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PVP shiny or events ladders


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Hello iam apocalypse leader 5 years i play this game i have alot game hours , i wanna make one suggestion. My suggestion is why no exist one more pvp ladder for only shiny or events pokes? In game exist many events and shinies pokes and no one use because is difficult counter normal pokes in pvp rank , so why not pvp shiny - event ranking. These suggestion give value all shiny - event pokes , now only for collection. Thanks alot.

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In my opinion the prestige of having nice or pvpable shinies and using them in pvp is already in the game.

Doing a different ladder for very few people who own them good shinies isn't something the game really needs. (imo)

Doing pvp is already hard for people with average/good pokes, considering the ones who are way more experienced and have almost perfect pokes. So i don't see how making an elite of the elite ladder would improve the game, since the good ones can already be used in pvp while the bad ones would get destroyed in both pvp and eventually shiny ladder.


-1 for me, i hope my thought about it was understandable because my english is pretty bad

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The problem is it will much harder to find another player to battle with if you make separate pvp ladder with only consist shiny poke in the teams, consider theres only few people that have shiny that suitable for pvp and in pro itself theres basically not everyone doing pvp. 


its might well make another feature in game like boss or something that related in pve which will get you extra reward when using shinnies poke.


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