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Restore Pokemon Megathread


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On 6/27/2017 at 9:20 AM, Shinohara said:



Information regarding Level 100 Pokemon

Recently, the Mysterious Candy was added to the game. It will allow you to evolve a Level 100 Pokemon that meets all requirements for leveling up (e.g. happiness requirements). This means that the Deleveling Megathread is now redundant, hence why this service has been removed. You can purchase Mysterious Candies in the following locations from the respective Item Vendors:

  • Celadon City, Goldenrod City, Lilycove City and Veilstone City Department Stores (5.000 Pokedollars)
  • PvE Coin Shop (2 PvE Coins)
  • PvP Coins Shop (1 PvP Coin)


Rules and context

  • This thread will help you to recover a Pokemon that you have mistakenly released
  • Please read carefully the following information in order to get the best support that we could offer you.
  • Also do not abuse this thread, this kind of service should remain exceptional and only used for important and needed Pokemon
  • If you're not eligible to our restore service, please do not spam this thread as your posts will get deleted.


You may also request staff assistance in our Official PRO Discord in the #request-chat channel. Feel free to join and ask for a staff member by specifying your server and in-game name.


What do you need to post?

You must provide accurate information regarding the Pokemon deleted. The ID of the Pokemon remains the best way, such as a screenshot of said Pokemon's info card, or of the System release notification in the Chat.


Please specify the server your Pokemon got deleted on.


  Reveal hidden contents



Fill up the following information

ID Screenshot:




What do I need to do after my post?

You only need to wait, a Staff member will edit your post once the Pokemon is successfully restored, sending you a forum Alert.


What if I don't have any screenshots or if I don't remember any accurate information about the Pokemon?

Just try to give us as many details as possible, like the name of the pokemon/level and similar. We'll definitely do our best in order to find it.


I accidentally released my Pokemon three months ago, can I get it back?

Only recently released Pokemon can be restored. There is a cooldown for them to be restored. You need to request a restore as soon as possible.


I accidentally relased my Absol, but I don't have his ID, just a screenshot of when I linked him in the chat, I really wish I could get it back.


Player ID: Henr1que

Server: Silver


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Hi,please help me, my friend(Username: Saitohimea) give me a really cute Valentine Ralts for gift,  but  I am ashamed of myself,I misreleased it a few hours ago.  I am sorry making trouble for that.  Much appreciate for reply. Thank you!


Type of Request: Restore

Username: Raltskeeper

Server: Silver

Pokemon: Valentine Ralts(id:69286753)

Reason :  Released pokémon accidentally


Best regard,



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Hiii....there is a slight chance that i think i released my max spd 100lvl alakazam.....(ign:-partha69) silver....can u plz check? It's ok if u can't find it...but plz have a look...thank you.



Hello, seems you traded away the one you are looking for. -Epithet


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ign: mourya

I accidentally released my latias when I was going through my pc .. I was about to clear something else and I swear it happened..my mistake.

Then I asked around in all chat ,they said boos nikola ... well I got crit by the mewtwo while setting up and now I have to wait 21 days and the worst part of all this is there's the summer event latias form that's going to end on 1st sept(2-3 days) ... now this is crazy unfortunate.

Now it has just been released so I was hoping I could get any help.

I literally grinded for daysss on the 300 evolutions for latias so I could get the summer form. So frustrating. Just help me out here.

I didn't take any screenshots ,but its lvl 40 and jolly and and some decent ivs ig . that's all I remember.

Pls Help.

Thank You.

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