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1 hour ago, Raika said:

Everybody saying it's nice for new players won't hesitate a second to use it themselves. (Including me)

If this is implemented, make it so that only players who have less than 8 badges or haven't defeated the Kanto champion be able to use it.

This way, you'll still have your money sinks, and newer players don't waste 100 Pokeballs hunting Magikarps, everyone wins.


People will make an alt with 4 badges and trade over all pokes they have caught to send them in, it would need to be only OT pokes aswell but besides that i like this kind of approach.

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  • Developer

Hello, I do agree that you should be able to do something with some pokes such as shiny or form Pokemon. 

They are heavily rng based and it should always be a happy encounter. You shouldn't be unhappy to find one.

That's why we added Collector Joro to exchange your bad/common tier form and shiny Pokemon for PvE Coins.


For normal Pokemon however that's not the case in my opinion. That's why I have to deny your suggestion.

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