will Trick Room so that the slowest pokemon will move faster for the next five turns. We will Memento. Now, with the low level pokemon we're free to attack first and get all the experience!
Example on how this method works.

This method is unfortunately only available to Gallade, who needs the Daycare for Memento + the TM Trick Room from Hoenn + the TM False Swipe from Johto.


Method 2d: False Swipe + Future Sight + Memento


For this method, we will False Swipe until the wild pokemon is at 1 HP. Then, we will Future Sight, immediately afterwards we Memento. The pokemon we switch into will obtain all the experience.

The method requires exactly the same as the one mentioned just above unfortunately.
Example on how this method works.


Method 2e: False Swipe + Life Orb + Revengekill


For this method, we will False Swipe with any pokemon until the wild pokemon is at 1 HP. Life Orb will recoil and slowly kill us. Then, we'll revengekill with a lower level pokemon. I normally do this method with Shedinja because it will faint in a single hit with Life Orb Recoil.

Example on how this method works.

You can use any false swiper. As a final note, keep in mind you can just do this method but letting your opponent slowly kill you anyway.


Method 2f: False Swipe + Toxic Orb + Trick Room + Revengekill (priority or not)


For this method, we will False Swipe the opponent until 1 HP. Then, we will wait a few turns and Trick Room when we are about to faint. We will revengekill with the slower pokemon and take all the EXP.

Example on how this method works.


Method 3: Toxic + Memento + Air Balloon (or Flying type pokemon / Ground immune)


This method utilises a pokemon with the move Memento, the move Toxic and an Air Balloon. The best example is to use a Hoppip, as it's already immune to Ground Type moves + it learns Toxic via TM + Memento via level up. We will Toxic a Quagsire, then Memento, then wait a few turns for the pokemon to faint as it cannot hit us while we hold the Air Balloon.
Example on how this method works.

This method is as early available as after the 5th Kanto Badge.


Method 3b: Toxic + Flash + Memento


This method is a bit rng reliant. We will use Toxic on the first turn, Flash for a few more turns and then finally Memento. We will need to be lucky and dodge the last hit. For this, we can use the item Brightpowder. We can also use a priority or strong move if we believe we'll be faster than the opponent (or just waste a Focus Sash if we think we need it).

Example on how this method works.


Method 3d: Toxic + Memento + Protect


Exactly the same as the method mentioned just above. However, this method uses Protect, so it's 100% failproof.

Example on how this method works.


Method 3e: Toxic + Leech Seed + Flash + Memento


If we want to make the method 3b faster.

Example on how this method works.


Method 3f: Toxic + Leech Seed + Flash + Memento + Protect


If we want to make the method 3e safer.

Example on how this method works.


Method 4: Perish Song + Yawn + Healing Wish


This is the most used method currently. If you have access to the daycare you can teach Chingling and its evos Perish Song and Memento. You can combine both with Protect to level up ANY pokemon.



Method 4c: Perish Song + Memento + Air Balloon


If method 4b does not work because your pokemon cannot learn Protect, we'll do this in Mt Silver against Quagsire.

Example on how this method works.

Note that I don't repeat Method 4 because Method 4 does not require your pokemon to learn any specific moves. It's just in case there's a bugfix for the method.


Method 5: Flying Types/Levitate/Air Balloon (mentioned above already)


This method works for ANY pokemon that is immune to Ground Type attacks. Simply go to Mt Silver 1F, 2F or 3F and fight ANY Quagsire at level 52 or below. It only has Ground Type damaging moves until level 53. Thus, if you have an Air Balloon or are immune to Ground Type attacks, they are free experience.

Note that this trick also works in Diglett Cave against level 18 to 22 Diglett and level 25+ Dugtrio. It is less reliable there though and gives less experience.
Example on how this method works.

To access Mt Silver, you must have beaten the Johto Elite Four.


Method 6: Dark Types


Dark Types are completely immune to Slowpoke and Slowbro's attacks in Cerulean Cave. Teach your Dark Type the TM Toxic and take care of them!


Method 7: Water Immune Abilities


Pokemon with abilities that grant them an immunity to the Water Type are invincible against Golduck and Psyduck in Cerulean Cave. Teach them the TM Toxic and beat them!

Note: Dry Skin, Water Absorb and Storm Drain are these abilities.


Same as above but you do this against Quagsire if your pokemon cannot learn Protect.

Example on how this method works.


Method 8: Steel Types


Steel Types are completely immune to all attacks Arbok has in Cerulean Cave. Fight them for free experience!

You can combine the Curse methods by Cursing and fainting on purpose against Arbok and switching in your Steel Type to get all the EXP. This is done here because Arbok is immune to Toxic.


Method 9: Gastly Curse spam for newbies!


If you are stuck against any Elite 4 (Kanto or Johto), there is a method you can use to level up any pokemon.

Capture five Gastly at any level whose HP ends in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8. You can also EV train its HP stat until its HP ends in this number.

Find a wild pokemon who only has Ground, Fighting or Normal attacks (or a combination of both). To do this, open the Pokedex and check the wild pokemon's level up moves. For example:

Quagsire before level 53 and around 40+ only has Ground type attacks.

Ursaring, Marowak and Donphan only have Normal and Ground type attacks at 50+.

Against these pokemon, use Curse once to lower your HP to half. The enemy pokemon will lose 25% of its max HP per turn.

Wait until the enemy's HP is 25%. Use Curse. Switch to a new pokemon after Gastly and use Protect. You get all the EXP! This can be easily performed in Victory Road Kanto B3F.



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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxydK7CUEwL47Ym7hIkMbSA <- Youtube channel with guides!

https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/13-game-guide/ <- Check my game guides (and other's guides) here!

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Another bump to let it be seen by newbies and other news: I'm working on analysin a LOT of the Kanto Pokedex Pokemon to make sets viable for bosses :)

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxydK7CUEwL47Ym7hIkMbSA <- Youtube channel with guides!

https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/13-game-guide/ <- Check my game guides (and other's guides) here!

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Imo you should try editing this and make the stuff in the spoiler a list (#1, #2, #3..) so that it is a bit well organized and doesn't just look like a wall of text.

Done :v

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxydK7CUEwL47Ym7hIkMbSA <- Youtube channel with guides!

https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/13-game-guide/ <- Check my game guides (and other's guides) here!

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I'm just bumping this post to add that I'll soon make an edit to include a whole part on how to train your Rattata for Hoenn :) I didn't want to make a separate post, it would be too spammy.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxydK7CUEwL47Ym7hIkMbSA <- Youtube channel with guides!

https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/13-game-guide/ <- Check my game guides (and other's guides) here!

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