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Softboiled and Unaware ability combined - Allow or Ban from ranked PvP?


Softboiled and Unaware ability allowed?  

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  1. 1. Softboiled and Unaware ability allowed?

    • NO, that move(Solftboiled) should NOT be able to exist in simultaneous with the Ability.
    • YES, that move(Solftboiled) SHOULD be able to exist in simultaneous with the Ability.

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In light of the latest implemention of the ability Unaware, that created a question, should we block the usage of a pokemon with that ability and able to use Softboiled (The notorious example is: Clefable)


This combo is not avaiable in the original games, as you can see by investigating the most used page of competitive pokemon battles, Smogon.

Therefore, lets do this in a healthy and organized way and vote in this topic.


Towards the Gliscor/Defog case, I will make a new poll towards that case, to have 2 discussions with each topic.

Mentions: Latest mention of this new rule.



[glow=blue]This pool is to be taken seriously, it will be closed, either once it reaches vast majority above 100 votes or at maximum this next friday (29th).[/glow]




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