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Draw your Pokeball! v2


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Did you ever wish to catch your favorite Pokemon using a unique Pokeball created you? 

Join the Pokeball Drawing Contest to create your custom Pokeball and have a chance to have it added to the game!



How To Participate

Step 1: Download the following images:


4_closed.png 4_hand.png 4_open.png




Step 2: Let your creativity run wild and create your Pokeball!







For every Pokeball that will be considered good to be added in game, you will receive an untradeable Gardevoir event-themed with your Pokeball. 
IVs are random, meanwhile Nature + Ability can be selected them.







Important Notes

We ask you to edit the given Pokeball images without erasing anything else.

By submitting your Pokeball, you automatically give permission to us to use it.

Gardevoir Forms won't be given until the new client is released.




Credits to Nerd-Scribbles for the Image.

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Please do not contact staff members for private support

Share your questions on the forums as they could be useful to others

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  • Shinohara changed the title to Draw your Pokeball! v2

its more of a put garchomp face on it but i like the blue red yellow tone mix its my favourite pokemon

i love ur game and the work u do and effort!

and jeah:D having a grachomp face on a pokeball gives me happines^^!




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More effective at catching Psychic type Pokémon.

closed-cosmo.png.2898131d55de8c7a8337b658e83119b1.png open-cosmo.png.e3beeff4b06f1d810777d7b432fac8e3.png held-cosmo.png.a7fd5063acfce9bbcb92884c506a7fed.png


Scale Ball icon.png.e1f4b62d82fa5a3b481fcd37346771a4.png

More effective at catching Dragon type Pokémon.

closed.png.a86f12008d2c76e0cec9bea9a0b4cb9a.png open.png.523473884e14ceb61affbc27bd08cdb7.png held.png.5957130cdc018e1be125d31d4396393d.png


Chrome Ball icon.png.ecb6d504842747d43d4b70f4205bbf9f.png

More effective at catching Steel type Pokémon.

close.png.035ebf9483b439f87a273f39328edc3f.png open.png.97286f57f54961f73d1291edcd626dbc.png held.png.56ea66e3fb507d16da70fd60cf90b257.png


Pal Ball icon.png.cdbf1ba5e98d4f76b7230b679864a9a4.png

A Pokéball modelled after Pachirisu. Catch rate is identical to that of a standard Pokéball.

closed.png.e46020d9b624ef7f31c0673914dda585.png open.png.831dee239faa32fbff1bc9ab1bb53aad.png held.png.f2cd6db1e9cd221f2f80ff58f792b98e.png


Refresh Ball icon.png.06715a24f4f4d2870c5579f4cd0d8d67.png

For every 10 refresh balls thrown in battle, 1 will reappear in your inventory. Catch rate is identical to that of a standard Pokéball.

recycle-ball-open.png.6867400506a97b6310c2aed3e59f9ba6.png open.png.91890f336e8dde157433f4bc166035f3.png held.png.0f89543c6f102b762ae04a9c976a9e95.png


Artifact Ball icon.png.6ffd6862e4bfb22e3d5fc78146a24176.png

More effective at catching Rock and Ground type, as well as fossil Pokémon.

close.png.0565472b037ac315454f49cf92ae418a.png open.png.6025c087e00e6e1eb9160bb10cead10c.png held.png.6912c4e479d2baf0ee5891680522bfc7.png
Edited by Dos3d
Cosmo ball reworked :)
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icons8-discord-48.png.3413718589bfa42fa8016f6148c3eb2d.png umbongo.

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Are you ready for your newest pokeball ?!!

Pokeball name suggestions : flash ball, lightning ball, bolt ball, strike ball

Why do we need that ball?

3 different type, 1 for electric type special, or faster pokes otherwise using for paralyzed pokes

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Leaf Ball
For all those grassy encounters 🙂        Same ideas to the left and right just diffrent designs.            



catch icon.png                                                                     <-->                       catchicon-kopia.png.2715586a0dba44227f728c11f4ebdb6d.png                          animation3-kopia.png.162d0b2f1d8593cd898bdb590a6bbd3a.png

                        catch icon2.png                                                                          catchicon2-kopia.png.00d29835703787769b87271b7a2abe44.png                                inventoryicon-kopia.png.14fab2b29bf104d1febe2beb29308848.png

                                                inventory icon.png

Edited by Nobodycj88
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 Discord: NobodyCJ#7671

    IGN: Nobodycj88

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