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Duplicating already obtained mega stones


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A little suggestion to make it possible to obtain more than one mega stone. For example - having 2 Venusaur, one bold and one modest; instead of replacing mega stone from one to another, it would be easier to already have stones on both of them.

It could be free, cost some poke$ or pve/pvp coins.
This wouldn't change much since you can use only one mega poke in battle but would be really helpful during changing pokemon before pvp battles etc.

It's neither needed or unnecessary, just would make the gameplay less annoying and smoother for some players.


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I'm not opposed to having more, grants the ability to run more sets, however i don't like the general concept of it, logically there should be one megastone per person which is why i'm opposed to it, and the general idea that most pokes only have one set run with mega anyways, with maybe a few changes here and there. It's one of those things that sounds good, but is more effort than is worth


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I think its fine if they put it in the pvp shop.  200 pvp coins per megastone (with the requirement to buy it being you must already own the megastone you are trying to purchase)  Price was just made off the top of my head but don't really see a problem with it.  They will still 100% be untradable in this fantasy.




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