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Hello everyone,



No "plz", no "sir", no "bro".

Feel free to offer.


RC 7k ea, RR ticket 700k ea, cc 400k, 

I am currently looking for an epic hippowdon.


Discord : Gozer#4507

IG : Godzer, Elonmuk





Aipom 1.PNG60k

Alomomola 1.PNG500k

Alomomola 2.PNG700k

Axew 1.PNG50k

Beldum 1.PNG250k

Beldum 2.PNG40k

Bulbasaur 1.PNG50k

Bulbasaur 2.PNG150k

Bulbasaur 3.PNG30k

Bulbasaur 4.PNG150k

Bulbasaur 5.PNG40k

Bulbasaur 6.PNG30k

Buneary 1.PNG80k

Buneary 2.PNG50k

Buneary 3.PNG150k

Buneary 4.PNG120k

Buneary 5.PNG50k

Buneary 6.PNG60K

Buneary 7.PNG50K

Buneary 8.PNG300K

Buneary 9.PNG250K

Buneary 10.PNG250K

Buneary 11.PNG200K

Buneary 12.PNG100K

Buneary 13.PNG40K

Buneary 14.PNG50K

Buneary 15.PNG250K

Buneary 16.PNG60K

Buneary 17.PNG120K

Buneary 18.PNG400K

Buneary 19.PNG30K

Buneary 20.PNG30K

Buneary 21.PNG50K

Buneary 22.PNG40K

Buneary 23.PNG40K

Buneary 24.PNG15K 

Buneary 25.PNG50K

Buneary 26.PNG80K

Buneary 27.PNG50K

Buneary 28.PNG40K

Buneary 29.PNG40K

Buneary 30.PNG30K

Buneary 31.PNG30K

Buneary 32.PNG25K

Buneary 33.PNG20K

Buneary 34.PNG40K

Buneary 35.PNG100K

Buneary 36.PNG120K

Buneary 37.PNG80K

Buneary 38.PNG40K

Buneary 39.PNG80K

Buneary 40.PNG50K

Buneary 41.PNG80K

Buneary 42.PNG30K

Buneary 43.PNG130K

Carvanha 1.PNG75K


Chimchar 1.PNG50K

Clefairy 1.PNG50K

Clefairy 2.PNG60K

Clefairy 3.PNG80K

Clefairy 4.PNG60K

Clefairy 5.PNG75K

Clefairy 6.PNG40K

Clefairy 7.PNG80K

Clefairy 8.PNG50K

Clefairy 9.PNG66K

Clefairy 10.PNG50K

Clefairy 11.PNG70K

Clefairy 12.PNG120K

Clefairy 13.PNG150K

Clefairy 14.PNG150K

Clefairy 15.PNG130K

Clefairy 16.PNG300K

Clefairy 17.PNG200K

Clefairy 18.PNG150K

Clefairy 19.PNG130K

Clefairy 20.PNG100K

Clefairy 21.PNG30K

Clefairy 22.PNG200K

Clefairy 23.PNG60K

Clefairy 24.PNG400K

Clefairy 25.PNG125K

Clefairy 26.PNG220K

Cleffa 1.PNG25K

Cleffa 2.PNG35K

Cleffa 3.PNG50K

Cleffa 4.PNG40K

Cleffa 5.PNG120K

Cleffa 6.PNG130K

Cleffa 7.PNG220K

Cleffa 8.PNG50K

Cleffa 9.PNG60K

Cloyster 1.PNG50K

Croagunk 1.PNG20K

Darumaka 1.PNG30K

Deino 1.PNG50K


Deino 3.PNGEv trained, 300k

Deino 4.PNG40k

Deino 5.PNG50k

Deino 6.PNG20k

Deino 7.PNG25k

Deino 8.PNG40k

Diggersby 1.PNG350k 

Drilbur 1.PNG15k


Eevee 1.PNG50k

Eevee 2.PNG40k

Eevee 3.PNG35k

Eevee 4.PNG25k

Feebas 1.PNG20k


Feebas 3.PNG50k

Feebas 4.PNG35k

Fennekin 1.PNG40k

Fennekin 2.PNG75k

Ferro 1.PNG400k

Ferro 2.PNG400k

Ferro 3.PNGEv trained 380k

Ferro 4.PNG320k

Ferro 5.PNG380k


Ferro 7.PNG800k

Ferro 8.PNG1m

Ferro 9.PNG20k


