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Solid Boss Team for (almost) all Bosses


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So after lots of testing I finally have a pretty solid Team thats (imo) is a perfect mix between speed and safety. And now that the team and my notes are finished I thought I might aswell share it 🙂





So thats the standard team with my standard items. Whenever there is nothing next to Poke in my notes these are the items and Pokes used.


So EV wise the only important thing pretty much is to get at least 240 SPD on Golduck and Dugtrio to be able to outspeed Brock's Mega Aerodactyl (which is the fastest Mega Poke Bosses use) after 1 Cotton Spore. And full ATK on Pangoro. The rest I just put in either DEF / SPDEF / HP to be able to tank an attack or 2 just in case. (I might reduce Golducks SPD EVs and put the remaining in DEF / SPDEF and if I did Pango again I would put the SPD EVs in HP instead but it doesn't really matter tbh.)


Nature wise it doesn't really matter for most of them. Pangoro needs Adamant and afaik even 1 IV would work if EV trained in ATK. For the rest anything should work but it sure helps if they have any +DEF / +SPDEF nature that doesn't reduce DEF / SPDEF.


Ability wise Pangoro needs Mold Breaker and Whimsy / Cottonee need Prankster. For the rest it doesn't matter. On Golduck it would be prefered to have Cloud Nine to get rid of weather effects (can be important for example on Lorelei Boss if you wanna use Sash in case of a Crit.)




Whimsicott - Mainly used to Switcheroo Lagging Tail on the opponent to be able to go first and then Memento if its still alive (don't try to Flash with it cause Choice Items could lock you into it)

Golduck - Usually Yawn first then Simple beam - if its still alive Flash 3 x then Yawn again and switch to Cottonee as soon as opponent is asleep again

Cottonee - 1 x Flash then Memento (if you already managed to get 3 x Flash done with Golduck already then just Memento)

Dugtrio - 1 x Stealth Rock (when needed) then remaining Flash (if not done 3 x already) then Memento

Huntail - Setup Substitute then Aqua Ring then 3 x Shell Smash then Baton Pass to Pangoro (each time Substitute breaks use it again)

Pangoro - Pretty much only Power Trip - except for Pokes that can give you Status on contact or that can disable your Moves on contact - will be mentioned in my notes)

If the Boss leads with with a Mega Poke (will be in the Notes) we use Cotton Spore on Whimsy instead for Switcheroo (cause Mega Stones can not be switched / stolen). You can use another Cotton Spore on Cottonee if you want / can mange one.




The Notes probably were the most work of all of this. I pretty much updated them with each run whenever I noticed something new and they are still a WIP. But they are pretty solid by now and there shouldn't be any problems if you follow them. They are, however, based on my team. So if you use them with other Teams they might not work aswell. For example: The Stealth Rock / no Stealth Rock note only works if you have a Mold Breaker Poke cause I only checked which Bosses have a sashed Poke in their Team.


The Notes should be pretty self explanitory but just in case here some explanations:



So the Top Row are the Boss - the closest Pokecenter to reach him - the Map he is in - and special Requirements if there are any

Second Row has the Bosses Team (on Hard) and notes if you need some other move than Power Trip on Pango

Third Row has my Team used in the order I use them - different items used and if Stealth Rock is needed or not (if it doesn't mention any items I just use the standard ones)


Here we have an example for a Poke where u have a different move on Pango. Cause that Volca could give "burn" status to our Pango. You could also give it a Lum Berry but I prefer it to hold a Sash in case somthing went wrong during setup or for whatever reason (Crits can always happen).


If we had to use a different Poke or Item it would look like this:




Here we have an example for alternative Item and 2 alternative Pokes cause Steven needs you to have 2 Steel Type Pokes in your Team. So as you can see whenever there is something different from the standard team with the standard items it will be in the notes in Red. You can find them attached at the bottom of the Thread and I will try to upload a updated version whenever I change something.






These are some alternative Pokes / Pokes used for certain Bosses. Mostly Steven actually since he needs you to have 2 Steel Pokes in your Team as already mentioned.


Linoone can be a Substitute for Golduck but I prefer Golduck for Yawn.

Skarmory can be a Substitute for Dugtrio but it's harder to hunt and sometimes takes forever to be killed off by the Boss. And Bosses can start switching if the run out of PP. That's why I prefer Dugtrio for Memento.

Klefki can be a Substitute for Whimsicott but it's also harder to hunt and also can take forever to be killed off by the Boss.



I hope I got everything covered now. If I forget anything or you have any questions just feel free to ask. Also I am not sure about the "Remaining" Section since I stopped doing those due to the 20 Bosses per Week limit. Thx for reading



Bosses for Guide.docx

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Hey, nice guide, thanks for that. However, I didn't quite understand about out-speeding Mega Aerodactyl. You said that it has 240 speed, is it 240 speed after it gets hit by memento or something? Otherwise shouldn't it have more speed considering it has 400 EV and 31 IV. Thanks!

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15 hours ago, Qyx said:

Hey, nice guide, thanks for that. However, I didn't quite understand about out-speeding Mega Aerodactyl. You said that it has 240 speed, is it 240 speed after it gets hit by memento or something? Otherwise shouldn't it have more speed considering it has 400 EV and 31 IV. Thanks!


Hello Mega Aerodactyl has 479Speed with 31IV and 400EV, when you do cotton spore it has 240 speed.

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