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Another way to get legendaries


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+1 For the last few months i wasn't able to do the world quest because iirc it starts at like 3am in my time and by the time i wake up the quest is probably completed. My suggestion is probably to have few worlds quest per month with different timing to cater for the people who lives in different parts of the world. 

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wq is well designed for its purpose...it happens once a month...that meas u gonna need 1 - 1,5year to collect all 7 legendaries (2 beasts, 2 regis, 2 lake guardians and 1 lati)...that s reasonable, they are legendaries...the problem is that wq gets triggered nicely only for european timezones (i am european and benefited from that)...the solution would be 2wq in the start of month, in order to serve all timezones, or change the form of the quest securing the 24h duration...the second is much more difficult...secondly, i insinst on my proposal to reduce limit for 2nd mystery ticket to 1,5%...i have exposed my arguments in older post...

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I asked this in the recent Q&A stream.


- There are currently no plans to change it.

- No plans to add other ways to get the ticket

- Walross said he agrees that there is a problem about everyone having a chance to get the ticket

- You should post suggestions ( 🤷‍♂️)


Some staff member in the stream even said its fair because it runs for 24 hours ._.

But I can at least tell you that the problem is known.


I also asked why so many suggestions arent answered => Its very time consuming or often just the same answer

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Of course I'm talking to myself, sometimes I have to talk with an intelligent person.





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