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Getting Started

What is the PRO Discord?

PRO's Discord is an online chat server where any user can join and talk about whatever they'd like.

The server accompanies several support channels as well as casual chat channels and information areas.

The server was conceptualised in January 2017 and created in April of the same year by JollyolNathan and Sugarred9.

Beforehand, PRO had many unofficial servers, such as Aussiegamer1994's Unofficial PRO Server and Sceo's PRO Community Discord.

I'll give thanks to those who participated in running and maintaining those servers as you helped show us how popular an official server might become.


Invite Link

https://discord.gg/98pMNxq- #server-rules


Mirror Link

https://discord.gg/TcAdcPx - #server-rules


Can't join?

If you're seeing that the invite has expired, it's possible that that the links were deleted.

Though, this is unlikely as the first link has been active since the creation of the server.

More likely, it may also be the case that you've been banned from the server.

Either the account that you're joining from has been banned or an alternate account that you've used in the past was banned.

If this is the case, you're able to discuss the situation in the Discord Hub subforum.


Need help?

If you need help setting up an account or want to have a better idea of the features in our server, check out the Discord Guide by Fluffles for detailed information on our server and each channel.


Server Rules

Just as all of PRO's other platforms, PRO's Discord server has it's own set of rules which you must follow by joining.

Since our invite links take you directly to the server rules, there's no real excuse not to read them and abide by them.

Whenever the #server-rules are updated, there will be a an @everyone tag in the #announcements channel. By being in this server, you agree to our server rules.


1. For the most part, all of PRO's Game Rules apply to the Discord server unless stated otherwise.

These are agreed upon by registration and can be found here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/rules.php


2. Since English is the "official" language of PRO, all chats will remain English only. This doesn't apply to Voice Chats.


3. Members of the server should be respectful towards one another, including staff.

  • Excessive foul language, deplorable behaviour, toxicity, spam and verbal assault are not tolerated.
  • Do not use any racist or homophobic words as an insult, even if it is just meant as a joke.
  • Do not promote suicide in any form.
  • Excessive amounts of symbols, letters, numbers, emojis (5+), images or lines will be deleted and the infringing user will be punished.
  • Inappropriate Global Emotes are not to be used; Flashing Emotes and GIFs are not allowed as these may cause seizures.
  • Filter evasion will result in harsh punishment. Furthermore, mute / ban evasion will lead to much harsher punishment.

4. If a channel has specifically stated bespoke rules, they will be pinned to the channel and users are expected to follow them. Removal from the channel is possible if certain channel rules are ignored.


5. Inappropriate content, topics, and malicious links, are strictly forbidden. This includes anything sexually explicit, inciting hate or anything illegal.


6. Staff members reserve the right to have their messages disabled and moderated under PRO's ToC and Rules. Do not message PRO Staff for the following reasons:

  • Appealing a ban.
  • Reporting a player.
  • Looking for support.
  • Enquiring about the server / forum status.
  • Applying to the team.

Please use the appropriate forums and channels for your concerns / queries.


7. Members of the server should not discuss Reports/ Bans, Appeals or Staff Applications in the server.

These things are to be handled on the forums:

8. Staff impersonation is strictly forbidden and users will be banned if attempted.

This includes mini-modding; members who continually act through moderating other members behaviour or assuming the role of staff. Mini-modding will result in a warning.


9. Members of the server should have an appropriate Username, Avatar and Playing Status. A formal request to change will be followed with a kick, and ban if ignored.


10. Do not advertise any Discord Server or any Fangame Pokémon here or to members of the server's PMs without permission.



PRO Staff reserve the right to sanction users ingame should any rules be broken, if deemed necessary. PRO Staff also have the right to remove Roles / Titles and issue harsher punishment to those representing PRO; be it as a Discord Moderator / Leader, Former Staff member or Game Contributor.

Discord Moderators reserve the right to moderate at their own discretion, based on their collective interpretation of the rules. All punishment is reviewed by the Discord Leaders.



Announcements. Whenever there's something announcement worthy, be it for the game or Discord, we will announce it in our server. We try not to abuse the @everyone and @here tags too much, however the occasional one is used for important announcements, such as client updates or big changes.


Live Support. The #support channel is an area where any user can seek live in-game support. No matter what the issue is, player, Discord Staff and Community Coordinators are always checking the channel to see if they can help. Just like the former IRC, the #support channel is watched constantly and we try our best to give the fasted response times that we can.


Player Zone. The Player Zone can be broken down into many smaller channels however, for the most part, it can be summarised as one big area for the community to meet each other, talk, show off their work and much more. Our server has Mapping and Art channels for the talented members of the community to show off their work as well as a PvP Channel for the PvP oriented players and a Video/ Streaming channel for content creators to advertise their work and boost their following.


Events & Tournaments. Just like in-game, we host events on our Discord Server with help from the Reborn Bot. Event prizes vary however, in the past, we've given away in-game donation items, Steam games, Pokemon and more. We also keep the server updated with Official Tournament standings, such as the monthly Ladder Tournament. Players are also able to submit their own giveaways and tournaments to be advertised at the top of our server.


Reborn Bot. Since we are close friends with the creators of the Reborn Bot and have a mutual partnership with them, they have been kind enough to give the PRO Server, and all of its members, the bot for free. The bot's commands can be seen here or you can type ^help in the #bot-commands channel.


