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Mysterious Ticket

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I asked the question if there will be changes on the WQ because of time zone stuff in the recent Q&A stream.


- There are currently no plans to change it.

- No plans to add other ways to get the ticket

- Walross said he agrees that there is a problem about everyone having a chance to get the ticket

- You should post suggestions ( 🤷‍♂️)


Some staff member in the stream even said its fair because it runs for 24 hours ._.

But I can at least tell you that the problem is known.


I also asked why so many suggestions arent answered => Its very time consuming or often just the same answer

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Of course I'm talking to myself, sometimes I have to talk with an intelligent person.





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Notice us!

"To hurt others is part of being human but...
Sometimes we hurt people so much
That there is no way to fix their soul...
And we lose them

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Hello, this would devalue the WQ a lot and also would give out way too many Mysterious Tickets. That's why we have to deny the suggestion.

Right now, we have a maximum of 200 Mysterious Tickets and can work with that number.


But overall, I think your quest ideas fit more in normal weekly or monthly quests with different rewards, your quest ideas are not bad.

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