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Restore Pokemon Megathread

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Information regarding Level 100 Pokemon Recently, the Mysterious Candy was added to the game. It will allow you to evolve a Level 100 Pokemon that meets all requirements for leveling up (e.g. hap

Server: Gold Pls help me restore my Zapdos, i released wrong poke. Thanks. ><    

Accidentally released my Snorunt   ID Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/w3isy7 Server: Silver Username: Pedrawr  

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Hello ,


pls help me get back my pidgey :( i accidentally try what release means (im noob) so i let my pidgey release and gone huhu :(


Pidgey lvl12 with the ID 15684510


I realease my Marill accidentally! Help me plz!


Player: pedrodraco


Server: Blue


Marill lvl 22 ID 15682340




ingame name: IHavePipi


Server Blue


pls save my Ambipom :Frown:






I accidentally released magneton holding ms




i bought it to renjoe thats why it was holding




because i always released pokemon after trading the items :3




u can see here that i didnt use it


All the four pokemons have been moved to the last slot in the box of the account they were in. Enjoy and be careful.




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If you are reading this you are awesome, have fun playing with this moral boost ;)


Do not contact staff members for private support, we have awesome ways to support you and others at the same time.

Share the question on forums, as this can then be of use to others.

Please use proper forum when posting. Unsolicited messages will be removed. Thanks.

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