Ferro 11.PNG60k

Ferro 12.PNG66k

Ferro 13.PNG250k

Ferro 14.PNG280k

Ferro 15.PNG270k

Ferro 16.PNG70k

Ferro 17.PNG90k

Ferro 18.PNG200k

Ferro 19.PNG120k

Ferro 20.PNG100k

Ferro 21.PNG140k


Ferro 23.PNG100k

Ferro 24.PNG40k

Ferro 25.PNG300k

Ferro 26.PNG160k

Ferro 27.PNG250k

Ferro 28.PNG120k

Ferro 29.PNG50k

Ferro 30.PNG30k

Ferro 31.PNG50k USAIN BOLT

Ferro 32.PNG80k

Ferro 33.PNG100k

Ferro 34.PNG80k


Ferro 36.PNG15k

Ferro 37.PNG50k

Ferro 38.PNG50k

Ferro 39.PNG40k

Ferro 40.PNG80k

Ferro 41.PNG70k

Ferro 42.PNG40k

Ferro 43.PNG40k

Ferro 44.PNG50k

Ferro 45.PNG45k

Ferro 46.PNG60k

Ferro 47.PNG70k

Ferro 48.PNG150k

Ferro 49.PNG80k

Ferro 50.PNG85k


Ferro 52.PNG40k

Ferro 53.PNG250k

Ferro 54.PNG200k

Ferro 55.PNG70k

Ferro 56.PNG25k

Ferro 57.PNG30k

Ferro 58.PNG100k

Ferro 59.PNG90k

Ferro 60.PNG40k

Ferro 61.PNG50k

Ferro 62.PNG80k

Ferro 63.PNG80k

Ferro 64.PNG80k

Ferro 65.PNG60k

Frillish 1.PNG50k

Froakie 1.PNG150k

Garchomp 1.PNG300k



Gible 2.PNG350k

Gible 3.PNG100k

Gible 4.PNG70k

Gible 5.PNG40k


Gible 7.PNG60k

Gible 8.PNG75k


Gible 10.PNG45k

Gible 11.PNG40k

Gible 12.PNG50k

Gible 13.PNG40k

Gible 14.PNG30k

Gible 15.PNG20k

Gible 16.PNG20k

Gible 17.PNG40k

Gible 18.PNG10k

Gible 19.PNG20k

Gible 20.PNG30k

Gible 21.PNG15k

Gible 22.PNG20k

Gible 23.PNG100k

Gible 24.PNG25k

Gible 25.PNG70k

Gible 26.PNG20k

Gible 27.PNG35k

Gible 28.PNG40k

Gible 29.PNG50k

Gible 30.PNG25k

Gible 31.PNG25k

Gible 32.PNG50k

Gible 33.PNG30k

Gible 34.PNG30k

Gible 35.PNG30k

Gible 36.PNG50k

Gible 37.PNG40k

Gible 38.PNG55k

Gible 39.PNG20k

Gible 40.PNG40k

Gible 41.PNG35k

Gible 42.PNG25k

Gible 43.PNG35k

Gible 44.PNG45k

Gible 45.PNG50k

Gible 46.PNG25k

Gible 47.PNG60k

Gible 48.PNG50k

Gible 49.PNG45k

Gible 50.PNG70k


Gible 52.PNG80k

Gible 53.PNG60k

Gible 54.PNG60k

Gible 55.PNG70k

Gible 56.PNG60k

Gible 57.PNG45k


Gible 59.PNG40k

Gible 60.PNG100k

Gible 61.PNG50k

Gible 62.PNG45k

Gible 63.PNG70k

Gible 64.PNG45k

Gible 65.PNG200k

Gible 66.PNG100k

Gible 67.PNG80k


Gligar 1.PNG100k

Gligar 2.PNG80k

Gligar 3.PNG150k

Goomy 1.PNG30k

Heracross 1.PNG25k

Heracross 2.PNG20k

Heracross 3.PNG200k

Heracross 4.PNG30k

Heracross 5.PNG30k

Hippo 1.PNG40k

Honedge 1.PNG180k

Honedge 2.PNG40k

Honedge 3.PNG75k

Honedge 4.PNG70k

Honedge 5.PNG100k

Honedge 6.PNG50k

Honedge 7.PNG150k

Honedge 8.PNG140k0k

Honedge 9.PNG80k

Honedge 10.PNG80k

Honedge 11.PNG80k

Honedge 12.PNGhp ice 100k

Honedge 13.PNG80k

Honedge 14.PNG65k


Honedge 16.PNG60k

Honedge 17.PNG50k

Kangaskhan 1.PNG75k


