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darkrai accidental kill


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hello I just wanna give out my thoughts in this matter, I kind of think its a bit unfair of the requirement to recatch the Darkrai which is redoing the entire quest again, I mean its kind of selfish to say but at the same time its not because there's many people accidentally killed the darkrai in the process of catching it, I hope theres like an easier non arduous solution of 'recatching' Darkrai again, like the solution to the 2017 post before about this on doing to dreamland at required time and attempt to catch it again, I representing the group of darkrai accidental kill hope that this matter is being discussed and also ask for consideration from the modders, thank you.

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i mean yeah i need to beat Horon but I still need to redo the entire quest in the dark realm, thats why im suggesting a better or more time efficient way of recatching the darkrai instead of redoing all over again

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