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[64th] December 2023 Ladder Tournament [OCTOBER + NOVEMBER LADDER]

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Hi everyone and welcome in the 64th Official Ladder Tournament !

This tournament is for the top 25 players of the ladder of Octrobe +November 2023! Please register within the next days!

This instance of the ladder tournament will be held on PRO !



  1. Ranked PvP Rules apply. Please familiarize yourself with these if you have not done so already.
  2. If you disconnect, it will be counted as a loss unless your opponent agrees to a rematch.
  3. Finish the matches within the stated time:
    • If you didn't complete your match within the stated time, the winner will be decided by coinflip.
    • If your opponent tried to contact you and you didn't react within the stated time, you will be disqualified. -Evidence is needed in this case!
  4. You will have 2~4 days per round!
  5. You can use as many Pokemon as you want and don't need to register them.
  6. You can only use Pokemon that are catchable and not banned on PRO. 
  7. You have to join the ladder tournament discord, before the tournament starts. You can join it from here: https://discord.gg/abURfcdMkX
  8. Battle MUST be started using the command /battle Username,true      - This command enables the PVP rules blocks, like normal ranked.
  9. Tournament will NOT start with less than 20 people participating. - If someone will join just to make number and not play, next tournament will be banned from registration;


Q: Which Pokemon can be used in the ladder tournament ?

  • You can use all Pokemon, abilities, items and moves that were coded and allowed, when the tournament started.
    Reference: PVP RULES
    The list is longer, so only use them, if you are sure that they are coded and allowed. If you are unsure, feel free to ask.


Q: How do I join the Tournament Discord Server?


Q: We didn't finish our match within the given time. What happens now?

  • If you tried to contact your opponent and s/he didn't answer, then your opponent will be disqualified. Evidences are needed.
  • If both of you didn't try to contact each other or weren't able to agree on a date, then the match will be coinflipped.


Q: I can't agree on different terms with my opponent. What happens now?

  • If you make reasonable suggestions and your opponent does not agree without making his own suggestions, then it will count as a refusal to battle. If you and your opponent make reasonable suggestions, but still can't agree within the given time, then the match will be coinflipped.

Q: Where the tournament will be held?

  • The tournament will be held on PRO LIVE Servers. Participants are added on a list (together with all Top25) and given FREE TRANSFERS for the entire duration of the tournament.

Q: What is happening if there is a bug or if someone abuse a bug?

  • If you or your opponent encounter a bug during one of your battle, the battle will be canceled and will have to be played again, abusing intentionnally of a bug will result to appropriates punishments given by the Tournament administration.



Tournament Prizes


Choose between one of the following:

  1. Any UNTRADEABLE (catchable, non legendary) Pokemon with IVs maxed at 31 30 27 26 25 22 spread as the winner most prefer, with nature and ability chosen by winner.
  2. An Untradeable Shiny Pokémon contained into THIS REWARD LIST with the Main Stat 31 IV and all the other IV centered (But not limited to) around 20. Nature and ability chosen by the winner.
🥈 2x Reroll Ticket with and 2x IV locked 
🥉 1x Reroll Ticket with an IV locked 


Toxicity leads to a Toxic Orb  instead of the prizes above.




You have time to register until   December 10th, 23:59 GMT +0.

Make a post in this topic with the filled registration form below.


Player name:



Rank on ladder:

(Note that you will only be able to participate with the account that made Ladder at the end of the season, registering with an alternative account that did not make ladder is not possible.)



Eligible Players

Top 25 Silver Ranked, November+ October, Rating (No Tier Ladder)




Top 25 Gold, November + October, Ranked Rating (No Tier Ladder)









Please do not contact staff members for private support

Share your questions on the forums as they could be useful to others

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