Kirlia 1.PNG80k

Kirlia 2.PNG45k

Kirlia 3.PNG100k


Larvesta 1.PNG30k

Larvesta 2.PNG30k

Larvesta 3.PNG30k

Larvesta 4.PNG30k

Larvesta 5.PNG40k

Larvesta 6.PNG30k

Larvesta 7.PNG35k

Larvesta 8.PNG40k

Larvitar 1.PNG300k

Larvitar 2.PNG200k

Larvitar 3.PNG120k

Larvitar 4.PNG140k

Larvitar 5.PNG60k


Larvitar 8.PNG75k

Larvitar 9.PNG80k


Larvitar 11.PNG120k


Larvitar 13.PNG70k

Larvitar 14.PNG50k

Larvitar 15.PNG40k

Larvitar 16.PNG115k

Larvitar 17.PNG100k

Larvitar 18.PNG60k


Larvitar 20.PNG60k

Larvitar 21.PNG130k

Larvitar 22.PNG90k

Larvitar 23.PNG40k

Manectric 1.PNG50k

Marill 1.PNG50k

Marill 2.PNG35k

Marill 3.PNG30k


Marill 5.PNG40k

Marill 6.PNG40k

Marill 7.PNG45k

Marill 8.PNG30k

Marill 9.PNG150k

Marill 10.PNG230k

Marill 11.PNG100k

Marill 12.PNG120k

Marill 13.PNG80k

Marill 14.PNG65k

Marill 15.PNG120k

Marill 16.PNG60k

Marill 17.PNG90k

Marill 18.PNG60k


Marill 20.PNG30k


Marill 22.PNG45k

Marill 23.PNG50k

Marill 24.PNG80k

Marill 25.PNG75k

Marill 26.PNG100k


Marill 28.PNG120k

Mawile 1.PNG400K

Mawile 2.PNG320K

Mawile 3.PNG250K


Mawile 5.PNG240K

Mawile 6.PNG270K

Mawile 7.PNG280K

Mawile 8.PNG100K

Mawile 9.PNG80K

Mawile 10.PNG60K

Mawile 11.PNG65K

Mawile 12.PNG70K

Mawile 13.PNG70K

Mawile 14.PNG20K

Mawile 15.PNG30K

Mawile 16.PNG30K

Mawile 17.PNG50K

Mawile 18.PNG45K

Mawile 19.PNG60K

Mawile 20.PNG35K

Mawile 21.PNG40K

Mawile 22.PNG40K

Mawile 23.PNG35K

Mawile 24.PNG40K

Mawile 25.PNG140K

Mawile 26.PNG40K

Mawile 27.PNG45K

Mawile 28.PNG50K

Mawile 29.PNG40K

Mawile 30.PNG50K

Mawile 31.PNG25K

Mawile 32.PNG125K

Mawile 33.PNG30K

Mawile 34.PNG111K

Mawile 35.PNG10K

Mawile 36.PNG10K

Mawile 37.PNG15K

Mawile 38.PNG30K

Mawile 39.PNG45K

Mawile 40.PNG25K

Mawile 41.PNG25K

Mawile 42.PNG60K

Mawile 43.PNG50K

Mawile 44.PNG40K

Mawile 45.PNG30K

Mawile 46.PNG35K

Mawile 47.PNG200K

Mawile 48.PNG100K

Mawile 49.PNG210K

Mawile 50.PNG100K

Metang 1.PNG200K

Metang 2.PNG50K

Mimikyu 1.PNG200K

Mimikyu 2.PNG50K

Minccino 1.PNG40K

Minccino 2.PNG100K

Mudkip 1.PNG40K

Mudkip 2.PNG250K

Mudkip 3.PNG35K

Munchlax 1.PNG40K

Munchlax 2.PNG30K

Munchlax 3.PNG40K

Musharna 1.PNG200K

Phanpy 1.PNG20K

Phanpy 2.PNG35K

Phanpy 3.PNG40K

Phanpy 4.PNG35K

Pupitar 1.PNG250K

Pupitar 2.PNG100K

Pupitar 3.PNG140K

Pupitar 4.PNG50K

Pupitar 5.PNG140K

Pupitar 6.PNG70K

Pupitar 7.PNG40K

Pupitar 8.PNG200K

Pupitar 9.PNG50K

Pupitar 10.PNG75K

Pupitar 11.PNG60K

Pupitar 12.PNG50K

Pupitar 13.PNG70K

Pupitar 14.PNG40K

Pupitar 15.PNG120K



Pupitar 18.PNG80K

Ralts 1.PNG50K

Riolu 1.PNG30K

