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[Feedback - Megathread] XMAS Event 2020 ❄


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This year's Christmas event, overall, was pretty nice. Based on the constructive feedback template, I'd go with the following, explaining why later on:

Enjoyment: Enjoyable for those who are looking for a challenge, or like puzzles/riddles and so on. 7.5/10 for me, because the spawns made up for it mostly. 
Quest Difficulty: 5/10. I didn't really have much of an issue with the whole thing, only when you had to come back all the way to the superboss if something went wrong. My piece of advice, to help newer players is to make trainer pokemon level scalable with party level (without knowing if that's something PRO has the tools to achieve) (for example, if the highest level of Pokemon in your party is 50, make the trainer's Pokemon levels 50 or so) so that it's the same enjoyable for everyone.

Story/Lore perspective: Not familiar with the original storyline that much, will go with 7.5/10
Effort/Reward Ratio: 8/10, the free rewards for x-mas could be slightly better in my opinion. 

On a sidenote, I understand that getting money out of the economy this moment is good (hence why staff auctions were held), but the entry fee each time to Matsuki was a bad idea, in my opinion. Too many dailies to do, sometimes you have to meet elsewhere to do a trade and all these reasons made people hate the fee, myself included. Happy new year and good job!

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From the POV of someone who is not used to bosses in pro, this was SUPER hard. The Mountain Area was a real pain, the fact that i got sent back to pokecenter after each defeat was the worst thing. Because the forest boss was just letting you in the area, within reach of him, he was a great boss. This would have been so much better to implement such a thing for mountain boss... It kinda discouraged me to go further, but i managed to keep on going and trying again, again and again. The "water dungeon" (not sure of the name) was pretty easy, and maybe just a little bit too much. The final boss was okay, for my team at last. The reward, for me was more like "Finally, a poke that will have bad IVs to compensate hours in mountain area" :harold:
Joke aside, event was great, maps were great and i haven't found mapping bugs so ggs to the mappers 😉
Spawning spheal / sealo would have been great in the wastelands, as they are on the water 😕 (my fav poke)
Story / Lore ? It was good, nothing les, nothing more. Good.
Overall, 7/10, ty guys, love this game ❤️ 

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Personally I liked the event in global even tho I have some bad thoughts on some aspects. I was excited when I saw the trailer and the storyline reached my expectations. (8/10)

The quest was fun to do (even if it's hard) but my only issue is that it was extremely hard for newbies (nearly impossible to complete). (7/10)

the effort/reward is average (5/10) as the only noticeable reward was keldeo, unlike halloween event where we had more side quests to do, so more rewards.

this leads me to say that the quest is pretty short and you get bored easily after finishing it. 
So as a global appreciation is 6.75/10 but I appreciated the effort done especially for the storyline.

Keep up the good work.✌️

Edit: My calcs were wrong it's a global appreciation of 7/10

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Overall I liked it, the maps were beautiful, the spawns and spwan rates were amazing!

I do think that the npc trainers that you battle through quest didn't need to be superboss battles it doesn't make sense to me that you can't use potions on simple npcs. The "find three levers" quest was a bit annoying and time consuming.  

Aside from these I liked it very much and can't wait to see corsica 😊



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Every change in the game should pass a vote in the forum, as this makes the game fun. Example: Changing the way to face Bosses, without first consulting the players who make all the income of the game and the creator spin.


Xmas Event: The rewards were quite empty and without news.

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Since I haven't worked on the quest, I'm going to give my opinion as a player. And honestly, I'm very disappointed in the quest.


I already knew that beforehand, but right from the trailer, we knew the quest was supposed to be inspired from the Zelda serie. However, the quest itself failed to deliver on this inspiration. I heard we would have dungeons, but what we got was just huge mazes. Zelda mazes are typically puzzles.


Normally, a typical Zelda dungeon, you enter a dungeon, you figure out how to progress through rooms with what you got, you get a new item which allows you to access new rooms, you find a map, a compass, keys, eventually the boss key, all while solving puzzles to be able to progress until you reach the boss and defeat it.