Trading. In efforts to make trading easier, we have three trading channels where members of the server can hold auctions, advertise their sales or ask for price checks. Each channel is locked to it's own server's role. The Trade Rules apply to all of these channels. We also have a #daycare-shops channel where you can get your daycare shop thread posted


Voice Chat. After reacting Level 7 in the server, you will gain access to Voice Channels. Here you will be able to talk with the community and staff in the channels that we have. We also have separate channels for users who want to listen to music with the several music bots that we have and a channel for streamers to talk with their viewers in.


Discord Staff

The Discord Staff team is made of community oriented staff members and players who are passionate about the community.

Discord Moderators are a closed group and users are only added upon invite or by having a successful application when recruitment is open.

Discord Leaders are a group made exclusively of the most trusted Discord Mods and server owners.

Discord Leaders

  • Comrader
  • Keita - Shinohara
  • PreHax - Qeight

Discord Moderators

  • Aggravatings
  • Gore - Caged
  • Ichibann
  • Joltyena
  • Monhuntress
  • Nornornor444
  • Piinetree - Mercurius
  • Ravenrain
  • Sandson
  • turles
  • Zeskyr
  • ZypaEx
  • 85Freakbooty


Role Explanation

As the server is long established now, there are a lot of different roles for a lot of different things. Here's a brief description of the more notable roles:


Discord Member - The Discord Member role is received when a user reaches Level 7 on the server's Mee6 leveling system. Discord Members gain access to posting images in non-support channels, embed links, attach files and add reactions to posts.


Discord Member + - Similar it's predecessor, the Discord Member + role is achieved by reaching Level 15 on the server's Mee6 leveling system. Users with this role gain are now allowed to use external emojis, change their nickname and be a DJ in the Music Voice-Channel.


Former Staff - Users with this role are former members of PRO Staff and have been given the role in gratitude of their contributions.


Contributor - Contributors are users who have contributed to PRO in some way. Be it by creating content for PRO, by being a former Discord Moderator .


Silver Server / Gold Server - The server roles are used to help define which server a member is from. Each role will give you access to the respective server trade channel.

The roles are given by typing ?rank {role name} in the #bot-commands channel. Example: ?rank Silver Server


Discord Moderator - Discord Moderators are a part of the PRO Media team. They maintain order in the Discord Server and support users in the support channel.


Discord Leader - These users are the managerial staff of the Discord Server. They oversee all of the Discord Moderator's actions and assure that the server is ran to standards. Discord Leaders are in charge of how the server is operated and keep things up to date.

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General Support - Report Center - Complaint Area - Discipline Appeals


Please do not contact staff members for private support

Share your questions on the forums as they could be useful to others

Unsolicited messages will be destroyed.

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Hello everyone. The main purpose of this post is to inform the community about the rules and their possible corresponding infractions.

To reduce the amount of workaround and abuse, the duration of each punishment and severity level has been hidden. This will remain in staff.

It is good to note that staff are properly trained and do not issue punishments without valid evidence.


In the event of a user breaking the rules listed below, you can report them in the Discord Hub.

If you are banned, you are able to create an appeal in order to possibly regain access to the Discord Server.

If you do not know why you are banned, you are permitted to ask about it in your appeal.

You may bump your thread every 24 hours. Forum Spam will be punished based on our Punishment Policy.

Complaints on Discord Staff may also be raised in our Discord Hub.






► Discord Rules ◀︎

► PRO Rules ◀︎

► Forum Rules ◀︎

► In-Game Rules ◀︎


Severity Levels
: A method that Discord Staff use to help categorize the severity of various infractions.

: May be given verbally or through Dyno. This serves as a reminder of our rules.

: Blocks the infringing user from talking in public channels for a specified time.

: Boots the specified user from the server.

: Permanently bans the specified user from logging in to the server.



  • Excessive Swearing.
  • Misuse of Channels.
  • Mini-Modding.
  • Minor Spam.
  • Filter Evasion.
  • Discussing Reports/ Bans.
  • Speaking Other Languages.
  • Using Flashy GIFs & Emotes.
  • Unsolicited Messages to Staff.
    PUNISHMENTS: Warnings




  • Inappropriate Avatar.
  • Flashy Avatar.
  • Inappropriate Username.
  • Untaggable Username.
  • Inappropriate "Playing" Status.
    PUNISHMENTS: Warnings, Kick from server, Permanent Ban



  • Continued S1 Infractions.
  • Deplorable Behaviour (Hate Speech/Threats/Racism/Harassment).
  • Insulting & Harassing Staff.
  • Discussing & Posting Adult/Explicit Content.
  • Excessive Spam & Flooding.
  • Tag spamming.
  • Staff Impersonation.
    PUNISHMENTS: Warnings, Mutes



  • Continued S2 Infractions.
  • Excessive Harassment.
  • Excessive Mee6 XP farming through emote/senseless spam.
  • Advertising other Discord Servers and Pokémon MMOs.
    PUNISHMENTS: Mutes, Mee6 Rank Reset



  • Continued S3 Infractions.
  • Mute/Ban Evasion.
  • Spam Account Created to Break Rules.
  • Threats Against Server/Game.
  • Advertising/Links of Malicious Apps & Illicit Programs.
    PUNISHMENTS: Permanent Ban



IMPORTANT: If deemed necessary by staff, a user may be punished in-game for their actions on the Official Discord Server.

This may result to Mute Bans, Trade Bans, and Permanent Bans.

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General Support PRO Reporting Punishment Policy Discipline Appeals


Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can then be of use to others.

Unsolicited messages will be sent to the Black Forest, never to be seen again.

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