Riolu 2.PNG35K

Riolu 3.PNG20K

Riolu 4.PNG30K

Riolu 5.PNG25K

Roserade 1.PNG80K HP ICE

Rotom 1.PNG40K

Rotom 2.PNG45k

Rotom 3.PNG25k

Sableye 1.PNG40k

Sableye 2.PNG40k

Sableye 3.PNG40k

Scyther 1.PNG40k


Scyther 3.PNG25k

Scyther 4.PNG40k

Sharpedo 1.PNG100k

Sharpedo 2.PNG80k

Sharpedo 3.PNG130k

Shellder 1.PNG35k



Shellder 4.PNG20k

Shellder 5.PNG35k

Shroomish 1.PNG50k

Shroomish 2.PNG25k

Shroomish 3.PNG50k

Shroomish 4.PNG25k

Shroomish 5.PNG20k

Shuppet 1.PNG30k


Shuppet 3.PNG30k

Shuppet 4.PNG50k

Shuppet 5.PNG50k


Skarmory 1.PNG35k

Slowpoke 1.PNG60k



Slowpoke 4.PNG65k


Slowpoke 6.PNG120k

Slowpoke 7.PNG70k

Slowpoke 8.PNG80k

Slowpoke 9.PNG111k

Slowpoke 10.PNG100k

Slowpoke 11.PNG300k

Slowpoke 12.PNG80k

Slowpoke 13.PNG110k

Slowpoke 14.PNG60k

Slowpoke 15.PNG65k

Slowpoke 16.PNG80k

Slowpoke 17.PNG80k

Slowpoke 18.PNG30k

Slowpoke 19.PNG85k

Slowpoke 20.PNG60k

Slowpoke 21.PNG90k



Smeargle 2.PNG60k

Smeargle 3.PNG30k

Smeargle 4.PNG40k

Smeargle 5.PNG60k


Sneasel 1.PNG40k


Sneasel 3.PNG40k

Sneasel 4.PNG60k



Snorunt 3.PNG60k

Squirtle 1.PNG40k

Squirtle 2.PNG30k

Swablu 1.PNG60k

Swablu 2.PNG40k


Swinub 2.PNG50k

Swinub 3.PNG75k

Swinub 4.PNG50k

Swinub 5.PNG40k




Swinub 9.PNG40k

Sylveon 1.PNG500k hp fire

Timburr 1.PNG30k

Timburr 2.PNG25k

Timburr 3.PNG35k

Timburr 4.PNG40k

Timburr 5.PNG10k

Timburr 6.PNG25k

Timburr 7.PNG15k

Timburr 8.PNG20k

Timburr 9.PNG50k

Timburr 10.PNG100k

Timburr 11.PNG25k

Timburr 12.PNG25k


Tyranitar 1.PNG300

Tyranitar 2.PNG150k

Tyranitar 3.PNG75k

Tyranitar 4.PNG100k




Venipede 1.PNG40k

Venipede 2.PNG250k

Venipede 3.PNG30k

Venipede 4.PNG40k

Venusaur 1.PNG80k

Venusaur 2.PNG60k

Volcarona 1.PNGHP GROUND 500k



Marill 19.PNG

Shuppet 2.PNG

Smeargle 1.PNG

Smeargle 6.PNG

Charmander 1.PNG

Ferro 35.PNG

Honedge 15.PNG

Scyther 2.PNG

Slowpoke 5.PNG

Trapinch 1.PNG

Tyranitar 5.PNG

Deino 2.PNG

Drilbur 2.PNG

Larvitar 6.PNG

Larvitar 7.PNG

Pupitar 17.PNG

Shellder 2.PNG

Shellder 3.PNG

Snorunt 2.PNG

Sneasel 2.PNG

Kangaskhan 2.PNG

Snorunt 1.PNG

Tyrunt 2.PNG

Gible 1.PNG

Ferro 6.PNG

Feebas 2.PNG

Ferro 10.PNG

Ferro 22.PNG

Ferro 51.PNG

Geodude-alo 1.PNG

Gible 6.PNG

Gible 9.PNG

Gible 51.PNG

Gible 58.PNG

Gible 68.PNG

Larvitar 10.PNG

Larvitar 12.PNG

Larvitar 19.PNG

Marill 4.PNG

Marill 21.PNG

Marill 27.PNG

Pupitar 16.PNG

Slowpoke 2.PNG

Slowpoke 3.PNG

Slowpoke 22.PNG

Swinub 1.PNG

Swinub 6.PNG

Swinub 7.PNG

Swinub 8.PNG

Tyrunt 1.PNG

Kirlia 4.PNG

Mawile 4.PNG

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