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Shortcut Mt. Coronet Summit Dig-Hole or increasing rewards

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Hi, I would suggest adding a shortcut to the dig spots on Mt. Coronet Summit or increasing the rewards at those dig spots.

At the moment the way is hardly worth it, if you use repel, the costs for the repel for the way are higher than what you get there.

I would prefer the shortcut.

I hope that it is possible and that other players also find it helpful. Thank You.


Possible place for the shortcut:


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+1, just overall improve the rewards in dig spots everywhere lol. It's too much of a RNG fiesta and almost always you end up making big trips to just get burn heals that you could buy in any shop. Just remove purchasable items from shops from dig spots... make it worth the trip.

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also +1 for improving rewards in digspots anywhere like Bhimoso said, in particular I'm questioning why Maniac Tunnel in Sinnoh lost its Big Nugget reward when it's the most suitable place for it? Ruin Maniac who digs tunnels in various games usually do it for the nuggets.....

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Closed as implemented.

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