We had none of that. It was just large mazes. I quickly followed the right hand rule to avoid getting lost, found random stuff we needed to find, then found the boss. There was no puzzle, and it didn't take very long before I got the urge to search for a map of the area.


The maps were also unnecessarily huge. If you are to make huge maps, you need to fill it with stuff to do. Side quests, items to find, fluff NPCs, just, anything to reward exploration besides the main quest! But there was nothing. Just dead ends.


This problem of huge maps is further amplified by the Mountain boss. It didn't happen for the Forest boss, but for the Mountain boss, if you lose, you get sent back to the Pokemon Center. And then have to walk aaaaaaaall the way back through the huge maps and mazes. I'm normally very patient and never use repels, but I've lost it, and cracked open a bunch of the repels that were laying in my inventory.


The bosses were rather hard, specially since you couldn't use items. For a legendary quest, that is fine, you don't want to give legendary Pokemon for free. But as an event quest, it just doesn't work. Events are supposed to be available for all players, but this is a huge barrier for the players that haven't had the time to optimize a boss team.


The trainers on the way were also made on the hard side. Every battle, I would lose around half my team, and find it better to use an Escape Rope to return to the Pokemon Center, rather that use revives and potions to heal my team. I was honestly hoping to see an healing point somewhere so I wouldn't have to go through the hugetastic map again, but I was disappointed to find none.


Also, we're used to completely ignore the Pokemon roaming the routes. In the Wasteland, the first thing I did was to talk to, I believe, the Garchomp, but just out of curiosity, nothing happened, and I moved on. I triggered the cutscene with Keldeo, and then moved on, trying to find my way. Only when I finally reached the end, did I learn I actually had to go back and talk to the roaming Pokemon, even the one I already spoke to before. I was annoyed since I was already getting lost in the huge map.


I've also seen from a guide that the reward from the present in Matsuki would have worse rewards if you had not completed the quest. This is an extremely bad design, as it means you get penalized for exploring before doing the main quest. Normally, you rather want to reward players that explore. If you penalize them instead, they'll just want to follow guides in order to not get penalized.



Finally, staying away from the gameplay elements, but rather into the story... I honestly didn't really like a few of the elements. I've never liked self-inserts inside story, like Chappy in Johto (They're fine as side NPCs). And seeing the hero being Niko (as in our Admin, Red), it just doesn't work for me. 


There were also a couple dialogs that I didn't like. The two main examples I remember were:
- After defeating a Tyranitar, it said it returned to Mt. Silver. But how? How did the Tyranitar even get on Matsuki island, and why did it go there? I remember that something attracted Pokemon, but if it even attracted a Tyranitar from a completely different region, then why don't we have a huge swarm over there?

- At one point, my character said she shouldn't have eaten perished Oran Berries. I know you were trying to be funny with that line, but personally, it instantly breaks the immersion, as I see my character to be someone that's very careful, and wouldn't have eaten something perished. This is why all games that allow you to customize your own character makes you either completely quiet, or only talk via choice dialogs.


Regarding that last point, that's also going against the Zelda reference, since Link never really speaks. 



This is all of the feedback from me. It simply didn't live up to the hype you tried to rise from the trailer, in my opinion, and I'm already hoping for a rework of the quest.

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Well every year xmas is one of the most waited events I saw the quest fine, it gives you the challenge to go all around doing different things. And not just fighting an npc to get rewards. 

The only thing I did not like from the quest was the items requested by the npc who gives the Breloom outfit. And to be paying 7.5k everytime to get into Matsuki Map, I know events could be intended for not too new players, but even though it hits the economy of some, and I include myself since sometimes I relog to arrive to pc and ended being at vermilion, or a quick misclick trying to go to Evergreen. Other years you make us pay 5k and well we accepted it, but I see this is going higher for coming years, and as said it will hit players economy that have low budget. I know I'm poor 😅 but hope you get my point since the idea fir the quest is enjoying and reaching some "goals" and not to spend the money.. I would prefer spending the money on buying a poke or item that I will use instead of leaf stones and revivals and the airline.

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