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Repel Trick Guide!


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Hello there! Many of you may not know about a trick for catching certain pokemon, both in the actual Pokemon games and in PRO.

This method is known as the Repel Trick.

It is is an efficient way to find rare Pokemon and works with any repel.




The Repel Trick

Synchronize Pokemon

False Swipe Pokemon

Team Set-Ups

Huntable Pokemon




Let’s start with the definition of Repels:

“An item that prevents any low-level wild Pokémon from jumping out at you for a while.”

-USUM Definition, Bulbapedia


Now, since some pokemon on certain routes/caves are higher level than others that spawn there, you are able to use repels to only encounter the high level pokemon.

In order to do so, the first Pokemon in your party must match their level.


For example, if I want to use the Repel Trick for Ralts on Route 102, then I need to have a level 5 pokemon in the first slot of my party.


Afterwards, you may use any repel and go through the area and eventually, your desired pokemon will battle you.

Take note that not every repel will guarantee a battle, therefore you have to be patient.




To further maximize efficiency when doing the Repel Trick,

you may also use a pokemon with the ability ‘Synchronize’ to increase the chances of getting your desired nature.

Now, what does the Synchronize Ability do?


“If a Pokémon with the Synchronize ability encounters a wild Pokémon,

There is a 50% chance that the game will force it to have the same Nature as the Pokémon with this Ability.”



With this, you have a 50% chance to pass on the nature of your Synchronize pokemon to the pokemon you are attempting to catch.

The following are commonly used Pokemon that are able to get the Synchronize ability.


- Natu/Xatu

- Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam








A great way to catch pokemon is by having a pokemon with the move False Swipe. Now, what does False Swipe do?

“A restrained attack that prevents the target from fainting. The target is left with at least 1 HP.”

-USUM Definition, Bulbapedia


With this move, you are able to leave the pokemon with 1 HP.

Doing this will allow you to catch your desired pokemon easier.

False Swipe Pokemon with the moves Spore/Sleep Powder, and Thunder wave/Stun Spore increase your chances of catching the pokemon further,

since catch rate is increased if the pokemon is affected by a status move.


A False Swipe TM can be obtained for free from a trainer in Rustboro City's Pokémart.

It is also purchasable at Route 48 at 1 for 4,000 or for 5 for 16,000 as well as at the Lilycove and Veilstone Department Stores for 4,000 each.


For ease, here are the common False Swipe pokemon with the ability to learn status moves.

- Shroomish/Breloom

- Paras/Parasect



It is also good to have Ghost-type pokemon with the move false swipe, in case you encounter a pokemon with recoil moves.

The following pokemon can are Ghost-Type False Swipers.






If your desired pokemon is a Ghost-Type, then you may get a Smeargle or a Golduck with the move Soak.

This will turn the pokemon into a Water type and will allow you to use False Swipe on the Ghost-type afterwards.


- Smeargle
- Psyduck/Golduck








To be able to do the repel trick as well as synchronize the pokemon, you’ll need 2-3 Pokemon, depending on which method you prefer.

You have two choices.


Method 1: Pokemon with Required Level + Synchronize Pokemon

For this method, you will have to put a Pokemon at the required level in the first slot of your party and it MUST be fainted.

For the second slot, you will have to put your Synchronize Pokemon followed by your False Swiper in the third (If you have one).






Method 2: Synchronize Pokemon at Required Level

Fort this method, your Synchronize pokemon has to be at the required level and place it at your first slot.

It SHOULD NOT be fainted. If you have a False Swiper, you may place it in any other slot, but the first.








The easiest way to find out if you can possibly use the repel trick on your desired pokemon is to use the Reborn Bot.

You may access the Reborn Bot in the PRO Official Discord or you may invite it to your own server.

The bot will be able to tell you the Pokemon, the required level and the location of the possible repel trick pokemon.

^repel (pokemon)








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I am glad someone put the work into making a new guide on this, as my guide was probably hugely outdated for the most part. :)

  • random number generation

An acronym for "random number generator" or "random number generation", it refers to the process by which computers generate apparently random numbers, essentially the computer equivalent of 'chance'.

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I am glad someone put the work into making a new guide on this, as my guide was probably hugely outdated for the most part. :)

i agree! this was very thought , and ive used your guide before as well , im glad someone updated !!

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Guest UnknownUser11

This isn't a trick.. its just how its always worked..

Can't be a trick if the item is literally described to work like this..



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Fyi for T-Z

Swablu Route 115 Land M/D/N 27-42 No

Timburr Granite Cave 1F Land M/D 14-18 Yes

Togepi Love Island Land N 18-21 No

Togepi Route 210 Land M/D/N 22-26 No

Togepi Route 5 Land M/D 18-23 Yes

RebornBOTToday at 10:53 PM

Tympole Nap Forest Surf M/D/N 46-50 No

Tynamo Safari Exclusive Land M/D/N 26-31 Yes

Vibrava Route 228 Land M/N 57-65 No

Vullaby Leev Town Land M/N 25-29 Yes

Wynaut Lake Verity Land M/D/N 6-9 No

You have

RebornBOTToday at 10:53 PM


Also Swablu is in there

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